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Champion the spirit of independent journalism with ethical, local advertising! Here are just a few perks:

  • 100% tax deductible! Online advertising is fully tax deductible for small businesses.
  • Ad-blocker won't block your ads! Local ads are completely embedded into our site.
  • No HST on these prices! Arthur is a non-profit paper, that means we don't have to charge you HST.
  • No paywalls here! So everyone is free to engage with your ads.
  • Work with our team! Let our designers and illustrators create a unique campaign for your brand.
Choose the right plan for your business or organization:


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Free ad design with our team!
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swift boosts.
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Advtertising rates for Arthur Newspaper from $45 per week online. Email editors AT trent arthur DOT CA for more information or to arrange a meeting.
*Trent levy groups are eligible for up to 15% discount. Some conditions may apply.
**We reserve the right to deny advertisements that do not align with the values of our organization.
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