Editorial: Power to the People

Photo by Lewis Hine, Wikimedia Commons.

In our final issue for the academic year, it has been a privilege and an honour to serve as co-editor-in-chief alongside Leina. As cliché as it sounds, none of us stop learning – and editing Arthur this year was one of the most rewarding opportunities, and amazing learning experiences. For instance, we learned how to be programmers at a radio station with our show Arthur Hour, where I was struck by a newfound love for radio. We networked with community members, and continued to financially stabilize the organization. We got slapped in the face with the Student Choice Initiative, and got ready to punch back.

As the learning continues, we are once more bestowed the honour to continue to do this. If you’ve ever been editor of Arthur, you would know this is a pretty cool job. One of the projects we are excited about, is providing new academic opportunities with departments across Trent, for students to get hands-on experiential learning, and for Arthur to continue publishing great content.

No matter how ‘small’ Arthur may seem, it is, like many things at Trent, a unique and wonderful establishment with a long and humorous history about students trying to figure life out. It is still important. It has been a safe haven, a stepping stone, and above all a platform for members of the community since the 60s. Speaking of stone, Arthur’s founder, Stephen Stohn, mentioned that “[Arthur and Trent Radio] was the foundation of my life”. It was his outlet for learning outside the classroom, to get to wear he is today.

I have experienced and seen firsthand what Arthur has done, and can do for people in the community. It is important for us as a community to support each other and the projects that bring us together. Print is not dead. Tr- I mean, Doug is still in power. Power to the people.