There is a place that is not cold nor wet nor flurried, and it can be reached from the comfort of your heated home, just by turning on the radio. Trent Radio is warming. We’re that friendly, clumsy, well-meaning friend that walked through the snow to see you, so you could stay comfy under blankets.

Aren’t we nice? We even brought cookies! We may have eaten them along the way… but that’s radio, baby.

Hey, I can’t promise we won’t be a jerk sometimes; say some inappropriate things, or be condescending (hey, sometimes informative!) or sing out of tune. This is one big trigger warning for being our friend. Thing is, we have many minds – more than 100 programmers, the vast majority of them students. Students busied with classes and stresses and using this little radio as a way to indulge in their interests.

As a guest, we’re loud. We switch topics sporadically; maybe talking politics one minute and heavy metal the next, then onto short stories then bluegrass.

We can be a bit much, we know. But at least we never overstay our welcome. You can be rid of Trent Radio just by turning off that dial. Maybe you got us by listening to the stream at or through our nifty iPhone app, but the result is the same if you don’t want our clamour, just say.

But if you want us, we’re sincere. We care a lot about this community and what’s going on in it, about culture, about inspiration and friendship. You don’t need to trudge through the snow and freeze your cheeks to find someone friendly; it’s as easy as turning on the radio.

Don’t get cold feet, listen to Trent Radio 92.7 fm, CFFF in Peterborough, sponsored and operated by the students of Trent University. We’re here for you in the cold. We’re the perfect cold weather friend, really. Except for the cookies, sorry about that.