Established in 1966, Arthur Newspaper is the Trent University and Peterborough-Nogojiwanong Independent Press that aims to produce a weekly newspaper during the academic year. Our goal as a print publication is to be valuable, constructive, informative and critical of developments in the Peterborough-Nogojiwanong and Trent community. Arthur acknowledges its privileged position in being free from commercial and administrative controls. We strive to protect that position by defending our editorial autonomy, and inviting unique avenues of conversation on educational, social, economic, environmental and political issues.

Arthur’s uniqueness stems from its creation by students, for students. Founded by alumnus Stephen Stohn (‘66-’69), Stohn saw the importance of creating such a timeless form of media to represent the student population in Peterborough-Nogojiwanong. He sought help from the Peterborough Examiner, and demonstrated how student-inspired goals grow from and positively affect the community. As presented by the Charlotte street clock tower and the Trent Excalibur in our new logo, Arthur’s mission is to continue to uphold this legacy whilst also serving as a bridge between the Trent and Peterborough-Nogojiwanong communities.

  • Arthur is published bi-weekly, 13 times during the school year. We distribute 1000 copies free of charge in numerous locations in the city of Peterborough-Nogojiwanong and on the Trent Peterborough campus.
  • Arthur is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors.
  • Arthur receives a $11.07 non-refundable levy from undergraduate students of Trent University.
  • The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Arthur staff or its Board of Directors.

2020 Summer Staff

Editors-in-Chief: Brazil Gaffney-Knox, Nick Taylor

Media Coordinator: Leina Amatsuji-Berry 

Reporter: Ethel Nalule

Business Manager: Danny Taro McLaughlin