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The international community at Trent University

Have you ever wondered how to feel at home when you’re far away from home? If so, our amazing international community at Trent will be a perfect fit for you.

If you are a new International Student, first people who you will meet are our welcoming staff from the Trent International Program (TIP) office that will insure your academic and social success by being helpful and welcoming throughout academic year.

The TIP office welcomes new international students at TIP Camp, which is an amazing place to have fun and meet new friends. After the first weeks of school go by, TIP office is there to support you.

After the first week of school has passed international students become more exposed to the school system and the beautiful clubs and groups that are available at Trent University. Currently we have six regional groups at Trent that are very active throughout a year. They represent their culture, they help new students to avoid cultural shock and each of them is very supportive to their members and outside community.

If you are still wondering what regional groups do we have, they are:

Organization for Hispanic and Latino Awareness (HOLA)

HOLA is dedicated to create a space for students of Latin American background to demonstrate their culture. It also encourages the participation of students of other backgrounds who are interested in learning from and experiencing Latin American culture.

Trent Afro-Caribbean Student Union (TACSU)

TACSU is a student group under the Trent International Students’ Association (TISA). The group’s main focus is to provide students within Trent (Canadian and international students alike) with exposure to the cultures of Africa and the Caribbean.

South Asian Association at Trent (SAAT)

SAAT is a South Asian organization that acts as an outlet to providing events for people to meet each other, while still preserving the rich culture. It would also act as a means for the greater community to learn about, understand and celebrate the South Asian culture.

Trent University Chinese Student Association (TUCSA)

TUCSA is welcoming group that helps and provides all kinds of information to all international students through events and celebrations. Though most of our group members are Chinese students, all students are welcome!

Trent South East Asian Organization (TSEAO)

TSEAO was established with the aim of representing the Southeast Asian students and culture at Trent. They hope to share the rich and highly diversified cultural heritage of Southeast Asian countries in addition to encouraging a higher level of cultural awareness among the Trent and Peterborough community.

Trent University Russian Speaking Association (TURSA)

The student group, TURSA, focuses on the creation of a friendly and warm atmosphere for fellow students by recognizing and celebrating different cultural traditions, dances and national cuisines from all Russian-speaking countries.

Trent International Student Association Choir

TISA Choir is a very dedicated singing group at Trent University. They exist for the love of singing despite where you are from.

All of these beautiful regional groups are there for you, to create a safe place for you. They will provide you with huge amount of diverse educational, as well as fun and formal, events. You name it, they have it! If you are wondering how to find regional groups, they are under the TISA umbrella.

TISA is an organization at Trent University that represents all full-time undergraduate students. Because we represent an incredibly diverse student community at Trent, our aim is to bridge the gap between people from all corners of the globe by sharing cultural experiences.

Let TISA be the first to welcome you to your new home away from home, or to continue providing events and updates that better your enjoyment here at Trent University. TISA unites domestic students with our international community, and ensures international students are well represented on a higher level.

TISA would not exist without our regional groups that provide to our university and Peterborough community their beautiful cultures. They all contributed the most to create our big international family, come to Trent and join us here!




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