A lot of change has been occurring at Trent in the last year or so, and there are many questions going unanswered. `
Why was there a need to change a college system that students believed to be working? Why, even though there is much discussion about it, is the Chartwells food not seeming to get any better? Why is Traill under review, but students are not initially asked to be part of the discussion?

On top of all of this, one more question has now come to surface: why is Trent putting millions of dollars into updating Bata Library when there are clearly other places the money could be spent – like Traill College, for instance.

After reading the article on MyTrent, I could not help but be confused and shocked. Why has there been no public knowledge of the changes that are planned to be made to Bata? As a student, I feel as though my opinion on the library has not been considered, and I do not ever remember being asked about the ideas.

No one can argue that there is definitely a need for more study desks at Bata, and over the last couple of years more have been added, along with more outlets for students to access. From the sounds of the article though, there doesn’t seem to be an increase of individual study spaces, only group ones. Is this – individual study – not what college space is for?

The article claims that the ideas were put forth for the library in 2014. I have been registered as a student since September 2012, and have been actively involved in the university, but still had not heard a word of these plans until Feb. 2, when the news was posted to MyTrent.

I am unimpressed and confused by the release of this news because I think that there are other things needing more money invested into them. Let’s look at Traill College for a moment.

It is the only part of Trent University that is located downtown, but it still carries as much heart as the entirety of Symons campus. Its history is painted across the buildings, and the passion for learning is ingrained within its walls.

Traill needs funding in order to update the buildings; the ice dams in the eaves-troughs of the older buildings are demonstration enough that Traill’s insulation needs to be updated.

Traill College has maintained the true feeling of a college while the other four located on Symons campus have changed. Traill has kept a principal that is a faculty member, Michael Eamon.

Eamon’s heart and passion for Trent and the college system is well known throughout the university and is apparent in his determination to keep Traill up and running.

Traill allows students to complete work and research without having to trek up to main campus and holds a hidden gem of deliciousness; The Trend. Many of Trent’s events have increasingly occurred at Traill College in Bagnani Hall and the English department hosts their Writers Reading in Scott House throughout the academic year.

Different disciplines have offices at Traill and many students spend the majority of their degree within the walls of the college. The funds being used to renovate Bata are donations by alumni, faculty and staff, but why is money being solicited for the library while there seems to be none for Traill to develop their buildings to the standards expected on Symons campus?

Why is a key part of the Trent University experience being put in jeopardy when there is clearly the ability to sustain its functioning? Much of my time throughout my four years has been spent eating, learning, attending events, studying and meeting with professors at Traill College.

I would even argue that I have spent more time there than at Bata Library. There is a clear need for funding in other areas of Trent that will “ensure our students receive the very best education,” as quoted by Julie Davies, that will be as much, if not more, beneficial than renovating Bata.

We are seeing a consistent pattern of a lack of true transparency between the university and students; from the changes in the college system, to the lack of changes in Chartwells, to the review of Traill and now to plans being made for Bata. There is consistency in claiming that the decisions being made are the best for the students and the future of Trent, but if this is true, why are students being left out of the decisions?

I think Trent needs to stop saying they are considering the students, and start asking the students their actual opinions. They need to start acting on those ideas, instead of the ones being pushed through by the administration.

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