A Survival Guide to False Spring

Photo by Tevin Trinh on Unsplash.

With Punxsutawney Phil reporting an early spring this Groundhog Day, it is hard not to be so full of excitement that you pull out your whole summer wardrobe, despite it still being the middle of February. Fortunately, I am somewhat of an expert when it comes to the misplaced hope of an incredibly early spring, and I am no stranger to the fashion errors made due to the misjudgement of seasons. I have compiled my key tips on how to survive the final stretch of the wintery season and how to make the most out of what will feel like the longest six weeks of your life. I call it “A Survival Guide to False Spring.”

1. Waterproof things are still your best friend

This time of year is all about the wet snow — the dreaded slush — you know what I’m talking about! The day starts off as a winter wonderland, quickly turning into slush that soaks through your shoes and creates a little river on the bus floors. It’s best to keep your waterproof boots on for a little bit longer. The weather may be warming up but I can promise you that your Birkenstocks with wool socks will not do the same job as a good pair of boots during these trying times. Rock those boots for a little bit longer or at least bring some back up socks!

2. Layer up

I’m sure you heard this from your mother every year growing up, but she was right: Layers are a necessity! After a full day of classes, who knows how cold it’s going to be outside when you get out of your overheated evening lecture. No matter how warm it may seem on the way to class, Wenjack will still be freezing. Layers are a great way to look fashionable but also be practical, what with the temperature changing so often and so quickly. So no matter what kind of layers you choose — sweaters, flannels, blankets — don’t give up on them just yet.

3. Plan your route to class

Just because Trent doesn’t have those nice tunnels that connect all of the university’s buildings together doesn’t mean that you have to face the cold the whole way from the Student Centre to the DNA building. Although the icy walk across Faryon Bridge is unavoidable, you can get around East Bank with very minimal time spent outside. Try going through the Environmental Science building and the Science Complex to get to your class in Otonabee College, or use Otonabee College to get to Gzowski College. A little extra time in planning your route could save you the walk through some brutal wind tunnels.

4. Find some fun in it all!

Just because the weather is a little chilly and unpredictable doesn’t mean that this time of the year can’t still be fun! There are so many great ways that you can have a good time with friends even on the coldest of days. Throw on your waterproof boots and go for a hike on the amazing trails around Peterborough. Get some friends together and do a winter photoshoot in the snow that keeps on falling. If your street or sidewalk is covered in ice, why not lace up your skates to get around? The snow and cold won’t last as long as you think it will, so you might as well enjoy it while it’s here.

All in all, there are six more weeks of winter, and no matter how many groundhogs we look to, it’s not going to go by any faster. But we’ll get through it together. Hopefully these tips will help make those weeks more manageable and help you enjoy these last few weeks of the snowy season!