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Newsletter Archive:

4/23/2024 - The Courier, Issue 34: "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day

4/16/2024 - The Courier, Issue 33: And on the third day, Alfred rose again.

4/09/2024 - The Courier, Issue 32: Fellas, is it acceptable to tell your co-worker you're going to "carve" him?

4/02/2024 - The Courier, Issue 31: in which a man eats 1.25 chickens in front of a live audience

3/26/2024 - The Courier, Issue 30: TCSA election results, a new local concert series, and the Orange Boy returns

3/19/2024 - The Courier, Issue 29: TCSA scandal? No way ...

3/12/2024 - The Courier, Issue 28: Post-Secondary a "shitshow" and a student union house of cards?

3/5/2024 - The Courier, Issue 27: The Courier lives ... and so does Issue 5!

2/20/2024 - The Courier, Issue 26: The Rag wins an award, the TCSA rams through policy while lying through their teeth, and Evan Robins births a monster. What else is new?

2/13/2024 - The Courier, Issue 25: TCSA By-Law Amendments & SAGM, Talking to Cathy Bruce, and a New College Crest

2/6/2024 - The Courier, Issue 24: Peterborough Proclaims Black History Month, Trent's New President, and Federal International Student Cap

1/30/2024 - The Courier, Issue 23: The Short End of the List

1/23/2024 - The Courier, Issue 22: Drew Hayden Taylor launches new novel, we visit Cleantech Commons, and more!

1/16/2024 - The Courier, Issue 21: Now That's What I Call Kino!

1/9/2024 - The Courier, Issue 20: Blizzard Vibes

1/2/2024 - The Courier, Issue 19: Arthur's ins and outs for 2024

12/19/2023 - The Courier, Issue 18: Seasons Greetings! RFA holiday special and a message from the CSIS

12/12/2023 - The Courier, Issue 17: Peterborough has a budget, Issue 3 is downtown and on campus, and Trent feels "taken for granted"

12/5/2023 - The Courier, Issue 16: Issue 3, a callout for dons, and two beloved(?) American politicians...

11/28/2023 - The Courier, Issue 15: It's Givingggg...Tuesday

11/21/2023 - The Courier, Issue 14: New Trent College, Seances, Soups, and...Slap Fighting?

11/14/2023 - The Courier, Issue 13: Budget week (cont.), Arthur's AGM, and many new pieces!

11/7/2023 - The Courier, Issue 12: Budget week, garbage mayhem, and creepy dolls

10/31/2023 - The Courier, Issue 11: Happy Halloween from Arthur! Issue 2, Labour action, and more...

10/24/2023 - The Courier, Issue 10: An album review, City Hall, union conventions and ... Pickleball?

10/17/2023 - The Courier, Issue 9: Swords and a public apology...Welcome to our Autumnal Adventure

10/10/2023 - The Courier, Issue 8: Come party with Arthur and friends! Also, R.I.P. to The Editors' Show...we have a staff!

10/3/2023 - The Courier, Issue 7: HOTT, Housing, and Health Care

9/26/2023 - The Courier, Issue 6: Pride, Protests, and Print! 

9/19/2023 - The Courier, Issue 5: Take Cover Books, TCSA is Back In Action, and Arthur Fall Concert!

9/12/2023 - The Courier, Issue 4: Why finding housing "sucks balls", city hall recap, and more!

9/5/2023 - The Courier, Issue 3: Back-to-school hiring call, campus catch-up, student union shenanigans, and more!

8/29/2023 - The Courier, Issue 2: Hiring call, Interview with Girl God, the Bowlcut, City Hall, Snack Attack, and more!

8/22/2023 - The Courier, Issue 1: Interview with Chancellor Stephen Stohn, City Hall Updates, and Trent Foodservices

8/15/2023 - Welcome Back to The Courier