Misinformation and Disinformation

Editorial: Remember What You Read
A newspaper doesn’t exist to pacify the feelings of a community or those elected to do a certain job. Threatening student jobs and making student journalists feel unsafe on their own campus for doing their job is not equivalent to having an article written about a policy decision you or your friend implemented, protest(s) you failed to execute, or meeting(s) you failed to attend.
Someone is Trying to Silence You
A message from our Editors and Board of Directors concerning a recent disinformation campaign to make Arthur's levy refundable perpetuated by anonymous members of the Trent community. Democracy isn't democracy if it is based on lies.
Les Invasions Barbares: The American Invasions
Community Contributor, James Forrester, reflects upon the history of American invasion over the course of colonial history in North America. Along the way, Forrester links the recent rise of right-wing extremism to the mass consumption of American disinformation as a new means of "invading" Canada.
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Misinformation and Disinformation