Trent Land and Nature Areas Plan (TLNAP)

Trent Land is Sacred and the Community is Rallying 
Nick and Brazil cover 'Honouring the Land of the Sacred Elements' -- a virtual seminar organized by community members who are concerned about the Trent Lands Plan and what it means for the wildlife that call our campus home. This article features the perspectives of Professor Emerita Dr. Shirley Williams, Elder Dorothy Taylor, local naturalist Basil Conlin, and PhD candidate Debbie Jenkins.
Consultation, Commercialization, and Confusion On Trent Lands
Nick and Brazil wade into the PR Pond to uncover what the 2020 Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan actually proposes. This Lands Plan sure does talk the talk, but does it walk the walk? Read this in-depth investigation to learn more about Trent’s plans to commercialize, their consultation process, and the confusion and concern surrounding it all.
Trent Lands and Nature Areas Virtual Town Hall
As the January 4th deadline for public comment approaches, the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan team hosted a virtual public meeting November 19 to present the Plan and address questions and concerns brought forward by the community.
Arthur Newspaper: Volume 55
Are you as confused about the Lands Plan as we are? We've got you covered in this short-cut version of last week's What's the Point podcast.
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