Mark Jokinen’s: Window shopping will provide some great selections including Italian holocaust survivor, Primo Levi’s harrowing novel If Not Now, When? Also in the window is Run With The Hunted: A Charles Bukowski reader collecting the works of the American poet and fiction writer whom Time once called “A laureate of American lowlife.”

Look as well, for author and neurologist, the late Oliver Sacks’ autobiographical Awakenings about his attempts to help people recovering from encephalitis lethargic- the strange and infamous “sleepy sickness” which went on a tear throughout the world between 1915-1926  (and has yet to be duplicated), many of the survivors were left with lifelong debilitating neurological conditions.

Knotaknew: in their literature section look for two works by internationally acclaimed contemporary Japanese author Haruki Murakami- 1987’s “Norwegian wood” and his most recent “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” ($8 and $8.50 respectively). As you move to the back, turn to your left and in the biography section look for “It’s A Long Story- My Life”, the autobiography of country (and stoner) legend, Willie Nelson.

Scholar’s- For some Canadian philosophy and social/political theory look for conservative philosopher George Grant’s Technology and Empire– an influential book for Canadian’s trying to distance themselves from American culture in the 60’s and 70’s. If you go to the back room check out the rack of discount books to find to collaborations between famous Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan and graphic designer Quentin Fiore- The Medium Is The Massage and War And Peace In the Global Village for $3 each.

Books And Things: Newfoundland writer Michael Crummy’s acclaimed magic realist epic Galore is in the new arrivals section. Scan the rest of that section for the legendary horror novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson (which was later adapted to a movie that Matheson fans would prefer not to have existed.) Hugo and Nebula award winning sci-fi/fantasy author Paulo Bacugalupi’s novel “The Shipbreaker” is also available for $6.
Dixon’s: On the spinning rack and on the lit shelf beside it you will find works by two seminal white South African anti-apartheid writers, the 1991 Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer’s My Son’s Story ($5.95) and Andre Brink’s Rumours of Rain ($4.95). If you go find the Canlit section, you will find Giller award winner Andre Alexis’s 1994 debut short fiction collection Despair and Other Tales Of Ottawa which at the time was short-listed for the Commonwealth Prize.