Celebrating publications by Champlain faculty fellows

All photos by Samantha Moss


Champlain College celebrated the latest publications completed by Champlain faculty fellows on March 31.

Faculty members included Dr. Margaret Steffler, edited Mexican by P.K Page; Dr. Devin Penner, co-edited and contributed to Thinking Radical Democracy: The Return to Politics in Post-War France; Dr. Hasmet Uluorta co-authored a journal article title Tea with Zizek in Psychotherapy and Politics International; Dr. Philip Giurlando, published the book Eurozone Politics: Perception and Reality in Italy, the UK, and Germany; and Dr. Nadine Changfoot for journal article titled Creating Meaning: Creating Emancipatory Moments Through Storying Outlawed Experiences and Relational Aesthetic.

The publications by all faculty members’ were on display, and discussed the works with students and other faculty members.

The event was put together by Champlain College Head Melanie Sedge, with assistance from Gordon Martin, Champlain College Life Liaison.


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