Welcome to Trent: You can’t use the Student Centre either


Construction began on the highly anticipated student center at Trent in April of 2017. As students looked up from their exam notes in the soon-to-be-closed Bata library, they wondered what the center would have in store for them come September. However, so far, the student center remains closed to the students who are funding it until at least late September.

Arthur spoke to new TCSA President, Brandon Remmelgas on the issue. Arthur asked Remmelgas simply, what’s the hold up, and when students could expect to be able to use this space as we enter into week two of the academic year.
“The building is still under construction, and is expected to be in this state well into September. The Grand Opening is scheduled for September 29th, 2017 from 7-10 pm, so students can expect the building to be operational by then.”

Remmelgas also stated that although the construction continues, all academic spaces are open which includes three lecture halls, ranging in capacity from 200- 60 seats. There is also currently only one operational washroom in the facility as of right now, and it is also important to note that all washrooms in the facility will be gender neutral whether they are private or stalled.

Arthur also inquired as to what students could expect to find in the new space once open for business.

“The Student Centre has some very exciting features we are super excited to share with our members” said Remmelgas. “Aside from academic space, there is many social and study spaces in the building as well. There are many study spaces on all floors that overlook the river or LEC south field and there are plenty of plugs with built in USB ports to go around. The second floor even hosts a silent, carpeted study space to ensure that students have a quiet place to get work done.”

The TCSA and Trent University Emergency First Response Team (TUEFRT) will be moving their offices into the second floor of the student center upon completion, where the response team will hopefully find the inspiration to brainstorm a shorter name for their group.

And last but not least, the rumors are true, folks. There will indeed be a Starbucks in the building opening the 29th as well, which also happens to be national coffee day. We’re talking full service too, none of this Gzowski pop-up stand nonsense, you will be able to get sandwiches, and every type of hot and cold drink to fuel yourself towards that degree.

The Student Centre, once open, promises to be a hot spot for the Head of The Trent Regatta. With three stories of floor to ceiling glass walls overlooking the Otonabee and Bata Library, students are sure to pack into the new structure to cheer on the Excalibur while right in the middle of the festivities.

Although the new and shiny building is very exciting for everyone, it’s important to remember that we, the students, are footing the bill for this. When you’re looking over the breakdown of your tuition, you will notice that approximately $90 is coming from each student in order to pay off the mortgage and construction of this new structure. This $90 is on top of the $50 that students are paying for the mortgage of the Athletic Center and playing fields, which has been paid by students since it was agreed upon in 2004. It is up to the students of tomorrow to ensure that these funds are being allocated to what it was originally intended for, as we encountered this issue last year with the Athletic center fee.