Photo by Michael Barrett

It is 8pm, September 12, at Artspace in downtown Peterborough.

The room is full of people who came to listen to a small performance. This is Paris, La Nuit, the first installment of the Language of Visual Poetry exhibition.

There are some painted handwritings on the walls, which might look unanimated, while the opposite side has two TV screens and a projection picture with short movies. You can take headphones and listen to what is recited in those movies.

Before the actual performance begins, a number of speakers remind the audience about the long, hard work which preceded the show and give thanks to those who helped them.

One of the ideas in that cataract redirects the listeners’ attention to the philosophical topic of artistic freedom. People around nod and smile at the place and the show starts in a few minutes.

Paris, La Nuit is by Dennis Tourbin. It is not long, so listeners cannot fall asleep, but it is not too short, so that they can feel the vibes, movement, and emotions of the artist.

The performance is in English, but there are some French phrases. When you do not understand something, you can watch the screen behind the speaker’s back. On the wall you can see a small movie, which works as good as eye contact when you want to understand some emotion.

The story, overall, tells about the lifestyle of a person in Paris and there are many references to 20th century events. There are bits about the Eiffel Tower and, of course, there is a speech about women.

In general, the authors let you take a trip with them so that you can transport yourself into the world of Paris, a world which absorbs the soul and mind of the listener.

The Language of Visual Poetry is an exhibition showcasing the work of local artist Dennis Tourbin. It will continue until November 2, 2014.

The next performance in the series is Cinepoetry Screening and it will take place on September 18 at 8pm, the Artspace. You can also check events on the Artspace Facebook page. It is free and everyone is welcome.