An International Student’s Guide To Travelling Canada
Bethan explores the best ways to travel Canada as an international student, including top tips for saving money and making the most of a long weekend, even including a ranking of some of her favourite locations.
Post-Secondary Labour Tensions in the COVID Era
As COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated the cracks and injustices within post-secondary labour, scholars, students and general staff have taken the streets and pushed back against the conditions within their profession. Irene Suvillaga examines the rising labour tensions across Canada analyzing recent actions in Ontario in effort to reveal the causes behind it and assess Trent's position amongst its peers.
Why aren’t we talking about China?Why aren’t we talking about China?
Why aren’t we talking about China?
In this op-ed, Connor Belbin explains why he thinks Canadians ought to be more concerned over China's human rights abuses, as Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig re-adjust to normal life after three years in a Chinese prison..
Justin Trudeau is Executing an Ideological Purge in the Federal BureaucracyJustin Trudeau is Executing an Ideological Purge in the Federal Bureaucracy
Justin Trudeau is Executing an Ideological Purge in the Federal Bureaucracy
Re-elected Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced last week that his Liberal government will require COVID-19 vaccinations throughout the federal service and this anonymous contributor to Arthur is on-board. Read more to find out why L.A. Seneca thinks this public health measure is coming at the right time.
Recap: End-times environmental debateRecap: End-times environmental debate
Recap: End-times environmental debate
As the election inches ever-nearer, residents of the Peterborough-Kawartha riding are increasingly bombarded with debates, canvases, political ads on the interweb, radio and TV. Read on for coverage of last week’s all candidates environmental debate.
Seven Things Settlers Can Do Instead of Celebrating C*nada DaySeven Things Settlers Can Do Instead of Celebrating C*nada Day
Seven Things Settlers Can Do Instead of Celebrating C*nada Day
This year, as we grapple with the discoveries of what is now over 1 300 children found in mass graves at residential schools, many are left wondering what there is to celebrate on July 1st. So while you trade your red and white for an orange shirt, Arthur has put together a non-exhaustive list of steps you can take towards decolonization on C*nada Day this year.
Catholic Church Calls Accountability 'Unfair'Catholic Church Calls Accountability 'Unfair'
Catholic Church Calls Accountability 'Unfair'
In this article, Cheyenne Wood unpacks the troubling deflections of blame made by members of the Catholic Church and the Canadian government in the weeks since the discovery of a mass grave of Indigenous children at the Kamloops Residential School. While neither institution has fully taken on accountability for the atrocities committed, they both have blood on their hands.
News Goes Down Under!News Goes Down Under!
News Goes Down Under!
In this article, Rob Gibson explains why Facebook's choice to remove news content from its site in Australia. This controversial decision by the multi-billion dollar tech company was made amidst ongoing conversations about how to regulate social media, news media, and the internet more broadly. Find out how greed is driving the conversations, and policy development around regulating the internet.
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