More Poison From the Plant
In the final days of 2020, BWXT received an extended licence to intensify current operations through pelleting. Zach Ruiter contextualizes this new development in a longstanding struggle between community members and this corporation.
Accessible or Ableist? How Students Really Feel About Student Accessibility Services (or Lack Thereof) During the Pandemic
Elizabeth Mitton follows up with Maxmillion Setka, the TCSA Commissioner for Students with Disabilities, and Stewart Engelberg, the Director of Trent's Student Wellness Centre, to find out how the University is responding to concerns shared by students with disabilities. How does online learning affect the quality of education for students, especially those with different needs? Is the University doing enough to accommodate these needs?
Trent Land is Sacred and the Community is Rallying 
Nick and Brazil cover 'Honouring the Land of the Sacred Elements' -- a virtual seminar organized by community members who are concerned about the Trent Lands Plan and what it means for the wildlife that call our campus home. This article features the perspectives of Professor Emerita Dr. Shirley Williams, Elder Dorothy Taylor, local naturalist Basil Conlin, and PhD candidate Debbie Jenkins.
The Bowlcut: Happy Holidays from a Safe Distance
A satirical address from the President of LeglessU! Arthur funny-man Drew Dafoe takes a poke at Public Relations, and those infamous Holiday Videos that are viewed exclusively by students desperate to procrastinate during exam season. Find out how Legless Pete plans to celebrate the holidays! Hint: it involves that dreaded Josh Groban album and being ignorant about any holiday that isn't Christmas.
Climate and Environment in the 2021 City Budget
The City declared a climate crisis in 2019, check out Rob Gibson's coverage of the 2021 city budget from an environmental perspective.
City Council Approves Police Budget Increase
Spencer Wells reports on the City's decision to increase the Peterborough Police Service (PPS) budget by 2.43% amidst calls from Black Lives Matter Nogojiwanong to defund the police, and re-allocate those funds to social services. Learn more about how the PPS budget gets drafted each year.
The Arthur Literary Review: A 2020 Holiday Listicle
Dante ties up the 2020 Arthur Literary Review with a beautiful bow. Take note of these readable recommendations for your friends, family, or for yourself.
Save Inverlea Park
Marlee Lunshof breaks down the City's decision to list the beloved and historic Inverlea Park as a potential site for the City's new Firehall. Find out what your City Councillor is saying about it, and how the community is responding.
Toasting the Theatre on King
Local performing arts venue holds a holiday bottle drive to raise money from December to early January.
Consultation, Commercialization, and Confusion On Trent Lands
Nick and Brazil wade into the PR Pond to uncover what the 2020 Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan actually proposes. This Lands Plan sure does talk the talk, but does it walk the walk? Read this in-depth investigation to learn more about Trent’s plans to commercialize, their consultation process, and the confusion and concern surrounding it all.
Fly me out of this Room
Irene reflects on a trip home like no other: from Peterborough to El Salvador during amidst a global pandemic. It is a masked journey, full of introspection and a yearning, "To lay under El Salvador’s sun and hear the ocean’s whisper once again, to speak my mother tongue rather than having to translate my soul everyday; fearing that my thoughts were not being expressed properly or that mispronounced words would slip out of my mouth." 
Chapter One of 'Highway Robbery: An Odyssey of Bikes Stolen in Peterborough'
In this first instalment of her series, Katie Pedlar retells her personal experiences with bike theft in Peterborough. Drama, crime, and intrigue -- this odyssey has it all! Katie confronts cycling as a paradox: it is a symbol of wealth and hardship, a means of transportation, a creative outlet and a metaphor for Peterborough itself.
Fentanyl, COVID-19 and New Measures to Keep our City Safe
As the Opioid Response Hub including a safe consumption site takes shape in Peterborough's downtown, Aras Mommertz tells the story of the opioid crisis in Peterborough and how these measures act as steps toward a safer city for all residents.
Orange Not Sus: Jagmeet Singh and AOC prophesize progressive victory in ‘Among Us’ livestream
Canadian NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and U.S. congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez build progressive solidarity in a livestream of Among Us. Danny Taro has the highlights, both for the ever-popular video game and for the political discourse between two progressive rising stars.
Letter to the Editor: It’s time to take back Peterborough ... somehow?
In this Letter, Alexia breaks down a recently published Letter to the Editor in the Peterborough Examiner.
The Bowlcut: Reconciliatory Cuddles
Reviewer extraordinaire, Dante Pettapiece, takes a break from LitCrit to try his hand at satire. In this hilarious yet poignant short story, Dante explores the aftermath of the 2020 American election, and how America could reset itself. Spoiler: there's a lot of tears and tenderness. You might even feel hopeful about the future!
Legless U
Drew Dafoe brings his observations from his first semester at Trent: it's legless. Meaningful connection is difficult in this post-apocalyptic landscape where you only ever see the top quarter of anyone’s body. Read on to hear sage advice from two profs and a psychotherapist--as well as Drew's pitch for Zoom-style reality dating show.
A Legless Interview
The unedited interview from Drew's recent article "Legless U"
Trent Lands and Nature Areas Virtual Town Hall
As the January 4th deadline for public comment approaches, the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan team hosted a virtual public meeting November 19 to present the Plan and address questions and concerns brought forward by the community.
Letter to the Editor: Western Chorus Frogs rebuke the Trent Lands Plan
A frog collective expresses vexation with the Lands Plan. In chorus they implore Trent, "reinvest in your nature areas, give us the means to help you, provide funding to your committees, give them the backbone they need to elicit a real change in the direction of the University."
How to Read the Budget: Housing
The Draft Peterborough City Budget for 2021 is currently under review. Here's what you need to know about housing in the City's budget.
Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan: it brags ‘green’ but is it?
Debbie Jenkins unpacks the ecology of the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan, and explains why she thinks it is not as environmentally friendly as advertised.
Community Mourns Brett LeBlanc
Trent and Peterborough come together to mourn the tragic death of Trent student who went missing from his home on the Symons campus last week.
Reflecting on Transgender Day of Remembrance
Trans Day of Remembrance, November 20, was commemorated in Peterborough-Nogojiwanong by various student and community run groups. Read more about their Virtual Vigil and this worldwide movement to highlight those lost to violence and anti-transgender bigotry.
A Toast to B.A. Johnston
How is Peterborough legend B.A. Johnston faring through COVID-19? He is reviewed and interviewed by Spencer Wells and Connor Stinson in this piece on pandemic .
Future Majority Puts Minister Monsef, Mayor Therrien in the Hot Seat
Youth activists from Future Majority grill Maryam Monsef and Diane Therrien about the most pressing issues of our time. Read more about the Future Majority Town Hall.
The Arthur Literary Review: Atwood’s Poetic Justice
Dante Pettapiece's latest edition of the Arthur Literary Review responds to CanLit Titan Margaret Atwood's latest work, a collection of poems entitled 'Dearly'
The Big Switch: from TCSA to Trent Mobile
Spencer Wells details the shift from the TCSA app to Trent Mobile, including TCSA President Ann-Majella McKelvie's explanation as to why the switch happened at all!
What You Need to Know about Housing in Peterborough
Unpacking accessibility and affordability of housing in Peterborough with the United Way's 'Housing is Fundamental Report' for 2020.
All-American Flicks from the Trent Film Society
U.S. election on your mind? Your local film buffs are serving up fresh recommendations that are as American as apple pie.
Local Festival Works Towards Religious Harmony
Elizabeth Mitton covers this year's Abraham Festival - a religious festival started by three women that aims to bring Christians, Muslims and Jews together in religious unity. Find out how they've adapted to keep the festival going during the pandemic!
TCSA Town Hall Meeting: The Highlight Reel
Here's what you need to know about the recent TCSA Townhall: exams, the creation of a Black Student Representative on the TCSA and more.
The Wait is Over, The Environmental Advisory Committee is Back
Highlights of the recent meeting of the City's Environmental Advisory Committee.
On the Life and Death of @trentu.confessions
Nick Taylor unpacks the life and death of anonymous instagram account @trentu.confessions in light of their recent--and dramatic--demise.
Surviving a Coronavirus Winter
Maggie Piper surveyed students and Trent faculty for some tips on surviving a coronavirus winter. This is the guide you'll need for the impending winter!
The Frugal Student's Guide to Textbook Shopping
Alexia Kambanis outlines her tips and tricks for aquiring all the textbooks you need and saving money at the same time!
Community Takes Action to Defund the Police
The Nogojiwanong chapter of Black lives matter gathers community support and takes action to defund the police in Peterborough.
Letter to the Editor: Online learning is not for everyone
This letter to the editor features a Trent student struggling to be accommodated in online schooling this semester.
Nogojiwanong Stands in Solidarity with Mi'kmaw Fishery
In light of escalating violence against Indigenous fishers on Canada's East coast, Ptbo-Nogo community gathers in solidarity with Mi'kmaw fisheries.
The Virtual Void: How COVID-19 has affected the delivery and reception of educational instruction at Trent
Staff Writer Elizabeth Mitton interviews representatives from Student Accessibility Services, Trent I.T., and the TCSA, to get the scoop on online learning!
A Glimpse into COVID’s hold on Peterborough
Spencer Wells asks a few locals about their thoughts on COVID-19 in Peterborough and Trent. COVID's hold on Peterborough.
Trent's New Anti-Racism Task Force: A step towards a more egalitarian campus
Our coverage of Trent's Anti-Racism Task Force! We interview some members of the committee, and discuss why it is important now more than ever.
The Arthur Literary Review: Don DeLillo's Deafening Silence
Dante Pettapiece serves up his latest edition of The Arthur Literary Review. This time the recently released Don Delillo, The Silence.
Supernatural Entities—They’re just like us! with the Trent Film Society
This week's recommendations: Supernatural Entities! Trent Film Society hopes you will enjoy the many interpretations of paranormal featured in these films.
A Call for Stories: the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Draft Plan
What you need to know about the October 2020 draft of the Trent Lands Plan, most notably, the displacement of student-led agricultural projects.
Thinking About Thinking About Carbon with Dr. Anne Pasek
Arthur Newspaper sits down with Dr. Anne Pasek, Trent's newest professor in the School of the Environment AND Cultural Studies!
Will COVID End Reusable Containers at Trent?
We update you on how Trent University Food Services is responding to COVID, and adapting its reusable container programs.
[Insert Title After School Work is Finished]
Petition about school work overload circulates Trent. Students struggle with online school. Will you sign?
The Arthur Literary Review: Charles Yu Wants You To Know That There Are More Asian Stars Than Kung Fu Guy
The second instalment of the Arthur Literary Review! brought to you by reviewer Dante Pettapiece and Charles Yu - author of 'Interior Chinatown'.
TCSA By-Election: The Issues Around the Ballot
Katie Pedlar breaks down some of the issues around this year's TCSA Fall Elections. Who will be the new VP Health and Wellness?
Be Nice or Leave
One of Spanky's last shows of the season featuring B.A. Johnston and The Muddy Hack. Read the interview here.
Our Dance of Revolution: an ode to the start of a radical Black queer movement!
Aras Mommertz details a recent Q&A with Black Lives Matter Nogojiwanong and Philip Pike - the Director of 'Our Dance of Revolution.'
The Walkhome Walkout
Walkhome at Trent suffers from lack of engagement in a time when students are in need.
Art at The Foot of The Waters: Jiimaan ’ ndewemgadnong
Tia Cavanagh unviels public art installation, Jiimaan’ndewemgadnong (the place where the heart of the canoe beats). Peterborough's art at the foot of the waters.
Students Lobby for Course on The Glory of Africa
The Trent African and Caribbean Student Union (TACSU) team successfully lobbied for a course on the history and glory of Africa.
Getting HOTT During COVID
Katie Pedlar updates the Trent community re: the Head of the Trent Regatta in the context of COVID-19, and how the Alumni Association is adapting.
Life at All Angles with Trent Film Society
Your latest film recommendations brought to you by the Trent Film Society. This week: Life at all Angles with Trent Film Society.
The Arthur Literary Review: Author Emma Cline Doesn't Have Daddy Issues
Arthur Contributor Dante Pettapiece reviews the recently published collection of short stories, "Daddy" by Emma Cline. This is part of an ongoing column.
The Old and New with Trent Film Society
Trent Film Society brings you "The Old and New", a second serving of bi-weekly film suggestions to keep you trucking through the fall.
Back to School with The Trent Film Society
The Trent Film Society brings you a collection of recommendations for the beginning of term. Stay tuned for bi-monthly updates and your what to watch guide.
Coping with COVID: What to Expect at Trent
Are you about to embark on a life altering adventure in the middle of a global pandemic? We’ve compiled all the most important information (and some of our best unsolicited advice) to help in coping with COVID.
Who the F is Arthur?
Who is Arthur? An in-depth explanation of who we are and what we do - including the sought-after origin story of our paper's strange name!
TCSA Votes to Review Conduct of VP Allan Fabrykant
Nick Taylor covers the recent conduct of TCSA VP Health and Wellness Allan Fabrykant and the Emergency Meeting that resulted in an Executive Review.
Shedding Light on Local Black Hair Businesses
Ethel Nalule profiles various Black Hair Businesses in Peterborough-Nogojiwanong: Sammy's Braids, Irun Elewa, Trimz by T, and Braids by Marilyn.
CRRC Hosts "Tough Conversation" with Police Chief
Leina Amatsuji-Berry's coverage of the Community Race Relations Committee's 'Tough Conversation' with PPS Chief Scott Gilbert.
Hydration Station Provides Access to Drinking Water
Local group sets up Hydration Station in Millenium Park, providing access to drinking water. Organizers asking for donations new or unused water bottles.
Fourth CRRC “Tough Conversations” Features PPS Victim Services
The fourth CRRC “Tough Conversations”, Victim Services' Alice Czitrom discusses Victim Services, trauma-informed policing, and new facility dog Pixie.
BLM Nogojiwanong Organizes Successful Phone and Email Zap
Ethel Nalule's coverage of the Phone and Email Zap Event held by BLM Nogojiwanong to hold municipal representatives accountable for the police budget.
Mapping Memories of a Company Town
Arthur reflects on the Company Town at Artspace, featuring the works of Anne White, Ann Jaeger, Miranda Gee Jones, Eryn Lidster, and Lillian Ross-Millard
The Case Against Bodycams
Peterborough-Nogojiwanong has taken up the fight for Black Lives. Meanwhile, the Peterborough Police Service defends taking up significant financial resources.
Locals Share Thoughts on Re-Opening
As Phase 3 begins in Ontario, Nogojiwanong-Peterborough locals share thoughts on re-opening the town with Arthur Newspaper's Ethel Nalule.
Third “Tough Conversation” Discusses Peterborough Police Training
CRRC Executive Director Angela Connors talks to PPS Sergeant Ted Branch about prioritizing anti-racism and anti-oppression training for the police, and defunding the police in July 13’s third “Tough Conversation.”
CRRC Has "Tough Conversation" with PPS' Peter Williams
CRRC has "Tough Conversation" with Peter Williams, of the PPS’. This week Angela Connors talks 2SLGBTQIA-police relations, mental health, and police reform.
International Students Under-Supported by Trent's Student Rapid Relief Fund
A comparison of Trent University's financial support for international students and domestic students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Defund Canadian Cops, Too
Editorial: Analysis of the Peterborough Police Service’s response to calls to defund and disarm the police in Peterborough-Nogojiwanong.
CRRC Hosts First of Series of "Tough Conversations with Peterborough Police"
"Tough Conversations with Peterborough Police" is an Instagram live series to discuss policing and racism, in light of recent events across the continent.
Theatre Trent Launches COVID-19 Venue Relief Fund
Theatre Trent Launches Venue Relief Fund amidst COVID closures, and a lack of governmental support for arts and culture organizations.
OPIRG Free Market Transition
A press release from OPIRG Peterborough concerning the transition of their Free Market.
Future Majority Holds Digital Town Hall
Students and volunteers from Future Majority held a digital town hall, meeting with local politicians to discuss current events
Local Publisher Launches Children's Book on National Indigenous Peoples' Day
The Children's book, "Kindness Is...", has been translated into two Indigneous Languages, Tłı̨chǫ and Inuktitut, launches on National Indigenous Peoples Day
Submit to 'Oatmeal': Arthur Newspaper's summer zine
Submit to OATMEAL July! Arthur Newspaper's summer zine returns for issue #2, July 2020. Send submissions to
Letter to the Editors: When are decisions reversed?
A Letter to the Editor from Robert Gibson regarding the recent closure of George Street, and the accountability of the City of Peterborough more broadly.
Trent University + COVID-19: What You Need to Know
What to know about Trent and COVID-19. September 2020: from campus closures to athletics updates, to "multi-access learning", we've got you covered.
Black Lives Matter in Peterborough-Nogojiwanong
In-depth coverage of Black Lives Matter Peterborough/Nogojiwanong's response to anti-Black racism and police brutality in the U.S. and Canada.
Notes on Yellow Peril and COVID-19
Content warning: This article discusses the novel coronavirus and the illness it causes (COVID-19), and violent racism.
Arthur × TCRC: Learning about Trent's Resources through Community Research
I’m sure at some point every student has thought about doing some version of a research project; whether it be a thesis, an independent research project, or a community-based research project. What they don’t tell you is that it is so much more than a project you work on for eight months.
An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving COVID-19
Going a bit stir crazy? These are strange times we’re living in so we've made a list of things to help you while away the endless hours in the day.
What Does Environmentalism Look Like During COVID-19?
We've successfully reduced our carbon emissions under social distancing, but environmental feedback loops are still accelerating the effects of climate change.
Climate Crisis and Alarmism
The Climate Crisis is in no way alarmism. When the word “crisis” is used, that means that there is a crisis. And if you are able to put the two words together, “climate” and “crisis”, you should then understand the extent and severity of climate change. And yes, you should be alarmed.
Liftlocks, Leg Drops, and the Canadian Mental Health Association
Canadian Pro Wrestling comes to Peterborough in support of the local Canadian Mental Health Association.
Arthur × TCRC: Trent Student Knowledge of Sexual Violence Resources Low
If there’s one thing I can say about completing a student research project, it’s that the people you talk to will be interested in what you are doing. No matter the program or the topic of research, there will always be lots of people that want to participate. Due to time constraints, I was not able to distribute a survey to students regarding sexual violence policies on Trent’s campus. I was, however, able to interview multiple members of staff on campus.
Community Spirit on Show as Kawartha Food Drive Hits the Road
It’s Megan’s first time organizing a food drive, but you’d never have known. “I was disappointed by the hoarding I saw on the news, it wasn’t a fair representation of the community.” She confides in me. “Being vulnerable is scary enough when everything is fine, but it’s even scarier right now. It’s important we stay connected.”
General Committee Meeting Discusses Floods in Peterborough
Peterborough has a history of flooding, which was showcased this past Thursday at the intersection of George and Dalhousie, as reported in the Peterborough Examiner.
Arthur Editorship Platforms 2020-2021
Hello Arthur Newspaper staff collective. We are Nick Taylor and Brazil Gaffney-Knox, and we are here to introduce ourselves and our platform for the volume 55 editorship of Arthur. We are both very excited for this opportunity to share our hopes and dreams for Arthur, and demonstrate why we think we are the right team for this job.
What is a University Now?
Dave Tough asks and works to answer difficult questions about the role and responsibilities of the capital-U University.