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Letter to the Editors

I met TCSA presidential candidate Corey LeBlanc a little over a year ago and since then have become very good friends.

I am about halfway through my time here at Trent University; I have met many people, many of whom come from all walks of life.

As a political science major, I have had the pleasure of talking about all sorts of issues relating to the world and our school here at home.

Coming from a small town, my interaction with other students from other provinces and countries was relatively limited. So when I first came to Trent, it seemed like a whole new world from high school.

We were free, free to actually have our voices heard, free to change the barriers we felt were holding others and us back on campus, free to go to the washroom without asking permission first.

It didn’t take me long to find out that the student leadership in the TCSA has a very narrow ideological agenda.

Don’t get me wrong, the rhetoric of inclusiveness and rainbows was certainly there, what was lacking was meaningful action on key issues such as discrimination and free speech.

Instead of standing up for students of all faiths, certain groups were targeted for political reasons. Recently, the only pro-life group on campus was told to shut down, no ifs, ands or buts.

LeBlanc believes in standing up and representing all faiths and fighting for an inclusive student government, and our current student leadership has failed us all because of their own political biases.

But to me, this problem is university-wide. LeBlanc fights for the students like myself and thousands of others, who feel that our own opinions or experiences are not mainstream enough to be accepted.

Fear of being labeled ignorant, narrow-minded, racist, bigoted or any other broad statement is constantly used to shut those up who are not slaves to political correctness.

The highest voter turnout for Trent is 22 per cent of the student body, because the majority of students feel disenfranchised and believe the student leadership will do nothing and stand up only for them.

Well, I am writing this to tell the students of Trent that the silent majority of students in this school want change, not a little change, but radical change.

They want to know where their money is going, they want a president who fights every day for the hundreds, if not thousands, of students in poverty.

They want action for the thousands who feel that their opinions would be shunned and they will be labeled just to silence dissenting beliefs.

LeBlanc has a proven record of fighting for all students, regardless of their beliefs. He has served various clubs and groups on campus and organizations off campus, such as the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies.

This campaign will be one for the books, but will only make history if we continue to fight against political correctness and demand free speech for every single student in this school.

We defeated the BDS movement that would sanction the economy of the only liberal democracy in the Middle East.

For those who try to label his campaign as being against political correctness, or defense of Israel as racist, perhaps you should take a long, hard look in the mirror. Vote for LeBlanc, because the silent majority stands with Corey.

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