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Local café review: Nata’s

March 16, 2015 Carmen Meyette 0

If you’ve been to downtown Peterborough there’s a good chance you’ve seen Nata’s Café, just around the corner from the bus terminal. This little café embodies so much of what

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Student Centre Update

January 27, 2014 Carmen Meyette 0

The Student Centre project is poised to move forward, just not quite yet. In efforts to ensure the building is all that it can possibly be, the Trent Central Student

Trent, Engage!

January 7, 2014 Carmen Meyette 0

Dear Trent, The momentum for change at Trent has begun and it isn’t going to stop or reverse itself. Change is coming whether we want it or not. Many of

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Teas to Calm You Down

November 25, 2013 Carmen Meyette 0

  Hello November! Now that this month is well underway (shh, don’t tell me how close we are to the end, I’ve far too much left to do before it’s

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November 18, 2013 Carmen Meyette 0

The Glow by David’s Tea This tea is advertised as a glow-giving boost for your skin. I haven’t been drinking it long enough to say “I got this gorgeous skin

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Teas to the Rescue

November 4, 2013 Carmen Meyette 0

It’s a stressful time to be a student. Regardless of what discipline you study, there are midterms, projects, presentations, and papers to be completed. Tea sits at the center of

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Teas The Season

October 28, 2013 Carmen Meyette 0

Crave flavor? Need Caffeine? You May be a Tea Drinker From a long and varied history in many cultures and traditions, to becoming itself a subculture on the consumer market