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Trent president Dr. Leo Groarke donates $50,000 to create Louis and Paul Groarke Philosophy Endowment

Photo by Samantha Moss

At the end of President Leo Groarke’s third and final lecture, he made an exciting announcement. In a press release to Arthur it was stated:

“Dr. Leo Groarke, president and vice-chancellor of Trent University, announced a personal gift of $50,000 to create the Louis and Paul Groarke Philosophy Endowment, which will support philosophy events for students, the public, and others interested in philosophy at Trent University.  President Groarke challenged others to help him raise $100,000 for endowments for Philosophy at Trent.”

“I do think philanthropy is key to the [large success of] universities, including Trent University,” said Groarke in his announcement to the room.

The President regularly asks for donations of philanthropy and wants to lead by example. With the contemporary fear and panic surrounding career planning, the liberal arts have found themselves undervalued.

One of the best preparations for a changing world is critical thinking and the skills of communication and argumentation. Dr. Groarke explained that philosophy is a field that teaches such skills.

The annual interest of the endowment will support the debate of philosophical issues by holding events similar to the Gilbert Ryle series.

Dr. Groarke trusts the Philosophy Department to create great events in the future, and hopes that students, staff, and community members alike will attend the events.

He named the endowment after both of his brothers to honour their relationship. They have influenced Dr. Groarke as both brothers and colleagues in philosophy.

He had been planning this generous donation since between three and six months ago. This act intents to honour Trent University’s 50th Anniversary and support the $50 Million Campaign.

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