swirly piece

I wish I could say that everyone has an artistic flare hidden away deep inside of them waiting to be expressed, but this is just not the case.

Although fear not, because this is also what makes the world so breathtakingly, unequivocally inspirational; the fact that every human being has a different talent or skill to offer the world is what makes everything much more interesting.

For myself, art goes back a long way. My parents enrolled me in an art class when I was in elementary school, and there I learned how to use different artistic media.

From then on I just had a knack for it. I chose to enjoy art as a hobby, and enjoy it I have. I recently got back into painting after years of premature retirement, so you could say.

I brushed the dust off of my brushes, purchased some new acrylic paint and stared at a blank canvas here and there for a couple days. Utter delight took over me and I just had to feel the cold paint on my bare hands.

Every stroke of the paintbrush compelled me to continue; a dab of this color, a dip of that color, a stroke here and a stroke there. I looked down at my hands covered in a range of dry paint.

Speckles of metallic gold and silver paint had dried on my t-shirt and skin. I did not care about the mess; it only made it more real, more of an extension of myself.

The phrase ‘I created it,’ is the most fulfilling feeling I have after the completion of my artwork. There is no other piece like it, and it is unique to my style of expression. I have found my passion in abstract media because of its bold nature.

I am in awe at the textures I can create using acrylic and oil paint. It is thick and creamy and the paint blends easily and beautifully.

I take my arched brush in hand and create deeper dimensions by adding veils of subtle and bright colors that come together harmoniously.

It is very comforting to know that there is always room for growth. I can return to the canvas and experiment with more color until I am satisfied with the finished product. It is not permanent until I decide so.

There is not much in the world that I can say I have control of, but painting is one of them. The finished product is always a pleasure.