Geek Day stardate: Thursday, February 11-Listen In!

So, there you are — sitting around a restaurant table with some friends, and friends of friends on a Sunday afternoon, eating hangover brunch.

The conversation stays light and casual between bites of food as everyone recounts their nights, talks about the upcoming week, and whatever else floats into their Sunday brunch table brains. At one point, out of the blue, someone asks:

“Haha, where are, like, geoducks even native to?”*

Or something like that; maybe they asked, “How come the unicycle was even invented, anyway?” or “What’s the deal with monkey characters having ‘Kong’ as part of their name?” It doesn’t matter.

The point is, it was an obscure question about a niche topic and at any other brunch table in town, maybe even in the county, or the province (!), it would have gone unanswered. But you are sitting at this particular table where this particular question was asked on this particular day and you happen to know the answer.

You not only know the answer — you care about it. You have studied the answer. And you are excited to have the opportunity to share the answer with your table mates, to enlighten this small crowd about a small facet of a specific topic that you are, in no small way, passionate about.

“Huh,” they say. “Interesting.”

To everyone else, the answer is inconsequential.

But not to you. Whether it’s consciously or unconsciously, you will carry this moment around with you all day.

It will manifest itself as a little light behind your eyes or a slight spring in your step, because your unique knowledge about an odd thing was allowed out to see the light of day, even for just a minute.

It was your inner geek’s time to shine, and they rose to the occasion. And that is an awesome feeling.

Although it may not be as serendipitous as releasing your inner geek spontaneously during a gentle conversation, there is still another avenue to get your geek on.

Trent Radio is having an all-day on-air event on Thursday, February 11, a “Geek Day” broadcast through 92.7 FM and online at

Geek Day comes in a solid second place in terms of allowing you a moment to express your knowledge and passion about whatever it is you may be knowledgeable and passionate about to a group of listeners. So, if you are familiar with the feeling I’ve been describing to you, you should make sure to tune your ears into 92.7 FM on Thursday, February 11.

(*They’re native to the West Coast of Canada and the Northwest Coast of the United States.)