Letter to the Editors, Volume 54 Issue 4: Prime Minister Trudeau’s Blackface a Dealbreaker

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash.

I don’t understand how a country’s national leader could have performed stage roles as recent as 2001 that disparages and disrespects blacks, thirty five years after the inception of the Black Panther movement.

I can’t begin to understand the degradation of black men, women, and especially children being trafficked to the Americas as slaves, their true identities permanently stolen in history for all time, while they continue today to face habitual bigotry and discrimination. I do know that my awareness of their crisis has been bumpy but my teachers of social science were watching the Black struggle and teaching us the serious social issues the Panthers were trying to teach the world through a continuous battle.

Our leader’s background as an elitist rich kid opened doors for him to go forward as a teacher in a school that bolstered this bad behaviour. Legacies of a school that crush a minority. So is the politics atonement for bad behaviour or is it a stage production with the country being manipulated for his personal success and notoriety?

There will be no leverage by current Liberals with the next ignorant bigot(s) that will use race snobbery to cloud race prejudice and discrimination. Justin Trudeau knows better. We all know better.

I am not giving the PM a second chance.

– Anonymous

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