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Welcome to Adulthood, Time to Self-Educate

In first year, I knew this guy who really liked this TA who I hated.

This student’s reason for liking him? Because the TA was a white, middle-class, cis, straight man who didn’t know anything about race issues, gender or sexuality issues, or feminism.

They connected on the principle of being uneducated.

And I found that really uncomfortable—like okay, good for you for recognizing your ignorance and doing absolutely nothing about it.

Good for you for taking the time to complain about how uneducated you are and not bothering to spend any time actually, oh, I don’t know, educating yourself!

In the distance, I hear the plethora of self-righteous cries: “But how do I go about educating myself? Isn’t it not polite to just ask people of different identities or whatever to answer all my inane questions?”

Well duh. That’s why Trent has a plethora of student groups that will immerse you in all the education you need.

If you feel like you don’t know things, then why not get involved. Attend some workshops, discussion groups, visiting speakers.

Too lazy to look up what Trent has to offer? I can give some of my personal suggestions:

The Trent Queer Collective. For gender, romantic, and sexual minorities i.e. gays, trans people, asexual/aromantic folks, two-spirits, bisexuals, pansexuals, and anything else under the rainbow.

The Community Race Relations Committee. For everything not white-supremacy and institutional racism.

The Centre for Gender and Social Justice. Primarily a feminist group delving into intersectionality of identities in contributing to oppression.

And, in general, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled. There’s always a lot happening on campus and downtown, and people are big on postering. Everywhere. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely find more than enough to do.

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