"We are the voice of Bonnerworth": Residents Gather in Opposition to Bonnerworth Redevelopment
A rally held at Bonnerworth Park at the corner of Monaghan and McDonnel organized by retired Priest Father Leo Coughlin attracted a group of over 200 people on Saturday afternoon (May 18th).The rally was meant to “Save Bonnerworth Park” from impending $4.4 million redevelopment, which will include the addition of 16 pickleball courts and up to 80 parking spots, which was officially approved by Peterborough City Council on April 8th. 
What Does Dave Smith Believe In?
The Progressive Conservative MPP has repeatedly made inflammatory statements about Israel's siege of Gaza, going so far as to compare the events of October 7th to those of the Holocaust.
Groarke statement on encampments "did not address anything" student group says
As Trent students, faculty, and community members gathered for a rally on May 15th as part of an all-day sit in in support of Palestinian liberation, questions remain about Trent's response.
Trent Students Hold Sit-in in Support of Palestine 
At 8:00 AM on the morning of May 15th, Trent University students, faculty, and community members congregated on the West bank of Trent’s Peterborough campus at the corner of Nassau Mills Rd. And Water St. for a sit-in protest in support of the people of Palestine
"So much for democracy": Bonnerworth Redevelopment Goes Ahead While Resident and Councillor Concerns Remain
The Bonnerworth Park redevelopment was once again on the agenda at Peterborough City Council due to a motion brought forward by Town Ward Councillor Joy Lachica which asked once more for Council to be given final approval for the new park which includes a renovated skate park, a pump bike track, and—perhaps most infamously—16 pickleball courts. 
Frost Centre to Welcome Dr. Abra Wenzel as Newest Roberta Bondar Fellow in Northern and Polar Studies
Dr. Wenzel completed her PhD in anthropology at Carleton University in 2023 where her research took an economic anthropological approach to Indigenous women’s textiles and art in the sub-Arctic region, specifically in the Mackenzie Valley in the Northwest Territories, and their relationship to the Canadian tourism industry.
Come One Come All: Meet The Creators Behind Peterborough’s Creampie Cafe
Peterborough has a rich and booming population of bookstores, all of which bring something unique and different to this city. None, however, specialize in sex—until now. As a self-proclaimed “smutty bookstore” with nearly a thousand followers online, the Creampie Cafe specializes in sexy, erotic, literature. Though there is no brick and mortar store just yet, the Creampie Cafe have already cemented themselves in Peterborough’s book market with their unique and fast growing online presence. 
Trent President Leo Groarke Addresses Pro-Palestinian Campus Encampments
During the May 10th Trent Board of Governors meeting, President Leo Groarke addressed ongoing pro-Palestinian campus protests across Canada and the United States.
Heritage Preservation and Bonnerworth Redevelopment Subjects of Upcoming Motions at City Hall
Council will debate two Notices of Motion on May 13th with one re-opening the contentious Bonnerworth redevelopment project in the interests of greater transparency and Council oversight.
Unwilling to Compromise and Incredibly Loud—Cross Dog on Their New Album and Keeping Punk Political
Co-editor Evan Robins sits down with Tracy and Mark of Peterborough's own Cross Dog to talk music, activism, and living one's beliefs as the band prepares to release their third LP, All Hard Feelings
Fleming College Students Speak Out Against Recent Program Suspensions
On May 7th, students from Fleming College’s Frost Campus in Lindsay presented a deputation at the City of Kawartha Lakes Committee Meeting of the Whole to urge council to “look for a resolution to keep these important programs at the college’s Lindsay-based Frost Campus, and for the public to put pressure on the college for a reversal of their decision.”
The Life and Art of Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt is one of the most widely recognized artists of the art nouveau and Vienna Secession movements and is most well-known for his painting The Kiss. During his life, however, Klimt would face criticism for his choice of subject matter, specifically aspects of female sexuality.
Drag Queen Kyne Santos Presents "Math in Drag" at Take Cover Books
Journalist Abbigail Lewis-Maher covers Canadian Drag Queen, Kyne Santos, on their book tour at Take Cover Books on April 8th to talk about the story behind recently released book "Math in Drag".
Sex Shops and You, or Why You Should Visit One
Staff journalist Ian Vansegbrook presents an introspective look at sex shops, and their role both as facets of sexuality and identity, but also as vendors of sex toys.
"Setting the new standard": Advocacy Group Support Our Science Celebrates Wins in Federal Budget
The grassroots movement Support Our Science is celebrating a win following the announcement of increased funding for graduate and post-doctoral scholarships from the Federal government in Budget 2024. While this is a positive step forward some say that more work needs to be done to support every student at Canadian institutions.
“We’re All Here Because We Love This Place”: Sadleir House Meets for Annual General Meeting
The AGM comes at a time of conflict between Sadleir House and OPIRG Peterborough, which brought forward conversations around a need to improve community consultation outside of the board during the AGM, and bettering relationships within the House.
Letter to the Editors: Fleming College Program Suspension
On April 24th, Fleming College announced that 29 programs are suspended, 14 of which are programs offered at the Frost campus. This announcement came after the college sent out acceptance letters in early March. As a result, many students have been left feeling disappointed and uncertain about our futures, as many of us have already made plans to return to Fleming in the fall.
Letter to the Editors: Silence on Palestine
Letter to the Editor urging Trent University to take a stronger stance on the Free Palestine movement in wake of the newly announce B.A. in Human Rights and Global Justice program.
OPIRG Peterborough Holds Emergency Public Forum on Future of the Free Market Program
The Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) Peterborough chapter called a public meeting on April 25th at Emmanuel United Church on George Street to discuss concerns regarding what they defined as a “conflict” with the Peter Robinson Community and Student Association (PRCSA)—the non-profit organization which operates Sadleir House—over allocation of office and storage space.
"The Ballad of Little Tony"—The Arthur Review of Helldivers 2
The story of a grown woman making friends in a videogame, and the little Cadet who could.
What is "Bury Your Gays?": Examining a Contemporary Media Trope
Media tropes, cinematic metaphors, or simply the common themes which we see across genres of entertainment have engineered the foundational societal understandings of how particular groups of people, genders, or general happenings are presented. The “Bury Your Gays” literary trope, which appeared in the late 19th century, has since entered popular social discussion resulting of the aggressive social outcry which followed the on screen death of popular The 100 character in 2016.
Canada Day Parade To Proceed for 2024 Pending Council Ratification
Peterborough City Councillors have rejected City Staff’s suggestion of scrapping the City’s Canada Day Parade in favour of re-investing the $20,000 cost into other festivities on the holiday. Councillors also gave preliminary approval to designating the J.J. Turner building on King Street as a heritage site and two housing developments in the City's West End.
"Skate Hard, Hit Hard": A Conversation with the Peterborough Area Roller Derby Team
It’s sometimes the case that the sports we see on TV (or the ones at the centre of municipal discussion) tend to overshadow other, lesser known pastimes which are every bit as interesting. Enter roller derby—it’s fast paced, close knit, and welcoming to everyone.
Trent University Dons Speak Out About "Exploitative" Working Conditions
A months-long investigation by Arthur has revealed that the Residence Life Don position at Trent is far from being a university student's dream come true. From an unpredictable discount on residency, meagre compensation, to the very integrity of the job—being a Don is not as lavish as it is made out to be. Dons across Trent’s collegiate residences have come forward accusing Trent of fomenting a culture of overwork in which dons are underprepared and undercompensated for the emotionally and mentally demanding job they are asked to do. 
An Interview with Neuro-diverse Professor Derek Newman-Stille
In this second edition of my ongoing interviews with Neurodivergent professors here at Trent, we speak with Derek Newman-Stille (They/Them), a nine-time Aurora Award winner for fantasy and science fiction writing, and Trent PhD candidate, who specializes in fat studies, disability studies, and queer studies.
Alfred: Letters to the Editors
Members of the student body share their thoughts with the inimitable editors of Alfred. A union boasts of their fair and democratic elections, and a concerned student sounds the alarm about a red scare inside a long-standing campus institution. Read on to find out more!
Alfred: Classifieds and Advertisements
Seeking support amid the drudgery of student life? In search of gainful employment? Maybe just looking for love? Alfred is pleased to be your one-stop shop for all these things and more. Enjoy perusing these listings at your leisure. Who knows—maybe something will catch your eye!
Dear David: Total Eclipse of My Smarts
Dear David comes 'round for the last time this volume to bring you some study tips for the end of the semester.
Volume 59 Editorial Platform: We Will Clean the Carpets
Put your vote behind a team who have proven themselves to be polysecure.
Trent English Department Launches Chickenscratch Anthology at Traill College
The returned of a hallowed anthology of Trent student writing strikes a question into the hearts of all those whom bear it witness: "Who up scratching they chickens?"
Washboard Hank and Catfish Willie Take the Stage at Take Cover Books
On the afternoon of April 6th, Peterborough’s Washboard Hank (Hank Fisher) and Catfish Willie (Willie Lindsay) took the stage at Take Cover Books. I, along with others of all ages, was fortunate enough to attend this delightful performance. 
I Stopped Taking Photos: Reflecting ‘Living in the Moment’ in the Digital Age
As I went to create my March dump for my Instagram story, I realized something: Other than screenshots regarding my mobile game addiction and things I might buy online, I literally had no photos to reflect the last month of my life. 
Bonnerworth Redevelopment Moving Ahead As Planned, Leal Calls Conflict of Interest Allegations "Most Absurd"
The Bonnerworth redevelopment project is moving forward as planned following a final vote of Council on April 8th. The $4.4M redevelopment which includes 16 pickleball courts, a skatepark expansion, and a pump bike track has been the topic of community unrest and debate at Council since plans for the park were revealed to the public just prior to a March 21st consultation session.
Exploring Peterborough's Local Architecture
Athens, Florence, Budapest, and Rome are just a few places that are known for their iconic architecture. However, none of these compare to the renowned architectural masterpieces of the Electric City: Peterborough, Ontario! 
Integrity Commissioner Could Weigh in on Mayor Jeff Leal's Threats
Arthur has learned that at least one complaint has been made to Peterborough’s Integrity Commissioner, Guy Giorno, concerning Mayor Jeff Leal following the City Council general committee meeting on April 2nd during which Leal made threatening remarks toward Town Ward Councillor Alex Bierk.
TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Election Results Ratified Despite Poor Turnout, Next President to be Appointed Internally
On March 24th, 2024 the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) held a meeting of its Board of Directors, whereby it ratified the results of its Spring Election and put together a Presidential Committee, which shall select one of the Association’s Directors to serve as President over the summer, until the Fall 2024 By-Election.
Donald Glover: The Second First Black Man in Space
No, Donald Glover didn’t go to the moon, but he is making giant leaps for mankind when it comes to racial representation in mainstream media.
Bowlcut: Trent IT Announces Shutdown of all Trent Email Addresses, to be Replaced by Messenger Pigeons, Smoke Signaling
Trent University announces the shutting down of all Trent email accounts, replaced by Messenger Pigeons, Smoke Signals, Yogurt Cups and Megaphones.
Meet Matt Rempe, The New York Rangers’ Newest Tough Guy
New York Ranger’s rookie, Matt Rempe has quickly gained a reputation as the newest heavyweight in the NHL in his short, but eventful career. The rookie has earned 54 penalty minutes and been the cause of plenty of controversy in the league.
Mayor and Councillors Spar Over Bonnerworth Park Redevelopment During Rowdy General Committee Meeting
Tempers flared and threats flowed during discussion of a motion regarding the Bonnerworth Park redevelopment which includes the construction of 16 pickleball courts at the April 2nd General Committee Meeting of Peterborough City Council.
Food Not Bombs Recieves Second Trespass Notice in Two Weeks as Meals Continue to be Served
Gardaworld officers hired by the City of Peterborough once again served a trespass notice to the volunteers of Food Not Bombs on Monday evening (April 1). This is the second time in two weeks that the volunteers and community members who comprise the Peterborough chapter of the international mutual aid movement have been served with a trespass notice.Just like the week before, meals continued to be served.
I Watched a Man Eat 1.25 Rotisserie Chickens On My 26th Birthday
On the afternoon of his 26th birthday, David King joined a group of students and community members in spectating one man's attempt to eat two President’s Choice Barbecue Seasoned Whole Chickens. His name? The Chicken Man.
Writers Reading Series: Presenting Rob Winger, Concetta Principe & Aaron Kreuter
On the evening of Thursday, March 21, 2024, three authors apart of Trent University faculty, Rob Winger, Concetta Principe & Aaron Kreuter took to the podium for the “Writers Reading Series” at Traill College. Each presenting specific factions of their previous literary works, the three authors spoke in turn.
Miracle Territory Up and Running with All-Ages Concert Series
Miracle Territory, a production and promotions collective founded by Peterborough-based musician and producer, Michael Cloud Duguay, aims to put on more all-ages shows featuring local and touring acts in unique locales around the City.
Unofficial Election Results Reveal Failure to Meet Quorum for TCSA Referenda
Unofficial results of the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA)’s Spring General Elections seem to reveal a failure to solicit a sufficient number of votes to ratify referenda, effectively leaving Association policy changes dead in the water.
Gator Goes Global: We Need to Talk About Gator
This column has admittedly seen better days. Though, I will say it’s nice to see you on the back page for a change with a marginally bigger word count to play in, it does mean that I have to keep yapping to fill it. It is not lost on me that I may, (allegedly) (some might argue), have lost the plot from my editorial many issues ago that saw the birth of this silly little column. 
Letter to the Editors: Regarding the Little Lake Mess
Community member Jim Reedyk articulates his concerns with the accumulation of garbage along the banks of the west bank of the Otonabee River and of Little Lake in downtown Peterborough, and implores the City of Peterborough and Trent University students to help maintain the waterfront.
Bowlcut: Women are for Women, Boys are for Whoever or, "Why Women Should Just Date Women"
It’s a tale as old as time: “Shucks, I sure do want to date men, but Andrew Tate is literally real.” What are women supposed to do?
Food Not Bombs Continues to Operate in Protest of City By-Law
Two weeks after being told they would need a permit to continue handing out free food to the community, the Peterborough chapter of Food Not Bombs gathered again—as they have for over 18 years—at Confederation Park in defiance of the City’s threats to shut them down. This time, volunteers received warning that next week there would be no warning prior to police intervention.
'Knowing her was an education in itself': Remembering Trent Graduate Helen Cameron Wallis
Helen Cameron Wallis (March 20, 1932 - February 29, 2024), was born in Ottawa, raised a family and enjoyed a varied career in Toronto, after which she settled happily on the bank of her beloved Otonabee River, in Peterborough.
VP Health & Wellness Bri Policicchio Resigns Amid Accusations of Racist Conduct
As of March 11th, 2024, Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Vice President Health & Wellness, Bri Policicchio, resigned from her position amid allegations of bigoted behaviour and workplace conduct from her fellow executives. In a letter obtained by Arthur written by TCSA President, Aimee Anctil, to the Association’s Elections Committee, Anctil alleges that from as early as June of 2023, Policicchio repeatedly harassed Association staff and Directors, monitored BIPOC Association Staff during work hours, and attempted to wrest power from the Association’s Resource Manager and General Director.
Review: Izzie M: The Alchemy of Enfreakment
Izzie M: The Alchemy of Enfreakment is a curious production, turning to the past historical tradition of the freak show as a way of reclaiming Indigenous personhood.
Celebrating Friendship: LT & Yumi Sakugawa’s I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You
A review of Yuri Sakugawa's beautiful graphic novel, and the friendships that have changed my life.
A Review of Viktor Pelevine’s Omon Ra
A review of Viktor Pelevine’s Omon Ra, a satire of the Soviet space program. Originally published in Russian, the 1992 short novel is often praised for its poetic prose and absurdity, which also shine through in its English translation.
“We are trying to stop the cycle”: Peterborough’s Modular Housing Units First Six Months are a Success
During the General Committee meeting on the evening of March 11th, Homelessness and Data Program Manager, Jocelyn Blazey, along with the Modular Community Project Manager, Jessica Penner, offered a six month update on the Modular Bridge Housing units which opened in November of last year.
Editorial: Arthur Newspaper Endorses Every Candidate in TCSA Election
In the spirit of equity and as part of our mandate to inform our shared membership with the TCSA of their roles in fostering a positive environment for discourse on issues that matter to students both as members of the university community and as citizens of Nogojiwanong/Peterborough; Arthur unequivocally endorses all candidates for the upcoming TCSA elections.
Sexual Assault Charges Against Former Trent and Fleming Campus Minister Withdrawn
The sexual assault charges against Neil Pereira, a former Peterborough Priest who formerly served as the campus minister for Trent University and Fleming College while on loan from the Archdiocese of Toronto, have been withdrawn.
TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Attendance Still Plunging in Lecture Halls and TCSA Meetings
Student engagement took center stage during the March 3rd Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Board of Directors meetings, with Directors sharing their concerns of falling attendance rates, both within the student body and the Board of Directors itself.
'It's a shitshow': President Leo Groarke Speaks Frankly About State of Post-Secondary Sector
During an open meeting with the President held on Thursday morning (March 7) Trent University’s President Leo Groarke addressed staff and faculty members on the current state of post-secondary education in the Province. 
Peterborough Gathers in Support of Rafah
Peterborough residents gathered in Confederation Square in protest of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and Canada's complicity in it.
Public Energy Performing Arts Presents Vástádus Eana (The Answer is Land)
Public Energy Performing Arts presentation of Vástádus Eana on March 3rd, 2024.
Editorial: Whose Student Union is it?
In what can only be described as a sucker punch to those of the Association’s membership who showed up to vote on specific by-law amendments which they rejected—twice—during a February 14th Semi Annual General Meeting (SAGM), the TCSA decided to ignore the will of students who cast their vote in a duly convened meeting and force the questions to appear on a referendum on the Spring Election ballot. 
An Interview with Neurodiverse Professor Dr. Katrina Keefer
In the first instalment of his column interviewing neurodiverse academics, staff writer Ian Vansegbrook profiles swordfighter and polymath Dr. Katrina Keefer, who discusses her experiences in grad school while having ADHD.
A Tearful Goodbye to the Varsity Volleyball Season
It has happened; the day we feared, when the Trent varsity Volleyball season would come to an end. We’ve come through many trials and tribulations, underdogs of the highest calibre, elite athletes, performing against overwhelming odds. This final (for now…) edition of Arthur’s coverage of the team will cover the events of the final home games, including both the White-out and final game, as well as some of the goodbyes and good journalism you expect. 
English Department and Anne Shirley Theatre Company Host Shakespeare Cabaret in Nozhem Theatre
On the evening of February 17th, Shakespeare fans and cynics alike packed into Trent University’s Nozhem Theatre to watch the Shakespeare Cabaret—a collaboration between Trent’s English department and the Anne Shirley Theatre Company (ASTC). Arthur's Mikaela Lewis and Ian Vansegbrook were both there to take it all in.
Gator Goes Global: When the Bar is in Hell, Grab a Shovel
This monthly column dives into why writing is hard, and how dating is even worse.
Portfolio Chairs By-Law Passes After Heated Debate
A by-law meant to streamline Peterborough City Councillor’s portfolios has passed following a lengthy and at times heated discussion during the February 26th Council Meeting.
Book Review: Beautiful World, Where Are You
Sally Rooney’s 2021 novel Beautiful World, Where Are You is an articulate investigation of emotion as it relates to the phenomenon of self. Drawing on personalized experiences to create literary persons, Rooney’s continuous ability to convey depth through a thought-provoking narrative is uncontested.
The Future of Trent Foodservices: Dining Plans, Menu Items, and Inflation
The finances behind Trent Foodservices and inflation's effects on students living on campus.
'A just world is possible': Peterborough Poet Laureate Addresses City Council
Ten months after their nomination as Peterborough's Poet Laureate, Ziysah von Bieberstein appeared before Peterborough City Council to deliver a powerful speech about the fears of the future, and those who grant optimism by offering free meals and standing up against the ongoing genocide being committed against the Palestinian people.
Whitby Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Black Entrepreneurs for Black History Month
On February 2nd, the Whitby Chamber of Commerce held a Black History Month panel to highlight Black entrepreneurs in Durham Region.
'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer' belongs to a pityingly small collection of thriller films
Contributor Alex Southey discusses Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) noting how the lack of spectacle in director John McNaughton’s storytelling makes it a unique serial killer film especially when compared to most content being produced in the current true crime boom.
Dear David: I Will Remember You By Sarah McLachlan
In this month's Dear David, David King solves the climate crisis, drops some new merch, and reflects on the state of Fortnite dubs.
Writers Reading Series Celebrates Code Noir with Canisia Lubrin
The Writer's Reading Series returns to Trent University in 2024. Champlain College hosts award-winning author, Canisia Lubrin to celebrate the launch of her first fiction novel Code Noir.
Dancing on my own in Celeste 64
Having recently discovered that her favourite game of all time received a 3D platformer spin-off/remake, Arthur editor Evan Robins reminisces on the impact one little indie game about a girl climbing a mountain has had on her life, and muses in typically indulgent fashion on the futurity of endings.
Traill College Hosts Ashley Fellow, Bridget Larocque for Decolonization Lecture Series
On the evening of February 8th, members of the Trent University community packed into Bagnani Hall at Catherine Parr Traill College to hear a lecture from the 2023/2024 Ashley Fellow, Bridget Larocque. The talk, titled “A Northern Perspective on Decolonization and Indigenization—Retelling Narratives” is a part of the university’s North at Trent lecture series, a program of public talks organized by Trent’s Canadian Studies program featuring and focusing on Northern Canada.
February 11th TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Proposed By-Law Amendments Take Centre Stage
The February 11th Trent Central Student Association Board of Directors meeting saw multiple heated discussions, and the announcement of new measures, from $12,000 of funding for Sadleir House put up for referendum, to by-law amendments simplifying the TCSA’s internal impeachment processes.
St. James' "Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" Review
A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder is a raunchy, rowdy musical about a young man who, after the death of his mother, realizes that he is eighth in line for the Earldom of Highhurst. Realizing his D’ysquith heritage, he sets out to shorten the line and wrest the title for himself. Adapted from the 1907 novel The Autobiography of the Criminal by Roy Horniman, the play debuted on Broadway in late 2013, and quickly became a smash hit, winning four Tony awards in 2014. 
PJ Thomas Presents Upcoming Poetry-Video Project "12 Weeks of Bliss"
Journalist Mikaela Lewis sits down with local artists, including poet PJ Thomas, to discuss their upcoming project, "12 Weeks of Bliss"
Getting to Know Trent's Next President, Dr. Cathy Bruce
Following the announcement that Dr. Cathy Bruce would be Trent University’s ninth President and Vice-Chancellor, the editors of Arthur sat down for an interview with the incoming President to discuss her vision for leadership and some of the challenges facing Trent.
Crest for Gidigaa Migizi College Unveiled at 48th Annual Elders and Traditional Peoples Gathering
The crest for Trent University’s newest college was unveiled on the evening of February 10th on the second day of the 48th annual Elders and Traditional Peoples Gathering, organized by First People’s House of Learning at Trent.
TCSA Unveils Changes to Referendum Policy for Approval at Feb 14th SAGM
On Friday, February 9th, the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) held a “virtual social”—titled “Beat the Hypocrisy, Let’s Talk Policy”—for students to ask questions about proposed changes to the Association’s Policies & Procedures and By-Laws, which will be put to the membership for approval at their upcoming February 14th Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM).
“Hearts and Flowers Poetry Reading” With Peterborough Poet PJ Thomas
On the evening of February 8th, 2024, Arthur's Magali Nichol attended the “Hearts and Flowers Poetry Reading” by Peterborough poet, and former Arthur editor PJ Thomas.
“It’s Our Time to Have a Voice”: Curve Lake Stories told at ReFrame Film Festival
On January 27th, ReFrame Film Festival held Wshkiigmong Dibaajmownan/Curve Lake Storytellers — an event which featured screenings of six short films produced as part of a project in Market Hall.
A Well-being Workshop: Trent Active Minds' Movies For Mental Health
Arthur journalist Allen Barnier reports on a campus-based event film event led by Trent Active Minds and Art with Impact cultivating conversations on student mental health, burnout, and mindfulness.
Trent Announces Dr. Cathy Bruce as Ninth President and Vice-Chancellor
Dr. Cathy Bruce will be Trent’s ninth President and Vice-Chancellor and will assume her new position on July 1st, 2024.
City Council Motion Urges Federal, Provincial Governments to Rethink Post-Secondary Policies, Trent Defends "Moderate" Enrolment Growth
Peterborough City Councillors will vote on a notice of motion concerning the recently introduced cap on international study permits by the federal government.
Peterborough Proclaims February Black History Month at Community Race Relations Committee-led Event
On the evening of February 1st, the Community Race Relations Committee of Peterborough (CRRC) kicked off Black History Month with their Proclamation Event in collaboration with the City of Peterborough and the Peterborough Public Library. 
ReFrame Review: Boil Alert
Arthur Journalist Kiki Paterson reviews Boil Alert, a film that highlights the devastating realities for Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island and the importance of water for Indigenous identity.
Is Technology Ruining Schools? The Impact of Technology in Elementary School Classrooms
It is difficult to define whether or not the inclusion of technology in elementary schools is positive or negative. There are many contrasting personal perspectives and scientific articles on the matter. Technology is an extremely resourceful, helpful and convenient tool. But to what point does this convenience genuinely help young students learn?
Drew Hayden Taylor: The Arthur Interview
Arthur editor Evan Robins caught up with author Drew Hayden Taylor following last week's launch of his new novel, COLD, to chat about writing, the honorary doctorate he received from Trent University, and how it feels to be a rockstar of contemporary literature—at least in his own way.
Holiday Blues
It’s the 25th of December, and I am curled up in my apartment watching old episodes of Vanderpump Rules cringing hard at the television screen. This year, I am spending Christmas alone and it’s an experience (an isolating drab one). Being an international student living in Canada, one of the cons includes not having your family with you during holidays and missing out on family rituals.
ReFrame Review: Sew to Say
The 2022 documentary Sew to Say, directed by Rakel Aguirre, recounts the story of a woman named Thalia who began a non-violent, textile-based campaign in the 1980s to combat the proliferation of nuclear weapons—specifically the deployment of American cruise missiles to the United Kingdom as part of the U.S. Cold War strategy.
Peterborough Historical Society Presents Speaker Series: “Rehabilitating Grey Owl”
The first of the 2024 Speaker Series at the Peterborough Historical Society presented Peter Blow as he showed his promotional film and spoke on Indigenous conservation and the work of Grey Owl.
Gator Goes Global: The Best Thing Since Wattpad
It has been many moons since we last spoke and though we have remained a mere paper apart from each other, the world continues to spin around the centre of the universe—my fat orange little guy. 
Trent's Enrolment Goals, Financial Outlook at Odds With Federal Cap on International Student Study Permits
On January 22nd, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marc Miller announced that the Trudeau government would begin capping the number of study visas for incoming international students. As Trent depends heavily on international student enrolment growth for
Jan 21st TCSA Board Meeting: Attendance Plummets, Student Staff Union Busts
In the TCSA's first board meeting of the second semester and the new calendar year, the Association outlined plans for the remainder of the operating year and upcoming Spring Elections. Significantly, Arthur learned that the longstanding plans for a Student Staff union have reportedly fallen through, leaving the future of students employed by Trent's housing department uncertain.
Dear David: I'm Full of Beans!
Dear David is back to help you cut down on grocery costs, and introduces a not-new national incentive that plays homage to Canada's greatest philosophical mind.
Trent Varsity Volleyball Teams Go "Balls Deep" in First Games of 2024
Arthur's Ian Vansegbrook brings his signature reporting style to bear upon the Trent University Varsity Volleyball teams as they continue their 2023/24 season. Along the way, he picks up some new lingo from the eager players as well as another dinner order from the women's team.
Editorial: We Went to Cleantech Commons So You Don't Have To
The Arthur Editors ventured to the site of Trent's clean technology park to get a sense of what might one day be only to discover some beautiful City-built-and-paid-for roads, a few benches, and a roundabout amid a snowy, but doubtlessly shovel-ready, field.
Drew Hayden Taylor Launches COLD at Take Cover Books
Dozens packed into Take Cover Books' modest East City storefront on Hunter St. East in Peterborough—Nogojiwanong on the evening of January 18th to celebrate the release of author Drew Hayden Taylor’s most recent novel, COLD. The celebrated Indigenous novelist and playwright shared some reflections on his career, this most recent book, and the trademark humour for which he's known.
Nate Silas' "Wandering Lunacy": More Than Just a Charity Single
On Friday, January 19th, 2024, Nate Silas released his new single called “Wandering Lunacy”. Silas is a singer-songwriter and folk music artist from Langford, British Columbia, who uses lyrics as a way of storytelling.
ReFrame Review: Queendom
Ian Vansegbrook reviews Queendom as part of the 2024 ReFrame Film Festival.
ReFrame Review: Smoke Sauna Sisterhood
Amelia Takacs reviews Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, a film which accentuates the importance of cleansing the soul alongside the body, for the 2024 ReFrame Film Festival.
So, What Is a Canadian Feature Film?
Community contributor, J.A. Forrester, looks back at the history of Canadian cinema in an attempt to answer some age-old questions: What is a Canadian film, really? And who gets to decide?
ReFrame Review: Long Distance Swimmer
Chukwugoziem Nwadugbo reviews the film Long Distance Swimmer, a film which addresses humanitarian efforts to aid refugees and the backlash these activists face for their actions.
Spider-Trans: The Arachnid Gender Allegory in “Across The Spider-Verse”
Author staff writer Allen Barnier examines the trans subtext laid in Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy's characterization in the 2023 film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, weaving a web between transness, fanon, and everyone's favourite web-slinger(s)
ReFrame Review: Songs of Earth
Mikaela Lewis reviews Songs of Earth, a film by Margreth Olin that highlights the importance of connecting with nature and family during times of grief as part of the 2024 ReFrame Film Festival.
ReFrame Review: North Circular
Kiki Paterson reviews North Circular, a film by Luke McManus highlighting musicians across Dublin celebrating Irish strength as part of the 2024 ReFrame Festival.
ReFrame Review: Orlando, My Political Biography
Louane Morin reviews director and writer Paul B. Preciado's film Orlando, My Political Biography, a documentary which interpolates Virginia Woolf's protagonist of the same name as a bastion of transgender rights.
ReFrame Review: Periodical
Arthur co-editor Abbigale Kernya reviews Periodical, a film by Lina Lyte Plioplyte which follows a grad student's attempts to abolish the tampon tax in the USA, and destigmatize conversations around menstruation and menopause.
Peterborough City Council Approves $15M Purchase of Property For Second Police Station
Despite only lasting 30 minutes, January 15th’s City Council Meeting brought with it much controversy. By-law 24-003, concerning the approval of the $15 million purchase of Calvary Pentecostal Church at 1421 Landsdowne Street to be renovated into a second police station, met some resistance.
ReFrame Review: Blush - An Extraordinary Voyage
Mikaela Lewis reviews a Finnish stop motion documentary as part of the 2024 ReFrame Film Festival.
ReFrame Review: Homecoming
Amelia Takacs reviews Homecoming, a Finnish documentary that explores the emotional undertaking of redefining and identifying aspects of antiquity through the storytelling practice of film as part of the 2024 ReFrame Film Festival.
ReFrame Review: How to Power a City
Arthur co-editor Evan Robins appraises a close study of renewable energy projects across the United States in her review of the environmental and clean energy documentary How to Power a City
Peterborough Demonstrations for Ceasefire in Palestine Continue Into the New Year
The morning after a frigid blizzard, activists and community members gathered in Confederation Park on January 13th to rally for ceasefire in Palestine. This demonstration marks a series of protests, rallies, and vigils being held by community groups to break complacency and show solidarity with the people of Gaza.
ReFrame Review: The Legacy Song Project
Louane Morin reviews the documentary film The Legacy Song Project which will be featured as part of the 2024 ReFrame Film Festival.
ReFrame Review: Allihopa: The Dalkurd Story
Arthur author David King reviews Allihopa: The Dalkurd Story, an inspiring documentary which follows the gripping story of the Kurdishh men's football team as they strive to make it to the highest eschelons of Swedish professional football.
ReFrame Review: The Engine Inside
Evan Robins reviews a documentary that explores the bicycle as a social movement as part of the 2024 ReFrame Film Festival.
ReFrame Review: Detroit Will Breathe
David King reviews a film by Kate Levy that documents the social aftermath of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery as part of the ReFrame Film Festival.
ReFrame Review: Kirby's House
Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay reviews Kirby's House, a short documentary directed by Rob Viscardis as part of the 2024 ReFrame Film Festival.
"Nothing short of alarming:" OCHU and CUPE Representatives Discuss Local Impacts of Ontario Hospital Worker Poll
Representatives from the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU) and CUPE met with reporters at the Peterborough Public Library on Thursday (January 4th) to provide details regarding a recently released Nanos poll of Ontario hospital workers commissioned by the unions.
Union Calls for Increased Provincial Funding to Address Staffing and Retention Crisis in Ontario Hospitals
According to a new poll, nearly 70% of hospital workers who responded feel that Ontario’s healthcare system is not staffed at a level which would allow them to deliver high quality patient care. In response to the poll’s findings, representatives of Ontario’s hospital unions are calling on increased provincial funding amounting to $1.25B per year over the next four years.
Why You Should Read the Jurassic Park Book
Jurassic Park, written by Micheal Crichton and published in late 1990, is a phenomenal book. It’s a gripping horror-thriller, written with the help of experts from a variety of fields, artfully looking at the themes of human greed and ignorance. Unlike the film based on the book, the story is dark, filled with gruesome deaths, and a sense of dread that the movie failed to fully capture. 
Holiday Horror Films for the Whole Family
Do you find that the average holiday movie is “Ok”? Do you feel that if you watch one more flavourless Hallmark couple or one more Christmas miracle, you’ll become homicidal? Do you want blood? Gore? FEAR? Then you have come to the right place. As someone who adores the snow and hates the non-pagan traditions, I’ve compiled a list of six of the greatest holiday horror films to watch over the break. Just for you. Yes, you, Derek. 
Do We Have Too Much Video Games?
On December 7th, the ninth annual Game Awards passed me by without ceremony. It was the first time in five years that I had not watched the event live.I assure you, reader, that I had every intention to watch it. Much though I bemoaned the event in my last year’s article about it, I admittedly teased a sequel, and had every intention of making good upon said implication.
Indigenous Beadwork as Spirited Resistance and Reconciliation: Conversations with Janet Dugan and Peterborough's CRRC
A deep dive into the spirit of beads, Janet Dugan's Red Dress Pin Project, Peterborough's CRRC, and the significance of Indigenous beadwork.
Fat Sluts Against Nature
As I freeze half to death in the little basement plastered with charcoal drawings of nude men and women I call home, I prepare an article that will answer the question on the lips of all the six year olds I deem fascists for even asking “mom, why does that lady look like that?” That’s right, dear reader, this article is the final answer, the ultimate and absolute truth about why fat transgender sluts exist, and why we “look like that”.
Water Lilies : The Lesbian Empty and Feminist Abandonment
Louane Morin reviews Celine Sciamma's debut film Water Lilies, from the failures of second wave feminism to the cruelty of political lesbianism.
Vigil Held to Pressure Council into Calling for Ceasefire in Palestine
On the afternoon of December 11th, approximately 25 members of the Peterborough community gathered for a vigil outside the City Hall to demand that Mayor Jeff Leal and City Councillors call for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing conflict in Palestine.
December 8th Board of Governors: Does Peterborough Take Trent For Granted?
During the December 8th Board of Governors, members of Trent’s Senior Administration took pains to express their feelings that Trent is “taken for granted” by the City of Peterborough as they discussed the progress of the ongoing internationalization efforts across both campuses.
2024 Peterborough City Budget Passed with 7% Tax Rate Increase
Peterborough City Council passed the 2024 budget during a Council meeting on December 11th and with it a 7% increase to the property tax rate – down from the 9.59% in the original draft budget presented by Staff at the beginning of November.
Study Hack for Gamers
After spending many days and nights trying to get one of her 5 million essays due done, Abbigail has figured out the perfect way to trick her mind into staying focused... make it think it's gaming!
Now and Then I Get the Rolling Stone Blues
In this guest post community contributor Ted Lindsay takes readers down a winding trail of musical history, connecting the dots along the way that led to The Beatles' last song "Now and Then."
In Memoriam: Rest in Piss, Harry
At long last, the bastard has bit the bucket. On November 29th, 2023, the architect of American imperialism drew his last miserable breath. Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, and prolific and unrepentant war criminal, died at the age of 100.
Editorial: Modular Housing Development Marks New Chapter in Peterborough
On November 16th, the editors of Arthur attended a media tour of the modular home community on Wolfe Street. The changes to the site in the year since we have been visiting and bearing witness to the magnitude of the homelessness crisis facing our community are staggering and bring about a wide range of complex emotions and feelings about what is transpiring.
Gator Goes Global: Hivemind Activate!
In the midst of “it’s so over” I found within myself, an invincible “we’re so back.”
In Love With the Paradox: A Review of ENANTIODROMIA by garbageface
Local doom rapper and industrial soul artist garbageface releases his upcoming album "ENANTIODROMIA" on December 21st, 2023. Three weeks before its release, co-editor and industrial music enjoyer Evan Robins digs into this LP brimming with harsh beats and heavy bars to bring you an off-kilter appraisal of the newest project from her favourite local lycanthrope.
Writers Reading Series Features Catriona Wright at Traill College
After facing COVID-19 restrictions for the past few years, Trent University’s English Department held the Writer’s Reading Series on November 22nd, once again taking hold of the literary community.
Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination: A Review
In this review of Edogawa Rampo's collection of stories, Magali Nichol notes the common trend of logic, objectivity, and intellect intertwined with erotic grotesque.
TIFF CEO Talks Creating Urban Cultural Hubs During Lecture at Trent
Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) CEO Cameron Bailey visited both Trent’s Symons and Durham campuses on November 23, to speak about the importance of creating a cultural urban hub. The lecture was part of the Tapscott-Lopes Business and Society Lecture series, founded by Former Trent University chancellor Dr. Don Tapscott and Trent governor emerita Dr. Ana Lopes.
A Review of Ridley Scott's Napoleon (2023)
Community Contributor, James Forrester, reviews Ridley Scott's 2023 film Napoleon.
A Review of Sally Potter's The Party (2017)
Directed and written by Sally Potter, The Party (2017) is a vivid black-and-white film, set in suburban London. Getting an inside view of a “small celebration” for the character of Janet, and her recent political success, the audience watches as each member of the cast arrives, bringing more than just their congratulations.
The NHL’s Swedish King, Börje Salming
Swedish hockey superstar turned legendary Toronto Maple Leaf, Börje Salming, had a nearly two decade-long NHL career—and is still impacting the sport, even a year after his death.
What Do You Wish To Do With Your Art? An interview with the minds behind Trent University Alternative Arts Collective
The Trent University Alternative Arts Collective (TUAAC) is a newly recognized student group founded by Ziggy Allin, with the help of their band The Pajama Bottoms, and Ainsley Berry, their secretary. TUAAC is a place for creative people to connect with each other and create non-mainstream events no matter their preferred medium.
Trent Gets City's Go-Ahead for Energy Storage System Application
In what was to be a rather short and uneventful Council meeting in terms of discussion, Councillors were tasked with ratifying a number of significant items including granting their support for a battery energy storage project on Trent University’s lands known as the North-End Peterborough Storage System, which will be built by Atura Power on property leased to them by Trent.
Council Ratifies Decision to Declare Intimate Partner Violence an Epidemic, Approves Inspection By-Law
Peterborough City Councillors re-affirmed their support at the November 27th Council Meeting for two initiatives previously given approval at General Committee after hearing delegations from community members.
Nathan Whitlock Launches Newest Novel “Lump” at Take Cover Books
On November 21st, author Nathan Whitlock was at Peterborough’s own Take Cover Books, promoting the launch of his third book Lump. Whitlock described this novel as his “favourite” of all his books, about “relationships”, “class and privilege”, and “the power that we have over people, and we don’t even realize it.”
The Anishinaabe vs. the Crown: Fashioning a Just Award in the Robinson Superior Treaty Annuity Case
Stage 3 of the Robinson Superior Treaty annuity case took place at the Supreme Court of Canada on November 7th and 8th. The 3rd phase in a case must quantify the compensation for the Robinson Superior Treaty beneficiaries for the breach of treaty that took place. The Crown and the plaintiffs take conflicting views in the matter and provide a drastically large difference in final calculations for a just award. 
From Clay to Kiln: An Interview with Sara Scheuermann of Steaped Slow Ceramics
Sara Scheuermann started Steaped Slow Ceramics in early 2019, and sells unique, handmade pottery that can become part of your daily ritual. She recently moved to Peterborough, Ontario, and I had the pleasure of learning more about her business’ philosophies, her creative process, and her community experience in the Kawarthas so far.
TCSA's Disregard for BDS Measures Against Israel Ignites Student Backlash
A few weeks back, the TCSA was handing out free breakfast sandwiches and bagels from McDonalds, an action students were repulsed by given many people are actively boycotting is McDonalds due to its support of the Israeli occupation of Gaza.
A Review of Laura Wade's Alice: Performed by the Anne Shirley Theatre Company
Anne Shirley Theatre Company is Trent’s student theatre company and a levy group. It is student run, from executives and artistic directors behind the scenes, to the actors you see on stage. They stage two shows throughout the year, a fall play and a spring musical, as well as a number of other events throughout the year. This year their fall play is a staging of Laura Wade’s Alice—a dark and comedic retelling of Lewis Carrol’s classic children’s story Alice in Wonderland.
A Packed Shack: Trent Varsity Volleyball Play Home-Opener Games
Over the November 17th home opener weekend, hundreds of students packed the "Shack"—the Trent University gymnasium—in support of Trent's varisty volleyball teams in their double-header against Guelph. Arthur's intrepid correspondent of all things volleyball was there to sus out the buzz and tell the hard hitting truths about Subway sandwiches and volleyball moms.
Dear David: Help! I've Been Cursed
Dear David is back with sound and fury to dispel the curses and bedevilments of the Arthur readership.
Halfway to 2030 - the Sustainable Development Goals in Peterborough
The Kawartha World Issues Centre (KWIC) has been working consistently over the past eight years to create programming that aligns with the goals made in 2015 starting with our SDG forums and reports where we 120 participants identified five local key priority action areas for Nogojiwanong/Peterborough. As 2030 approaches we are committed to continuing education on the SDGs through our in-school workshops to almost 2000 students, our gender equality projects, and our new program entitled Returning to Mother Earth.
A Look at Phishing Scams at Trent
Journalist Mikaela Lewis talks to Connor Stinson from Trent's IT departments about the recent phishing scam emails.
Trent University Announces New College to be Named in Honour of Gidigaa Migizi
On November 15th, Trent University announced the school’s sixth college will be named Gidigaa Migizi, in memory of the late Gidigaa Migizi, otherwise known as Doug Williams, who was a professor, elder and leader for Trent students and the Anishinaabeg nation.
Concussion Central: Regulation Slap Fighting
An open-handed deep dive into slap fighting; the rules, the dangers, and the appeal of the brutal sport.
Student Politics Done Quick: TCSA November 12 BoD Meeting
On November 12th the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Board of Directors convened following the ratification of new commissioners and the fulfilment of the outstanding Vice President College and University Affairs (VPUC) position.
“What’s Soup With Food Insecurity?”: A Cooking Class and Workshop at the Seasoned Spoon
ood insecurity is not an unfamiliar topic, especially for students. This has many people asking “What’s Soup With Food Insecurity?”. The Seasoned Spoon and TCSA hosted a collaborative event by this name on Monday November 13th. The event included a cooking class and workshop surrounding the matter.
Mixed Messages and Confusion at TCSA Transit Town Hall
On the morning of November 17th, the Trent Central Student Association held a Town Hall with their membership to discuss ATU Local 1320’s negotiations with the City of Peterborough, and the impact of a potential strike on students. However, TCSA executives shared a preponderance of misleading messaging to the membership both during and following the event.
20th Anniversary of Shakespeare Night Seance
The Globe was shocked on November 9th, 2023 as Shakespeare’s wife came back to life in a coffee shop in Peterborough, ON. Dishevelled, and looking fresh as a week-old banana, she burst into a room patiently waiting for Shakespeare to pick up his after-life phone. She was loud, vulgar, crude, and most importantly, entertaining beyond belief. 
A Promising Trent Volleyball Season
Trent University’s varsity volleyball teams’ morale is high as they enter the 2023-2024 season. After a strong performance in the pre-season, they have lofty goals.
Diamond Weapon to Celebrate New Release All Heart, No Sleeve in Peterborough November 16th
On November 16th, Post-Hardcore group Diamond Weapon will be at Erben to celebrate the release of their new album All Heart, No Sleeve. Arthur spoke to Guitarist and Vocalist Louis Tenstos about the band’s tour throughout Ontario, their history, and this new project.
Screening of Inaakonigewin Andaada Aki: Michi Saagig Treaties for Treaties Week
Journalist Mikaela Lewis attended a film screening of Inaakonigewin Andaadad Aki: Michi Saagiig Treaties for Treaties Week and discussion with Assistant Professor Jack Hoggarth.
Arthur Annual General Meeting - November 24th @ 5:00 at Sadleir House
Arthur is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 5:00 PM on Friday November 24th in the Sadleir House Lecture Hall—751 George Street North and we want YOU to come out and vote. 
City and Transit Union Heading Back to Bargaining Table This Thursday and Friday as a Work Stoppage Looms
The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 1320, representing Peterborough Transit workers, is set to meet again with the City over two days later this week, on Thursday November 16th and Friday the 17th, after which the City’s latest offer will be voted on by members to determine if a work stoppage will occur on November 20th.
Iskwē Talks Upcoming Performance and New Single
Arthur journalist, Kiki Paterson sat down with Cree Métis singer-songwriter Iskwē to talk about her new single, “Part Two” and upcoming performance in Peterborough on November 24th.
Trent University Archives: The Keepers of our Stories and Evidence for the Past and the Future
A brief examination into the relevance of the Trent University Archives; support for both personal and academic research, accessible for the Trent Community and the Public. Take a moment to look at the importance of historical preservation and further comprehend the resources Trent has to offer.
Israel and Palestine Panel Discussion at Trent Speaks Truth to Power
While the Canadian government continues to shy away from calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing attacks by Israel, Trent University is among other Canadian institutions that do not mirror that sentiment. The university played host to a panel discussion titled “Israel and Palestine: What is Happening and What Might Happen Next?” on November 7th, covering the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank. 
Bowlcut: Irreversible Damage – the Transgender Craze and the Swedish Twinks who Created It
Everywhere in the media today, we are seeing an unequivocal and unilateral push towards transgenderism. This narrative is dominant, and leaves no place for any opposition. Narratives like mine are very difficult to share in Canadian media, their censorship is extremely tangible. This phenomenon leads me to a Glossary of terms that will be a vital point of reference for the rest of this text
Good Mythical Music
A doubtlessly skewed closer look into Rhett McLaughlin’s most recent James and the Shame EP, Nothing Left to Lose.
Councillors Approve Further Consultation For New Arena Placement and New Development Strategy, While Amending Tenting By-Law and Declaring Intimate Partner Violence an Epidemic
Following the introduction of the 2024 Draft Budget on November 6th, Peterborough City Council convened for General Committee where they provided initial support for the continuation of feasibility studies related to a new Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre, a Community Planning Permit System, and adopted an important motion to recognize Intimate Partner Violence an epidemic.
Trent and Modernist Architecture
During the 1950s, the “International Style” came to Canada. This style of architecture, also referred to as “international modernism” rejected the ornamentation of the decade's prior dominance of art-deco and lasted from about 1917-1965. This movement had a strong influence on Trent University's Lead Architect, Ron Thom. Cameron Noble tells the story behind what makes Trent's Peterborough campuses unique across Canada.
Women's History Month and the Overlooked Intersections of Race and Femininity in Canada
October Is considered women history month and this year’s theme favors an intersectional outlook. However, without a lot of the populace aware of this celebration, its effectiveness at spreading awareness is called into question. Evidently, the government did not do enough to celebrate women, address their unique challenges, and highlight their achievements.
Peterborough Residents React To Waste Collection Service Changes
Changes to waste collection in Peterborough have received mixed responses from the City's residents, following the implementation of the Green Bin program, the switch to clear garbage bags, and other diversion tactics.
Budget Season Arrives in Peterborough as Council Faced with Potential 9.59% Tax Rate Increase
Peterborough City Staff are recommending an all-inclusive tax rate increase of 9.59% in order to maintain services across the City according to the 2024 Draft Budget that was presented to Councillors on November 6th. This is three times the increase for 2023 which stood at 3.15.
Community Race Relations Launches BIPOC Peer Support Program
From the week of November 13th- the week of December 18th the Community Race Relations Committee (CRRC) will be running six peer support sessions inviting community members to take part in our BIPOC Peer Support Program. Our peer support group is a safe space for racialized folk who also identify as Queer, trans, non-binary, and/or women to meet, chat, and give/receive support on intersectional issues.
Peterborough Mobilizes Against the Genocide of the Palestinian People
On November 4th, the Peterborough chapter of the International Socialists hosted a demonstration at King Edward park, protesting Israel’s ongoing genocide on the Palestinian people.
Till Death Do Us Part: Injustice in Marriage as Seen in Vasili Pukirev’s The Unequal Marriage
Located at Galerie Tretiakov, The Unequal Marriage is a timeless painting that puts into perspective the realities of 19th-century Russian marriage. Although it caters to the era in which it is contextualized, it explores themes that are still prevalent to this day; gender and class dynamics.
Zaagi’idiwin: Our Mother Heart Comes to Trent University
On the evening of November 3rd, Nozhem First Peoples Performance Space held Zaagi’idiwin: Our Mother Heart with performances by Samantha Sutherland and Sophie Dow, co-presented by Nozhem First Peoples Performance Space, O.Dela Arts, and Public Energy Performing Arts.
A Doll of a Time at the Creepy Doll Museum
Fans of Annabelle, Chucky, and that weird room at your gramma’s house were given a rare treat this Halloween, as the Creepy Doll Museum had its 5th anniversary. Hosted every year at The Theatre on King, this curiously curated show includes dozens of dolls, each with their own personalities and stories ready to be gawked at. 
Everything is Haunted: Take Cover Books Hosts Halloweekend Horror Panel
On October 28th, Take Cover Books hosted the live event Haunted Houses & Primeval Woods featuring horror authors Ian Rogers and Richard Gavin. The authors discussed their respective methodologies and appreciation of the supernatural, before moving into a question and answer period, readings,, and a book signing.
Connections of Camp: An Interview with Jory Elliott from Borealis Adventure Camp
A discussion of all things summer camp with Jory Elliot, founder and director of Kawartha region’s Borealis Adventure Camp, a new lakefront wilderness camp experience opening in 2024.
Bowlcut: Champlain Committee Suggests New Name for Controversial College
Following the scandal of 2023's Head of the Trent (HOTT) weekend, the Board of Governors of Trent University reconvened the Champlain Committee with an eye to remedy past indiscretions by giving the college, a longstanding source of controversy, a new name.
The Right to Life, Liberty, and Now Death: Examining Canada’s New MAiD Parameters
With the release of the Health Canada’s fourth annual report on MAID in 2022 just a few days ago, Abbigail has taken the time to look at some of the new changes to the law that are being planned for spring 2024.
City Council Approves New Parking Regulations, Construction Project on Trent Symons Campus, Pledges to Fight the Housing Crisis
The General Committee meeting of Peterborough’s city council on October 30th focused largely on four key issues: the city’s efforts to recruit new physicians to service its growing population, an update to the city’s parking bylaws, a pledge to solve Peterborough’s housing crisis, and the examination of a proposal to build a new electricity storage facility on Trent’s Symons campus.
Happy Birthday, Evangeline Robins
Arthur's pre-eminent co-editor reflects on the curious fact of her transition reflecting her time at her most beloved rag.
To All Those Who Are Neutral In Today’s Holocaust
If you have ever wondered how the world allowed the Holocaust to happen, pay close attention to the silence today. The State of Israel is committing a genocide in Gaza, having killed about 5,791 Palestinians, displacing a further 1.4 million Palestinians, and bombing hospitals, bakeries and places of worship.
Peterborough Transit Union Could Strike as City Negotiations Prove Fruitless
Peterborough Transit could face interruptions as soon as mid-November according to Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 1320, Cory MacLeod after the City reportedly did not show up prepared for a recent contract negotiation meeting. 
Peterborough Formally Supports B’nai Brith's Call to Action and Addresses The Great Pickleball Debate
Peterborough City Hall met on the evening of October 23rd with delegations speaking on the Parks and Outdoor Recreation Facilities Study, and whether or not Councillor Kieth Riel can do a kickflip. Plus, the City of Peterborough formally supported B'nai Brith's call on the Federal Government to release The Deschênes Commission Final Report in its entirety following the events that took place in the House of Commons.
Rev. Kristin Michael Hayter’s SAVED! : The Art of Rebirth
On October 20th, American multidisciplinary artist Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter (formerly known as Lingua Ignota) released her first album through her label Perpetual Flame Ministries. Though this is her debut under this new moniker, Hayter’s newest LP follows the narratives of her previous works as Lingua Ignota, offering a hopeful turn to the violent and difficult themes of prior albums such as CALIGULA (2019) and SINNER GET READY (2021).
Unions, Student Associations, and Politicians Respond to Israel-Hamas Conflict
Over 2000 Delegates at the National Convention for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) have passed a resolution calling for CUPE National to “demand the Canadian government call for an immediate ceasefire in Israel-Palestine.” Additionally, the resolution calls for the end of arms sales to Israel, diplomatic immunity for the state of Israel, and an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza.
Gator Goes Global: Down and out on London Street
Peterborough's favourite fat little boy takes a temporary leave from his hovel on London Street as co-editor, Abbigale Kernya mourns his absence.
How Local Media is Dealing With Bill C-18: The Online News Act
Arthur Journalist, Mikaela Lewis talks with students, Peterborough Currents publisher and editor Will Pearson, and Arthur's Editor-in-Chief Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay about the effects they feel from Bill C-18: The Online News Act.
The Dream of a Dead College Part 2: Astrology for Dummies
In the second part of an ongoing series, co-editor Evan Robins narrates the origins of Trent University's college system and its significance for the culture at the nascent university.
Who Loves Trent Rowing?
In a exhaustive debrief from this year's homecoming revelries, co-editor Evan Robins examines the questions "Why is Head of the Trent?". What has brought us to this cultural moment, and what does it mean for Trent? And who, if anyone, loves Trent Rowing?