Whose quad? Your quad!

So you’re a first year, and you have already chosen which college your living in. Want to hear more about what makes your college so unique? Better yet, maybe you’re living off campus and haven’t made the decision of with college affiliation you desire. Unfortunately, which college is the party college seems to change every year, so it is a guessing game to which one will be the most quiet.

However each college has its perks. Gzwoski is air-conditioned, Lady Eaton College has a pool table, Otonabee College has a great laundry room, and Champlain has its own steps to the river. Champlain has a gorgeous quad, but OC has a more private one. Gzowski’s quad is a bit plain, but it is very conveniently located, while LEC’s quad is always well shaded.

In the end, the truth is, where you have the most fun will be where ever you spend your time with friends.





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