The Trim
A play on our long standing satire column, The Bowlcut. For the love of lore, find out Who the F is Arthur? We look forward to delivering a trimmed down version of our content to your inbox. This name was contributed by longtime contributor and supporter, Robert Gibson.
The Courier
Do you have a strange affinity to pigeons? Us too! They've migrated alongside our new website and will be couriering into your inbox as soon as Wednesday, February 24th. This name is the editors pick but we didn't want to pigeonhole our audience—it is their paper, after all.
The D.W. Read
For copyright purposes, we hope that you find the humour in this namesake without a super obvious explanation. Let's just say this name could be like a radical little sibling to our paper. Big shout out to the library card holders on Instagram for having fun with this idea.