Meeting Between Trent Senior Administration and Mayor Leal "Productive" Concerning Cleantech Commons
Meetings regarding Cleantech Commons between the City of Peterborough and Trent University have resumed under the the City's new Mayor and Council. Both parties told Arthur that the meetings were "productive" but also preliminary.
New Year, New Me, Same Old Diet Culture
With the new year coming in Bethan Bates looks at the types of ads and groups that promote diet culture, especially in the new year.
Clubs & Groups: The Seasoned Spoon
An entry from the Clubs and Groups page, Volume 57 Issue 4
Clubs & Groups: Anne Shirley Theatre Company
An entry from the Clubs and Groups page, Volume 57 Issue 4
Cinevangelism Interlude: Televangelism with Evangeline Robins: VOL I: “Love and Chainsaws” the She-quel: On the Animatic Adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man (2022)
Challenging herself to review something topical (or at least from this century) for once, Evangeline sinks her devilish teeth into Studio MAPPA's adaptation of Chainsaw Man.
Dear David: Humble Beginnings and Sleep Habits
Senior Threats Journalist David King waxes poetic on fixations of yesteryear, and how bad his sleeping habits have become.
A Semester Abroad: From Trent to Trent
Outbound exchange student Tru Van Wyck begins a new column 'A Semester Abroad'. In this column Tru will explore the experience of moving to Nottingham Trent University, England
January 22nd TCSA Meeting; or, Three Hours of Passing the Buck
Senior journalist Evan Robins summarizes, as concisely as possible, the proceedings of a nearly-four-hour TCSA Board Meeting.
$29.1M Police Budget Presented by Chief Stuart Betts Outlines a "critical juncture"
The Peterborough Police Service remained adamant on their previous budget ask of $29.1M for 2023 after Council asked new Police Chief Stuart Betts to provide input two weeks prior. The budget outlines 11 new positions meant to address growing concerns within the service.
Team Canada Gold Medalists and Petes Teammates Honoured by City Council
Peterborough Petes teammates and Canadian World Junior gold medalists were recognized by Mayor Jeff Leal and City Council on Monday January 23rd, 2023.
ReFrame Review: Love in the Time of Fentanyl
Alyssa Triano reviews Love in the Time of Fentanyl, a documentary showing at the ReFrame Film Festival 2023 featuring the first safe injection site in Vancouver.
ReFrame Review: The Smell of Money
The Smell of Money explores the impacts of intensive hog farming on the local residents and environment. This documentary does not shy away from declaring the situation to be one of environmental racism, with concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) being found predominantly in counties occupied by the descendants of formerly enslaved individuals. 
A Dip in the Otonabee
Community Contributor Matthew Walmsley outlines why the best part of his day is his frigid plunge into the Otonabee River.
A Neurodivergent Student’s Guide To Local Activities and Events
Emi Habel gives an exhaustive run-down on local events in and around campus for students looking for a quieter social experience.
ReFrame Review: Rebellion
Bethan Bates' review of Maia Kenworthy and Elena Sánchez Bellot's 2022 documentary on Extinction Rebellion. The film is featured in the 2023 ReFrame Film Festival lineup.
ReFrame Review: Sirens
Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay reviews the Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Rita Baghdadi’s 2022 documentary Sirens. The film is part of the 2023 ReFrame Film Festival line-up.
ReFrame Review: Let the Little Light Shine
Madison Marvin reviews Kevin Shaw's 2022 documentary Let the Little Light Shine. The film is part of the 2023 ReFrame Film Festival Lineup.
ReFrame Review: Subject
Bethanie Dusome reviews the documentary Subject as part of the 2023 ReFrame Film Festival.
ReFrame Review: Eternal Spring
Irene Suvillaga's review of Jason Loftus' film Eternal Spring as part of the 2023 ReFrame Film Festival.
ReFrame Review: Devil Put the Coal in the Ground
Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay reviews the documentary Devil Put the Coal in the Ground as part of the 2023 ReFrame Film Festival.
City Approves $1M in Funding for Cleantech Commons Despite Uncertainty Surrounding Future Tenants
Councillor Kieth Riel moved to defer the allotment of $1M in funding for the project for one year at a Finance Committee meeting on January 17th. Councillors discussed their shared frustration at the lack of viable tenants but ultimately voted to provide the funds as planned.
ReFrame Review: Framing Agnes
In an additional ReFrame review, Arthur's most prolific film critic Evan Robins discusses a documentary she had no desire to watch, but in spite of everything, enjoyed.
Peterborough Transit Budget to Remain at 2022 Levels for 2023
Spending for Peterborough Transit will remain at 2022 levels until Council receives a report on transit in March following a motion which passed 9-2 on January 17th. The motion was passed despite warnings from City Staff that the move would result in a reduction in service and likely cost some workers and drivers their jobs.
ReFrame Review: Riotsville, USA
Arthur's overzealous cinevangelist Evan Robins turns her gaze towards Peterborough's ReFrame film festival with a review of the documentary Riotsville, USA
"Hate Hurts Kids": Protesters Vastly Outnumbered by Supporters of Drag Queen Story Time Event
Supporters of the Drag Queen Story Time hosted by Betty Baker gathered outside of the Peterborough Public Library on January 14th, 2023. Also present was a small number of protesters who oppose the event.
TCSA Thaws Frost Week with Sizzling Sexy Bingo
Senior Journalist Evan Robins summarises the slew of 2023 Frost Week festivities hosted by the TCSA.
ReFrame Review: The Butch and The Baby Daddy + Body Politics 
David King reviews two short films showing at this year's ReFrame Film Festival.
Confessions of a Baseball Fundamentalist: The Revolution Will Be Boring
Co-Editor and baseball fanatic, Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay, explores the revolutionary potential of baseball in the first of what will hopefully become a semi-regular exploration of baseball ephemera.
Police Services Budget Presentation Passed with Amendments Calling for Further Consultation
Peterborough’s Police Services budget presentation was adopted following an amendment from Mayor Leal which called for further study of the budget in consideration of its impacts on future fiscal years.
Police Funding, the Arts, and Climate Change Among Delegation Topics During First 2023 Budget Meeting
Discussions for the 2023 budget are underway as Council hears delegations from community members on topics of police, climate change, and the arts. This is the first of a series of articles covering the budget process for 2023.
Plant-Based Peterborough: Nateure's Plate
The first instalment in Bethan Bates' new series Plant-Based Peterborough where she reviews the vegetarian and vegan eateries in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong. This article reviews Nateure's Plate a vegan restaurant in Peterborough's downtown that features meat replacements all made in house by co-owner Chef Nate White.
Cinevangelism Christmas Special: In Defense of Die Hard (1988)
In the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed film column, authoritarian opiner of all things cinema Evangeline Robins examines the most divisive subject of seasonal debate, all with a helping seasoning of salt.
Why Santa IS Real
Senior Journalist Angela Slater-Meadows explores the history of Santa Claus in North America and abroad.
First Look at ReFrame Film Festival’s 2023 Lineup
Press release from ReFrame Film Festival releases information regarding the opening night special event and some teasers of the new lineup.
Work With Trent Accounting Society & Trent Community Research Centre
Featured on the Clubs and Groups Page, the Trent Accounting Society has opportunities for students with the Trent Community Research Centre.
So You Think You Want A Career In Forensics?
Arthur Journalist Tru Van Wyck gives a glimpse into some fascinating careers in forensic sciences that don't involve becoming a cop.
Dear David: Baby's Name, Dropping Out, and Armageddon May Come True
In the first of hopefully many anti-advice columns, Arthur's most threatening journalist, David King, dishes out wisdom on gender neutral baby names, study tips, and his most annoying traits.
Meet TUCSA — The Trent University Chinese Student Association
Madison Marvin reports on the Trent University Chinese Student Association's rise from the ashes of the pandemic and how they're filling a social and representational gap for Chinese students around campus through cultural events and movie nights.
Meet the Locals | So…Who The F*ck are The Mickies? 
Head Journalist, Irene Suvillaga, talks to Adam Tairo and James Mitchell of the Peterborough-based punk-rock band, The Mickies. This is the second instalment of the "Meet the Locals" series which seeks to shine a light on local figures who are involved in Peterborough's arts and culture scene.
Edit Like Hell: An Interview with PJ Thomas on Waves
Waves, the latest poetry collection by former Arthur editor PJ Thomas, is a study in mental health and poetry. Journalist Owen Harrison attends Thomas' book launch and interviews the poet herself.
Holiday Treat Recipe Exchange from Arthur
Angela Slater-Meadows brings together a selection of easy bake holiday treats as provided by the Arthur staff team. Enjoy these wherever you are this winter break!
Sledgehammer: A Loving Review of A Minor Chorus by Billy-Ray Belcourt
Journalist David King writes a love letter to Billy-Ray Belcourt's new book A Minor Chorus. Belcourt explores themes of Indigeneity, sexuality, and intergenerational trauma.
Cinevangelism Vol. I: Black Christmas (1974)
In the first volume of her pseudo-eponymous film column, Evangeline Robins recounts an anecdotal instance of the butterfly effect in action, all owing to a chance encounter and the legacy of one slasher movie.
The Good, the Bad, and The Game Awards
Evan Robins breaks down the most salient points from this year's Game Awards only to find that she had been subjected to over three hours of advertisements, off-putting cameos, and children with an uncannily named Rabbi.
Trent’s Indigenous Bachelor of Education Students go to Winnipeg
Arthur journalist and Indigenous B.Ed. candidate, Bethanie Dusome, chronicles her trip to Winnipeg where she attended Indspire's National Gathering for Indigenous Education.
Hope for a City-Funded Winter Strategy on Homelessness in 2022 Extinguished in Split Vote of Council
In the final meeting of Peterborough City Council in 2022, Council was split 5-5 with one withdrawn vote by Councillor Kevin Duguay on a motion to allocate $100,000 to community groups to forge ahead on a plan to address the homelessness crisis in the City.
Amphitheatre Construction Contract Increased by $390.5K, Administration and Governors Continue Push For Higher International Tuition
During the December 9th meeting of the Trent Board of Governors, additional funding for the Jalynn Bennett Amphitheatre was approved amid discussions of increasing international student tuition and the current economic situation Trent finds itself in.
Editorial: The Walkable City and Pedestrian Dignity
Arthur Editor-In-Cheif, Bethan Bates, reflects upon the difficulties of getting around Peterborough if you live outside the city centre, depend upon public transit, or walk as a primary means of transportation and explores some solutions to remedy decades of car-centric urban planning.
No Immediate Action on the Homelessness Crisis as City Council Meets for the First Time
Peterborough's new City Council met for the first time on Monday December 5th. Over the course of three hours, multiple motions for immediate action to be taken on the homelessness crisis were struck down before the promise of a report from City Staff was approved with only Councillor Lesley Parnell voting against.
Top 10 Christmas Songs Ranked By Someone With Zero Authority To Judge Them
Arthur Journalist Madison Marvin has some hot takes on songs about this chilly time of year.
My Top 5 Defining Holiday Movies
Angela Slater-Meadows ramps up for the holiday season by ranking her top five Christmas movies (and a bonus five too). Read on for movie highlights and quotable moments.
Managing Your Mental Health this Winter Season
This article promotes mental health management during the winter season. It provides tips for coping with seasonal depression and promotes self care. As well, it encourages individuals struggling with their mental health to reach out to counselling services.
Osmow’s Shawarma was “Shaw-eet!”
Self-proclaimed foodie Angela Slater-Meadows reviews Osmow's Shawarma, a Mediterranean fast casual chain. She rates the restaurant in three key areas: food quality, restaurant quality, and service quality with a maximum rating of 3/3.
Trent University Has a Branding Problem
Most people likely give Trent's logo little-to-no thought. Luckily, Evan Robins is here to ruin another beloved Trent institution! In this article she dives into the background of Trent's symbolic sword, and answers the question as to whom it belongs.
Editorial: Institutions and Leaders Continue to Fail Us
Co-Editor Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay gives a run-down on the ineffectual leadership on display around the Trent and Peterborough community.
Is There Power in a (Student) Union?
Evan Robins reports on the history of apathy and lack of engagement and accountability exhibited by successive TCSA Boards and asks how they can purport to represent the students of Trent with such a thin mandate.
A Global Climate Rally on Water Street
Community Contributor Robert Gibson writes about local climate change actions on Ontario's Bill 23 and their connection to COP 27 proceedings in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt.
Arthur x TCRC: Student Preparedness for Environmental Forensic Science Careers
In the first piece by Arthur's 2022/23 Resarcher in Residence, McKenna Campbell investigates whether or not Trent is adequately preparing graduates for careers in environmental forensic science.
Speaking Together About the Gzowski College Cabinet Surplus
Follow multiple COVID-affected years and budgets, many levy groups on campus are experiencing large surpluses. Angela Slater-Meadows investigates how some of this money is being handled at Gzowski college and some of the potential ways it will be spent to help improve the lives of students.
Hockey and the Toxic Culture It Breeds
Owen Harrison explores the ways in which a toxic culture that protects star players is palpable at all levels of the sport.
Meet the Locals | Meet Brianna Wood: Peterborough’s Electric Lady
In the first installment of the "Meet the Locals" series, Head Journalist Irene Suvillaga catches up with Brianna Wood of Electric Ladyland Vintage, part of a collective known as The Neighbourhood Vintage on Water Street in downown Peterborough.
Why You Should Care About Sustainability on Campus
Emi Habel makes the case for greater scrutiny by students of just how sustainable Trent University really is and poses some questions for the institution. While she awaits an answer, she makes the crase for why we should all care about sustainability.
Trent Teaching Candidates and CUPE
Bethanie Dusome examines the impact of labour unrest between Education Workers and the Ford Government on teaching candidates at Trent.
The Highs and Lows International and Exchange Students Experience at Trent
Tru Van Wyk talks to international and exchange students at various stages in their programs about their experiences at Trent University.
I Was A Good Soldier: Understanding The Fruit Machine (2018) dir. Sarah Fodey
Bethan Bates reviews The Fruit Machine, a documentary directed by Sarah Fodey which explores the contexts of the Cold War in Canada and its relation to perpetuating rampant homophobia.
Has Netflix Gone Too Far? Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Alyssa Triano interrotages the ethics of Netflix's most recent serial-killer bioseries and discusses how these series can re-traumatize family members of victims.
The Practice of Name-Calling: What To Do When You Do Not Know How To Pronounce Someone’s Name
Contributor Ngoc Bui explains why she doesn't get offended when people mispronounce her name, and why names can be a source of exclusion in spaces where people refuse to learn.
I'm Using The Litter Box at Your Child's School
Senior Journalist David King takes up the mantle to combat misinformation and demonstrate the insidous undercurrents of transphobia, homophobia, and misogyny at work when these false narratives gain power in online spaces.
Exploring the Queer Community Through African Authors
Contributor Chukwugoziem Nwadugbo thoughtfully reflects on how literature can shed light on the realities of LGBTQ+ experiences in African countries and how the power of telling these stories can disrupt western narratives of queerness.
Crash Course in Canadian Culture: Nelly Furtado's 'Loose'
Contributor Aiden Cooke shows readers why Nelly Furtado's 2006 album 'Loose' has such an incredible impact on the Canadian music scene and why folks should revisit this early 2000s gem.
Arthur Goes to The Theatre: ASTC's Adaptation of "Little Women"
Join Arthur in attending Anne Shirley Theatre Company's adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel, Little Women! Read Emi Habel's review of the play's premiere and see how ASTC captured the emotions, adventures, and misfortunes of the March sisters.
Arthur AGM To Take Place From 3:00-5:00 On November 25th, 2022 @ Sadleir House
Arthur's Annual General Meeting will be held on November 25th, 2022.
Arthur Fundraiser Concert to Feature Van the Man, Effigy Girl, and Mouthfeel
On December 3rd, Arthur and friends are getting together to celebrate local journalism, arts, and culture at The John.
Grad School? More Like AHHH School.
Madison Marvin shares her experience from the trenches of applying to graduate school with fellow undergraduates who are considering a similar path.
Community Members, Activist Groups Speak Out Against Bill 23 at Rally at Ministry of Natural Resources Office
Community Members outside the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Building in opposition to the Ontario Government's Bill 23. David King was on the ground covering the rally for Arthur.
CUPE Education Workers, Families, and Community Members Protest Bill 28, Ford Government Agrees in Writing to Repeal Legislation
The Ford Government's use of the Notwithstanding Clause to force education workers back to work has resulted in massive labour disruptions across the province. Arthur's Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay is covering these events as they unfold on the ground.
Ford Agrees to Repeal Bill 28 in Response to Widespread Labour Action and Union Solidarity
Following morning news conferences, Doug Ford had agreed to repeal Bill 28 in response to the continued labour unrest across the province led by CUPE Education Workers.
Editorial: Things I Have Learnt
Recent graduate, editor Bethan Bates, has a quarter-life crisis about things she has learnt since leaving education six months ago.
B.A. Johnston Picks Up After Himself
David King reflects on the beer-soaked trajectory of Peterborough folk hero B.A. Johnston after his rollocking appearance at the Gordon Best Theatre on October 14.
Exploring Queer Opportunities at Trent and in Peterborough-Nogojiwanong
Journalist Tru Van Wyck assess the supports, communities, and clubs that are offered to Queer students and community members at Trent University and in Peterborough-Nogojiwanong.
Homelessness Crisis Town Hall Puts Solutions First, Brings Voice to Community Concern
David King attends a community town hall, where community members brought voice to their concerns and shared experiences on homelessness and the housing crisis in Peterborough.
Mayor Diane Therrien: The Arthur Interview
Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay meets with Mayor Diane Therrien in the final days of her tenure to discuss her legacy, outstanding issues at council, and her plans for the future. This interview is in conversation with Nick Taylor's 2018 interview with (then Mayor-Elect) Dianne Therrien.
Language as a Form of Love, Respect, and Reconciliation
Indigenous playwright, composer, pianist, and author Tomson Highway recently featured at Trent University's M.L. Morton Lecture series. Journalist Owen Harrison reflects on the event, Highway's discussion of language, and his new album Cree Country.
Trent University and the Thin Beer Line
Jumping back into the Bowlcut well Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay reviews another Trent Board meeting with a special focus on the actions of (high school) students (totally not related to Trent) during Hoco weekend.
What's The Deal With Self Identity?
Bethanie Dusome reflects on self identity, growing up, and moving out.
Why Trent University Durham GTA Is Not Worth The Money For International Students
Ngoc Bui explores the student experience of international students at Trent's Durham campus.
Coffee, Chartwells, and Capitalism: Alternatives to Starbucks on Campus
Arthur Senior Journalist, Emi Habel, does some on-the-ground investigation to bring you the tea about the many coffee options around Trent.
TED Presents: How to Pick Your Trent Major
Evan Robins examines the key departments for which Trent is known and guides future students (and fickle current ones) towards the major that's best suited for them!
Trent Hosts Conference in Honour of Shelagh Grant featuring Keynote by Governor General
The School for the Study of Canada at Trent played host to an international conference featuring leading experts on issues affecting the North and Arctic regions in honour of noted historian of the North, Shelagh Grant. The event featured a keynote address by Canada's Governor General, Mary Simon.
Trent By Their Own Numbers
"Trent by the Numbers" is a site to which Evan Robins makes much reference, but she feel's like it could use a bit of a face-lift. Enter "Trent by the Numbers": Arthur revised edition, offering you all the funny factoids and sordid secrets behind the face Trent puts forward.
TGSA Holds Fall General Meeting, Opens Election Period for Vacant Positions
The Trent Graduate Students' Association provided updates on various initiatives during their Fall General Meeting. The Association is also looking the fill various Board positions via their Fall Election.
How to Muddle Through Your Midterms
Madison Marvin takes a break from studying for her own midterms to bring the students of Trent some wise words and tips about how to conquer the midterm season and not lose your mind.
A Welcome From Trent Radio
Rock and Roll Fairy Godmother, Director of Programming, and Local Legend Jill Staveley introduces Trent Radio for another year of programming.
An Introduction To Municipal Government
Bethan gives a whistle stop tour of municipal government and the types of things they influence and control. Remember to vote on October 24, 2022!
Transit, Housing, and Pure, Unadulterated Spite: Reasons to be Annoying and Vote
Alyssa Scanga encourages students to vote in this letter to the editors.
Comments From Ward Councillor Candidates
Having reached out to the candidates for ward councillor with a number of questions on key topics relating to students we recieved eight responses (from a potential twenty-five).
Basia Bulat: The Arthur Interview
Basia Bulat is in the midst of a Fall tour promoting her 2022 album The Garden. Co-Editor Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay caught up with her before her show on October 1st at Market Hall to talk about the tour and the experience of recording re-imagined versions of her songs during the pandemic.
Mayoral Debate on Homelessness Included Big Promises, Tough Questions, and Outrage
The October 5th Mayoral Debate on Homelessness held at All Saints Anglican Church attracted a significant crowd both in-person and online. David King attended to report on how these five candidates will approach the growing issue of homelessness and housing insecurity in our community.
Editorial: Hold Your City Council To Account
The 2022 Peterborough Municipal Election provides an array of choices for community members to choose from when casting their ballot. No matter the result, however, we must be willing to engage with those who hold elected office.
Profile on Mayoral Candidate Brian Lumsden
Mayoral Candidate, Brian Lumsden, declined the opportunity to talk to Arthur about his campaign. Luckily his activities online and his campaign materials paint a very vivid picture of the Mayoral hopeful.
Interview with Mayoral Candidate Jeff Leal
Arthur caught up with Mayoral Candidate, former City Councillor and MPP, Jeff Leal, to talk about his vision for Peteborough and how he would address various issues facing the community.
Profile on Mayoral Candidate Councillor Stephen Wright
Arthur caught up with Stephen Wright in his downtown campaign office to discuss his C.L.E.A.R. vision for the city and the changes he would make to Council should he be elected Mayor.
Interview with Mayoral Candidate Victor Kreuz
Co-Editor Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay caught Victor Kreuz on the phone following a late September debate. He braved the winds of the Holiday Inn parking lot to bring his message of change to Arthur readers and the people of Peterborough.
The Burning Hell Returns to Peterborough's The Theatre On King
After five years and one cancelled tour, The Burning Hell came back to play two sets at The Theatre On King. Co-Editor Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay attended the show and caught up with Mathias Kom to talk a bit about what these shows meant and how it felt to be back where it all began.
Trent Announces Inaugural Fulbright Research Chair and Hosts Public Lecture by Fulbright Canada CEO
Dr. Elizabeth Elliot-Meisel will take up the first Fulbright Chair at Trent University and the School for the Study of Canada. In recognition of the launch of the Fulbright Chair at Trent, and as part of the 50th anniversary of Canadian Studies at Trent, Fulbright Canada's Dr. Michael Hawes delivered a public lecture on US-Canada Relations at Traill College.
Review of Cliff Cardinal’s "As You Like It"
Aimee Anctil reviews Cliff Cardinal's radical retelling of As You Like It recently performed at the Showplace Performance Art Centre.
The Internationalization Industry at Trent University
Nick Taylor investigates the circumstances of how the role of AVP International came to be filled by Glennice Burns and how the ramping up of internationalization efforts at Trent University have left the needs of students behind.
A Conversation with Dene Artist Antoine Mountain: Art, Resilience and Healing
Irene Suvillaga interviews Dene artist and author Antoine Mountain about his life, art, and book "From Bear Rock Mountain". He speaks about his artistic process and how it stemmed from his time in a residential school.
TCSA Fall By-Elections and the Fight Against Apathy
The TCSA Fall Elections are upon us. Let's talk about student politics, voting apathy, and how to get involved.
Leo Goes a Groarking: A Review of an Open Meeting with Trent's President
Sebastian attended an open meeting with the President and got Groarked so you didn't have to. What followed was a sad performance made up of bloated oratory, large glass objects, and recycled material.
Introducing Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC)
The Kawartha World Issues Centre introduce themselves and let you know how you can get involved!
How To (Actually) Be Sustainable On A(n Actual) Budget, Actually
Bethan attempts to provide sustainability information on a budget, a task oft undertaken before her. Also know as: an Ode to the Seasoned Spoon
TCSA Meeting Deals with Upcoming By-Elections and Transit Issues
Arthur is back covering the TCSA Board meetings. September 18th saw the first meeting of the 2022/23 academic year. By-Elections and issues related to transit services in Peterborough were main topics.
We Should Not Mourn The Queen
This opinion piece sees Bethan Bates channel generations worth of anti-royal rage in this piece on the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
Trent English Dictionary; or, TED by Arthur
Volume 57 Editors Sebastian and Bethan have worked (with some help) to bring about a new living document to our dear readers. Introducing TED by Arthur!
Editorial: Poilievre's Win Is Canada's Loss
With Poilievre's win in the CPC leadership race, Canadian Conservatives have confirmed their faith in a leader who purports easy answers to complex situations and possesses an uneasy relationship with reality. The similarities between Poilievre and Trudeau, however, are the real issue at hand.
Canadian Studies Honours Retiring Professor and Undergraduates
Trent's School for the Study of Canada honoured the retirement of Professor Michele Lacombe and recognized the achievements of undergraduate students at Traill College.
An International Student’s Guide To Travelling Canada
Bethan explores the best ways to travel Canada as an international student, including top tips for saving money and making the most of a long weekend, even including a ranking of some of her favourite locations.
The Return to Windy Pine
Co-Editor Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay tagged along on a day-trip to Windy Pine Conference Centre in Haliburton County to see what awaits a new crop of graduate students in the Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies.
Brain Hacking Assholes: A Review of Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe by Roger McNamee
Roger McNamee’s Zucked is the story of an early mentor of Mark Zuckerberg turned critic of the social media giant. In this review, James Forrester reflects upon what went wrong with the internet and how our trust in the “assholes” heading up major social media enterprises have hacked our brains and now pose a threat to democratic order.
OPIRG Peterborough to Host DisOrientation Week 2022
Peterborough OPIRG's annual DisOrientation week is back and is happening from September 12th to 17th, 2022. Read the press release here.
OneCity Slams Pappas, City’s Shelter Decision Amid Ongoing Housing Crisis
OneCity Peterborough calls out Councillor Dean Pappas for his involvement in the further criminalisation of homelessness in Peterborough.
Reminiscing on The Planet Bakery and What Its Closure Signifies For Students
Journalist Emi Habel looks at the legacy that The Planet Bakery has left upon students and locals alike and the significance of its recent closure in part due to the pandemic. She also looks into the future to see what Trent has in store.
Bury Your Gays! Pride Month at Trent Winds to a Close
A satirical analysis of Pride Month at Trent University by the intrepid Evan Robins.
Ontario Provincial Election and Regional Transit
The Peterborough Regional Transit Coalition analyses the policies of the candidates for Peterborough-Kawartha concerning local and regional transit in the upcoming Ontario provincial election.
Western Responds to Campus Rape Culture Crisis: Individualized Responses to a Structural Problem
In this third and final article in the Western sexual assault series, Arthur will delve into the policy changes that Western University has implemented since the alleged O-week incidents, get an expert’s opinion on whether these changes are enough to protect Western’s students, and contextualize this issue as a phenomenon not solely unique to Western, but as an issue that is reflective of Ontario’s campus-wide rape culture crisis.
What We Do In The Shadowban
Joyless communist columnist Evan Robins explores the modern internet phenomenon of Shadowbanning and considers the implications of platform censorship for independent journalism. Along the way she talks to some fellow journalists, reads a book by Noam Chomsky, and runs into a familiar face from @Autogyniphiles_Anonymous…
Decolonizing Veganism With The Seasoned Spoon
In what ways can we de-centre whiteness in meat-free living? Emi Habel explores this question in her visit to the Seasoned Spoon’s ‘Decolonizing Veganism’ event. Learn about the movement and the BIPOC chefs bringing authentic culture and technique back to veganism and vegan dishes.
The Right Words: How We Talk About Sexual Violence
In this article, Elizabeth Mitton discusses the Western incident on an incident-specific level, considering student and administrative perspectives, including contention surrounding the language being used and students responses on social media, followed by contextualizing this incident on a societal level, discussing the prevalence of sexual violence across the campuses of various Canadian universities.
Heritage Planning with Erik Hanson
In this article, Lauryn Sloos speaks with Erik Hanson, the Heritage Resources Coordinator of the City if Peterborough and head of the Heritage Preservation Office about how he got into the role and what heritage planning is all about in Peterborough.
Trans Day of Not Having a Place to Piss
Just in time for Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV), Evan Robins explores the issue of (formerly) gender-neutral Champlain College bathrooms which have caused some contention with admin, and considers its broader implications for Trans inclusivity at Trent
The Anti-Racism Task Force: Performing or Performative?
Varun Biddanda takes a deep dive into the task force, and asks: is it performing, or is it performative? Biddanda interviews Moriah Hillyer, who represented the Trent University Native Association (TUNA) on the Anti-Racism Task Force.
Ice Cream, You Scream, We All Scream for a Better Student Union
In this editorial Nick Taylor throughly delineates structural issues that have long-plagued the TCSA, and created conditions wherein the union struggles to meet quorum in its own elections, attracts self-interested-careerist-candidates, and operates in the service of capital -- rather than in the service of the students it claims to represent.
Trent Institutional Investment: How it Works, and How it Affects the Planet
In this investigative piece, Irene Suvillaga dives into the daunting question of how institutional investment works and where Trent's money goes. In this institutional investment 101 article, Irene provides an easy-to-follow explanation on understanding funds, investment strategies and future plans in Trent’s financial workings. Through a series of interviews and external reports, this piece also touches on the question of divestment, questioning Trent’s position as an environmental leader.
Binary Sea - Elden Ring Review: First Impressions
Cameron Noble reviews 'Elden Ring' declaring the game a 'triumphant moment' for video games, unpacking how it subverts trope and cliche and immerses the player in an entirely new world.
Searching for Mental Health Resources as a Trent Student
Searching for mental healthcare as a Trent student can feel like you’ve been blindfolded, spun around, shoved into the Wildlife Sanctuary and told to find your way out. While the university advertises their services on their website, navigating them without prior experience can feel confusing and overwhelming. In this guide, Emi explores resources and healthcare benefits offered to students within and outside of Trent including resources serving BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+ folks specifically.
Arthur Editorship Platforms 2022-23
Every year a team of editors is elected to steer Arthur Newspaper into the next volume. These are the platforms for this year's Arthur Elections. Members of the Staff Collective will vote on the incoming membership on April 9th at 11am via Zoom.
Be A Goldfish: How Ted Lasso is Changing the Game for Male Mental Health in Television
Bethan Bates reviews ‘Ted Lasso,’ a TV series starring Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, and Juno Temple about an American football coach who moves to London to coach a Premier League (British) football team.
Fallout New Vegas: An Introduction to Politics
Can a video game about a post-nuclear fallout future set in Las Vegas change your understanding of the present political moment? Cheyenne Wood reviews Fallout New Vegas and dives into the twisted future and the political realities it reflects.
Western University: How a Campus Community Responds to Sexual Assault
Elizabeth Mitton deconstructs the ongoing investigations into sexual violence on Western University’s campus. What happened at Western in the fall of 2021? How have police and the university administration responded? And what does this mean for campuses cross Ontario as they continue work to combat rape culture and prevent sexual violence on campus?
Think Twice About the Housing Services Referendum
Trent Students! Trent University wants you to foot the bill for a new position in the Trent Housing department, one that will help students find housing amidst PTBO’s housing crisis – a crisis they helped create. We encourage students to vote NO to Trent’s off-campus housing referendum. 
Exploring Historic Peterborough
Lauryn Sloos dives into the illuminating past of key buildings in downtown Peterborough. Drawing from 'Historical Sketches of Peterborough' by Martha Ann Kidd with sketches by Louis Taylor, Lauryn examines the storied past of these buildings, and what has become of them.
Council Should Have Funded a Legal Challenge to Bill 21
Under the guise of supporting local initiatives, Peterborough Council failed to financially endorse a lawsuit challenging the discriminatory measures present in Quebec’s Bill 21. Instead of contributing to the lawsuit, council sidelined Councillor Stephen Wright’s motion through the use of amendments which altered the original intent. Robert Gibson highlights changes to the notice of motion and the issues surrounding this modification.
The Seasoned Spoon: A Food Haven On Campus
In this op-ed, Stephanie Spencer argues that there should be more dining options like the Seasoned Spoon on Trent's campus. From students living in residence to those who come to school for classes daily, food options are limited to the often-unhealthy offerings at the school's cafeterias.
TCSA Elections: Meet the Candidates
Read the platforms of the candidates running in the 2022 TCSA Spring Elections.
Letter to the Editor: Emergencies Act prompted by threats - death and government takeover
Trent alum, Fred Rapson, pens letter-to-the-editor. As the so-called 'freedom convoy' and ensuing Ottawa protests come to a close, Canadians are left to dissect what happened in Ottawa, and find a way forward in a polarized, post-lockdown world.
Students Need to Support Faculty
In this op-ed, Kayla Weiler of the Canadian Federation of Students argues that students must support faculty in their fight for just working conditions. Given the rise in faculty labour actions across Canada over the past year, now is the time for students to step up and fight for the rights of their teachers.
A Review of Encanto: The Magic of Healing Intergenerational Trauma
Cheyenne Wood reviews Disney's latest animated film, Encanto! Wood writes about what the film means for representation, and how it takes up intergenerational trauma, and puts a new spin on the idea of a Disney villain.
How History Rhymes
Karol Orzechowski weaves Canada's present state of calamity into a similar, and equally as absurd time about twenty years ago when 9/11 became the impetus for many shades of political maneuvering, state sanctioned evil, and ideological mayhem.
Canada, The Land of Equality, Diversity, and Racism
Sutton Hanna examines the myths about Canada that newcomers are told. As an international student himself, Sutton thought Canada was free of racism and discrimination - throughout his time in Peterborough/Nogojiwanong he has grown to understand this country has its own historical and present vein of anti-Black racism.
The Erasure of Canada's Racism in Public School Curricula
In this essay, Alicia McLeod argues that Canada's racist past is underreported or left out entirely of grade-school curriculum, leaving Black youth underprepared for the reality of racism in Canada.
ReFrame: An Antidote to Nihilism
In this essay, Nick Taylor reviews four films from this year's ReFrame line-up: Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy, Writing With Fire, The Cost of Freedom, and The Viewing Booth. Weaving these disparate narratives together, Taylor meditates on the art of story-telling, ultimately identifying it as an antidote to nihilism.
ReFrame Review: North by Current
Katy Catchpole reviews 'North by Current', a film by Angelo 'Madsen' Minax about "the understated relationships between mothers and children, truths and myths, losses and gains."
TLNAP Update: No plans to build over TVG, says Julie Davis
Varun Biddanda highlights what's next for the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan. Though there has been a years-long plan to bulldoze the Trent Vegetable Gardens in favour of a road to the new Cleantech Commons development, Varun reports that there are apparently "no plans" to build that road.
Perspectives on the Y-Lofts
Lauryn Sloos unpacks the arguments that have been made for and against the Y-Lofts apartment development in Peterborough’s downtown.
No Black Educators
In this article, Shaela McLeod explores how the diversity gap amongst post-secondary educators does damage to Black students, recounting her own experience at Trent being taught by predominantly white faculty.
The Curious Case of Dr. Dummitt
Cameron Noble breaks down arguments made by Trent Canadian Studies professor, Dr. Christopher Dummitt, who argues that Canadian colonialism was not a genocide of Indigenous peoples.
Post-Secondary Labour Tensions in the COVID Era
As COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated the cracks and injustices within post-secondary labour, scholars, students and general staff have taken the streets and pushed back against the conditions within their profession. Irene Suvillaga examines the rising labour tensions across Canada analyzing recent actions in Ontario in effort to reveal the causes behind it and assess Trent's position amongst its peers.
ReFrame Review: Bangla Surf Girls
This documentary follows three Bangladeshi teenage girls who are determined to surf despite the challenges posed by poverty, misogyny, and complex family dynamics. Bangla Surf Girls beautifully captures the extreme social conditions these young women face, like wading through rubble just to catch the perfect wave.
ReFrame Review: Daughter of a Lost Bird
This film follows Kendra, a Lummi woman who grew up separated from her culture. Read Cheyenne Wood’s review of this 2020 documentary about Indigenous identity, family and intergenerational healing.
Back to Normal? Trent says “Yes,” Whether You Like it or Not
On January 24th Trent announced that they would go ahead with the return to in-person classes. Following the reaction to that announcement, Evan Robins summarizes the blowback and the ongoing effects of the pandemic in Ptbo/Nogo, painting a picture of student frustration and the difficulties of going back to whatever “normal” is.
ReFrame Review: Threshold
In time for the 2022 ReFrame Film Festival, Evan Robins covers the Brazilian documentary 'Threshold (Limiar)', an intimate exploration of transness, feminism, and parenthood.
ReFrame Review: Fanny: The Right to Rock
'Fanny: The Right to Rock!' is a documentary is more than a typical rock biopic. It showcases the rise of Fanny, an all women rock band, who came up against misogyny, racism, homophobia and ageism while vehemently pursuing their right to rock. Decades after disbanding, Fanny has reunited to produce another album. The inspiring come up story brings together the edge of rock and roll and the wholesome bond of lifelong friendships.
ReFrame Review: Follow The Drinking Gourd
In a family-friendly documentary about the Black food justice movement, “Follow the Drinking Gourd” discusses the racism and trauma faced by African-American farmers as a result of slavery and features what they are doing to overcome it as a community in Oakland, California.
ReFrame Review: Mary Two-Axe Earley + Without a Whisper
These two films serve as poignant reminders that Indigenous women have long been excluded from the feminist movement, and emancipatory victories enjoyed by white women. From gender-discrimination in the Indian Act to the white-washed story of feminism in the U.S., these films place Indigenous women in the lineage of struggle for gender justice.
Icy Wheelchair Ramps and the Ableist Culture at Trent
In this article, Emi Habel addresses the lack of disability awareness and accessibility in post-secondary institutions. While Trent promises each and every student the same educational experience, many students feel their accessibility needs have not been met.
The Case for Divestment
As the ramifications of climate change become ever more present, and the direct link between fossil fuels industries and global warming become ever more clear, Trent continues to finance the very same industry that in the 1980s privately predicted the apocalyptic consequences of oil and its emissions. Irene Suvillaga dives into the principles of divestment and its impact, fossil fuel companies’ influence on academia and Trent's reluctance to implement this action.
The Trent Film Society Presents: Circus Boy, with director Q&A
After a pandemic-induced hiatus, the Trent Film Society is back! Their first screening of the year is Circus Boy, a short documentary film by director and documentarian Lester Alfonso. This film will be screened at Bangnani Hall, on Traill Campus, December 11 at 4pm.
Ninety Seven Percent
In this article, Abbigail Hollett unpacks some harrowing statistics around sexual and gender-based violence, before including some commentary from the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre about how we can support survivors and work towards ending sexual violence.
Bubbe's Tapes at Precarious Festival
Katie Pedlar reports on this year’s Precarious Festival at The Theatre on King, a performing arts festival that fosters a space where art is safe from corporate models. Among the exciting new performances is Jon Hedderwick’s one-man show, Bubbe’s Tapes.
Student Guide to Thrift Shopping in Nogojiwanong
: Emi Habel takes you through the thrift shops of town. The good, the medium, and the not so good. Read on to learn the ins and outs of affordable garments, housewares, odds and ends including information on pricing, inventory, and accessibility.
Cyber Security and COVID: What It Means For You
As part of Arthur's ongoing coveraged of Trent's Covid-19 response, Evan Robins interrogates the implementation of mandatory self-assessments for Covid symptoms, raising questions of their effectiveness, and the possible privacy implications for students.
Arthur Photo Contest: Home Away From Home
Bethan Bates announces Arthur's winter photo contest. Submit photos that you feel encapsulate what makes Nogojiwanong so very special. Three winning photos will be selected at the end of January and published in Arthur's print issue. Winning photographers will receive cash prizes and screen-printed maps.
Confronting and Discussing Racism in Healthcare
In times of truth and reconciliation, institutional racism in healthcare is the focus of a Zoom panel hosted by Lady Eaton College, featuring speakers Ethel Nalule and Mackenzie Taylor.
Meet Peterborough’s Inaugural Poet Laureate, Sarah Lewis
Spoken word artist Sarah Lewis is an Anishnaabe Kwe (Ojibwe/Cree) artist from Curve Lake who was selected as Peterborough's first ever Poet Laureate this September. In this piece, Irene dives into who Sarah Lewis is, what her writing is all about and what inspires her as a writer, mother and activist.
What's The Deal With Truth, Justice, and The American Way?
While comic book culture may be more popular than ever, this popularity stems from TV and movies, not comic books. So what's the big thing that got everyone talking about Superman comic books last month? And why are nerds so darn mad about it?
Home, Through an Artist's Eyes: The Climenhage Project
Irene Suvillaga explores local artist John Climenhage's newest installation 'The Climenhage Project' which is now being exhibited at Sadleir House. Through a personal lens, Irene navigates the artist's work and style, expressing the exhibit's uniqueness and captivating idiosyncrasy. Climenhage's philosophical approach provides an immersive component that invites the viewer to ruminate on, appreciate and experience beauty in every day life Peterborough.
The Silver Spoon
Read Katie Pedlar’s satirical story about a new elite dining experience at Trent University, the Silver Spoon. Say goodbye to the classless cafeterias of your past and get ready for champagne and tiramisu on a patio with yacht access. Finally, a safe space for Trent’s gentry!
Editorial: Time Moves in Maybe More Than Two Directions
In this editorial, Nick Taylor weaves together the rich history of student activism at Trent with reflections on time, organizing, and intergenerational struggle. Ultimately, they remind us that students are capable of much when they work collectively.
No Way In For International Students
Canadian universities and the government are both pushing for international students to complete their education in Canada, but are failing to sufficiently help them navigate the many barriers necessary to re-enter the country. Is Trent part of the problem?
Peterborough's Official Plan: Shaping Your Home for Decades to Come
In this article, Rob Gibson covers the final Open House in the consultation process for Peterborough's Official Plan. He delves into what community members are saying about the environmental implications of the plan: wetland buffers, urban density, green buildings, affordable housing -- find out where the City stands, and where we're headed.