Where do you fit on the Trent Radio family tree?

You’ve probably seen us through the hazy windows of the Trent Express (or George N by accident) at the corner of George & Parkhill. We’re the red brick house with TRENT RADIO written across the side.

Maybe you’ve even tuned in to our analogue broadcast signal at 92.7 FM in Peterborough and the Kawarthas, or online at www.trentradio.ca from anywhere in the world. Possibly you have been a guest on Smooth Operator, our local events show that happens three times daily, Monday to Friday, or chatted with a friend about politics, philosophy or your favourite band on their regular programme. You just might even have your own show that started just a few weeks ago, and are currently planning your playlist and foreground content for next week’s programme.

Did you know that all full-time Trent students are members of Trent Radio? This means you can come and be part of a community of people working to create broadcast material that both reflects and inspires our community as a whole. Did you know that it only costs $20 for anyone else to become a member of Trent Radio, and that everyone who is interested in participating is welcome and will be trained?

There are lots of different ways you can participate at Trent Radio. You can email us at psa@trentradio.ca to promote your upcoming event, call for participants, recent music release, or club/group news update. We will print off that email and read it on Smooth Operator. You have the opportunity to come in to do a live interview as well. All it takes is one little email!

Are you looking to learn more about making radio but don’t want to commit to your own show just yet? Contact Mauricio Interiano to sign up for training, and to join up as an Operator at Large: an on-call individual who will fill in for the regular Operator in case of sickness/emergency to cover a 4-5 hour shift to oversee the space (make coffee, answer phones) and support the programmers on air as required.

Are you a musician and want to promote your band, find other local musicians to play shows with, or learn about the history of Peterborough’s local music scene? Talk to Matt Jarvis, our Local Content Manager, and he’ll hook you up.
Are you a writer, actor, director, or just generally interested in theatre? At Trent Radio, we have the resources to support local artists with the delivery and broadcast of live radio dramas. You provide the script, the actors and the general idea—we will support the broadcast with two rehearsal times, access to live sound effects, and a technician & gear to broadcast your masterpiece live on air. You’ll need to contact Jill Staveley to arrange a project of this variety.

Do you want to learn more about Trent Radio in general? Come visit us during office hours (11am – 4pm) at 715 George St. North. We can chat over a cup of coffee and find out where you fit on the Trent Radio Family Tree.

-Promote your event: psa@trentradio.ca
-Become a Volunteer: minteriano@trentradio.ca
-All things Local Music: mjarvis@trentradio.ca
-Special Production Projects including Live Music & Radio Drama: jstaveley@trentradio.ca

705 741 4011