Women’s Varsity Volleyball Win 3-0, Men’s Lose 1-3

The woman’s varsity volleyball took on the George Brown College Huskies, and defeated them three games to none last Wednesday. During the first game, Brown took the opening serve, but that did not give them the advantage they needed to win. Brown tried their best to stop and block the ball, but the power that Trent put behind them was unstoppable. With #16 Sarah Norton landing to Aces against the Huskies, it is no wonder they were left in the dust, losing the first game 25-12.

During the second game, the Huskies kicked it up a notch an fought hard to gain the lead over Trent, and make the comeback from losing the first game. The Huskies were in the lead, until Trent picked up the pace. The two teams were neck and neck. When one team got a point, the other would retaliate and get a point of their own. With the score tied at  26-26, Trent knew they could not let the Huskies get anymore points, and they didn’t.  The Trent girls gave it everything they had and scored another two points winning the game 28-26.

The third and final game was well played by the Trent team. They kept Brown on their toes. The two teams were keeping the score close, fighting for the win, as they were blocking spikes and returning the ball with great team effort. Once the Trent team hit 20 points, Brown fell behind and Trent could not be stopped as they landing point after point. Trent took their third win, winning the game 25-18.

After the game, I spoke to Adam Ruck, one of the coaches and manager of the girls volley ball team that consists of 14 girls from all over the country. There are three coaches: Peter Carter, Mike Halloran, and Adam Ruck, who have all been part of the volley ball program for over 10 years, and have been friends for even longer. When I asked what was the main contributor to winning the game he was quick to respond with “The fantastic team chemistry! I have not seen a team that gets along this well. They are there for each other on and off the court, which is always a huge part in building a team dynamic.”

With this new win against George Brown College, it puts the Trent women’s volley ball team in first place in the Eastern division, with eight wins and only one lose.

Right after the girls won all three of their games, it was the Trent men’s varsity volley ball teams turn to take on the George Brown men’s team, hoping to follow in the women’s footsteps and win all the games. Unfortunately, this was not the case, as the Trent men’s team only won one out of four games.

Trent took the first serve in the initial game, but that did not help them gain the advantage. They used all their power to win, but that power might have been a little too much as most of their serves and returns went out of bounds. With this occurring most of the first game, Brown took the chance and gained the lead, eventually winning the game 18-25.

During the second game, Trent kept it a close game until both teams reached 10 points, then the Huskies took off, scoring point after point. Even with the Trent teams collective effort, they were unable to stop the Huskies, and in the end were defeated 18-25.

It wasn’t until the third game that Trent got their power under control and took the lead, and scored their first Ace. Trent took the lead and was close to the win at 23 point and Brown at 17 point, until the Huskies put in an extra ounce of effort, and made it a close game getting up to 22 points. But in the end, Trent pulled out ahead winning the game 25-23. But not before the referee didn’t count one of their points, even though the team believed it was the last point they needed to win. The referee gave them the re-serve, and the final point as finally counted.

In the fourth and final game, Brown was given the first serve, which was all they needed to gain the upper hand in the game. As Trent gave it everything they had, Brown fought back just as hard. Trent was left behind as the Huskies pulled ahead to win the last game in the set, 25-16.