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Letter to the Editors

The obnoxious few members in current student leadership have silenced the majority of the student population.

The students at Trent University have been under a student union that is not democratic; it is narrow-minded and over all prejudiced. This has made it disheartening to witness people, for four years, from all walks of life being shut down because they do not adhere to the cookie cutter Trent student “way of thinking.”

As a minority who has been faced with discrimination year after year, I will be voting for Corey LeBlanc.

People have questions for me wherever I turn. “But he uses the Donald Trump slogan, he is a racist obviously.”

First of all, this assumption demonstrates an outrageous lack of intelligence. The term “Make America great again” is not strictly a Trump slogan.

It has been used for decades by other presidential candidates in the united states and is a great play on words when we keep in mind how angry it makes us feel when Trump says it, we should feel just as angry about our student union, that is the point LeBlanc wants to get across. We should be angry, we should want change and we should be demanding to be heard.

The TCSA members over the past few years think they are so perfect that they didn’t even realize they were, in fact, an existing hate group (real life).

In spring of 2015, LeBlanc and a handful of passionate students defended my right to exist at Trent University.

That is correct, I identify with my homeland, culture, religion and ethnicity as an Israelite. I was personally victimized by the TCSA (worse than Regina George).

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement had been allowed to exist in the TCSA policy and was endorsed through OPIRG, to which we all pay a levy. My own money was going towards boycotting myself, other Jewish students and professors as well as members of the LGBT community who’s only safe haven in the Middle East was being condemned for existing.

The policy was hateful, discriminatory and had no business in post-secondary education in Canada; especially Trent, which prides itself in diversity, acceptance and safe spaces.

The BDS policy was rescinded thanks to LeBlanc, and for that I can assure you that this guy, who stood up for Israel, which is one of the only countries in the world containing all religions, all ethnicities, total democracy and absolute equality, is not a bigot despite hallway rumours and the bullies in leadership.

He will fight for Israel and he will also fight for every student at Trent. His firm stance on sexual assault and plans for democratic student fees should also perk your interest, but by all means… be a bystander.

Trent is a playground and the bullies are in charge, but we as a student population outnumber those bullies. We can make Trent great again.

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