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The Arthur Literary Review: Tim Hwang and Why You're a Commodity
In his latest edition of the Arthur Literary Review, Dante Pettapiece reflects on Tim Hwang's new book, 'Subprime Attention Crisis,' which explores how big tech financializes attention. In this review, Pettapiece reimagines the internet and explains why Hwang believes there is a ticking time bomb at the heart of the internet.
The Arthur Literary Review: Mark Leyner is the Right Kind of Sleazy
Resident literary critic, Dante Pettapiece, dives into Mark Leyner's recent book The Last Orgy of the Divine Hermit.
Seen Reading: Hell Light Flesh by Klara du Plessis
Local poet Angela Hibbs reviews Hell Light Flesh by Klara du Plessis, a recent publication from Palimpsest Press. Hell Light Flesh is du Plessis' second collection of poetry, and details family, punishment, and the ferocity and brilliance of creation. Hibbs reviews the collection and poses some questions to the author.
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