Career Opportunities

Work at Arthur

Journalist (TWSP and Non-TWSP Positions), 2023-24

8 hours per week at $19.05 per hour

Application Deadline: September 29th, 2023


  • Attention to detail;
  • Verbal and written communication skills;
  • Interpersonal skills for building relationships with community members and stakeholders;
  • Time management skills;
  • Passion or curiosity about journalism, media, storytelling;
  • Interest in community events and issues relating to both the university and city;
  • Understanding of the role of journalism in maintaining an informed democratic society;
  • Capable of working with minimal supervision;
  • Ability to deal with confidential/anonymized/pseudonymized material.
  • Willingness to grow as a writer, researcher, and journalist by working with the editorial team to develop your work through constructive criticism, edits, and fact checking.


  • Attend story meetings and communicate with editors and fellow writers to work through story ideas;
  • Conduct research, interviews and attend events in the Trent University and Peterborough-Nogojiwanong communities;
  • Stick to regular deadlines while producing journalism to be featured in Arthur Newspaper and the paper's website on a bi-weekly basis;
  • Work with editors to uphold Arthur’s standard of journalistic integrity, as well as actively inclusive, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive journalism.

Please email your resume, cover letter, and 2-3 samples of your writing to before September 29th, 2023. Your writing samples do not need to be journalistic in nature, nor do they need to be previously published. Examples might include an essay submitted for a class, a piece you are working on, or a new one which you think would work well in Arthur.

We encourage applicants to review our website prior to applying to get a sense of the kinds of stories and pieces Arthur publishes. 

When applying please specify whether you are eligible for TWSP funding (receiving OSAP). This can be demonstrated by including a screenshot of your OSAP confirmation which includes your name, or an email from the Registrar confirming your eligibility. We do not need to know the amount, just that you are approved for 2023/24.

Please feel free to reach out directly with any questions you might have.


Volunteers are the core of Arthur Newspaper. Volunteers write articles, email us story ideas, take photos, make art, submit all kinds of work for publication, help us fundraise and build a strong community here at Arthur. Our Board of Directors is also made up of volunteers.

If you’re enthusiastic about Arthur, we can find a way for you to help us out that also helps you out. You definitely don’t have to be a reporter to make a huge difference in what we accomplish. Drop by our office, come to a story meeting, or email us, and we’ll find something for you to do that suits your skills and your goals. We are happy to provide training where required. Our contact info is all right here.

Story Meetings

The best way to find out about volunteer opportunities and to meet Arthur staff is to attend a story meeting. These meetings are where we review the previous issue, discuss what articles are going in the next issue, and decide which contributors will cover them. Even if you are not a writer yourself, you’re welcome to attend story meetings to pitch story ideas to the staff collective. Story meetings are also where we match up writers and photographers. Does your story need a photo? Come to the story meeting. Wanna know what to take pictures of this week? Come to a story meeting.

Story meetings are held every week (excluding school holidays) in the Lecture Hall at Sadleir House. You can also join via Zoom. Story meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Story meeting times for the Vol. 58. publishing year have yet to be established. Please check this page for updates on when they will be held. Updates regarding story meeting times will also be sent out in the The Courier, Arthur's online newsletter.

Submission Guidelines

Deadlines for articles are Sundays at 11:59 p.m. EST. It is possible to arrange for later deadlines provided that this arrangement is made well prior to the original deadline.

When submitting an article, please include the following in your email:

  • “Article Submission” in the subject line
  • Author’s name in the email body text

Please submit your stories as an email attachment in .doc, .docx, or GoogleDocs file format. Please attach any photos separately. Do not put them in the word processor document.

At the top of the word processor document, please include:

  • Title or a working title (you can also indicate that you're looking for suggestions)
  • Your name/pseudonym/anonymous

Articles should be 300 words (short announcement) to 1000 words (feature length article). Pieces longer than this may be negotiated circumstantially at the editors’ discretion.

"Letters to the editor" should be under 500 words. Those that are more than 500 words may be published, but Arthur reserves the right to edit letters for length.

Arthur reserves the right to edit or refuse any material that is considered unfit for publication as determined by the Editor(s). We do not print content that violates our Anti-Oppression policy.