The Print Advertisement Advantage

Advertising your business, event or product in Arthur gives you the opportunity to directly address the student market. We’re the only newspaper operating at Trent University, and the only print media most Trent students regularly read. Arthur presently runs 1000 print copies on a weekly basis and distributes them widely over Trent’s campuses and the Peterborough community.

Print advertising allows you to do things that can’t be done in ads of other media. In a video format, an advertisement has to do something fast to grab a viewer’s attention, and you have to focus on a few key points. With print, readers will already be looking at the page your ad appears on — after all, we call them readers for a reason! You can also deliver a complete sales pitch with a print ad. Imagine trying to explain every product or service you offer in a 30-second video.

Print ads are a lot harder to skip too. Even if people somehow manage to never directly look at your ad, they’ll see it peripherally and remember the most emphasized text later. This is probably going to be the name of your business. If you’ve got a lot of competition in your field of business, throwing an ad in the paper will ensure students think of you first.

See our print advertising rates here. See our print production schedule here, with deadlines here.

Digital Advertising: A New Frontier

In a new age of digital media and social media technologies, Arthur is adapting to offer further opportunities for your organization, business, event or product to reach our readership and audience.

boasts the following:

  • over 1500 Facebook likes
  • over 2600 Twitter followers
  • over 300 Instagram followers

… with intentions to continue growth and engagement with our unique and exciting content.

The 2019-2020 digital advertising rates are currently under construction but will be available by January 15, 2020.

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