Black History Month

Black History Month Blowout Goes Online
Irene Suvillaga highlights Black History Blowout’s success in transforming Zoom events now and for all by providing an “exquisite banquet of cultural pride and unapologetic innate talent” through a series of Black and Indigenous performances by both domestic and international artists. The event also announced the new recipient for the second annual Charlie Earle’s Micro Grant for Black Women and Non-binary artists.
How did TACSU celebrate Black History Month?
Irene Suvillaga follows the Trent African Caribbean Student Union (TACSU) in this year’s endeavour to celebrate Black History Month through several small events that were sought to create a long lasting impact in the hearts and minds of the Trent community. In this short piece, we explore what is Black History Month, its purpose and its significance.
Black Girls Chatter
In this episode of Black Girls Chatter, Shae and Alicia delve into Black Excellence, covering topics like Viola Davis Desmond and Afrofuturism.
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