Haiku About the Weather: we are such sad boys in this one...

COVID Update: A super-spreader event at a Hamilton, ON spinning studio? We've got the deets! Also! Trent's first COVID case - don't worry, though. It's low risk. We are safe, for now.

TCSA Elections: If you are reading this before 4pm on Friday October 16th, GO VOTE!

Board of Governors Meeting: We debrief the October 9th BoG Meeting! What happens at a Board Meeting? Who are these people? The answers will shock you...

INTERVIEW: with Dr. Anne Pasek - one of Trent's Newest Assistant Professors (in Cultural Studies AND the School of the Environment). We talk climate communitication, critical making, interdisciplinary learning, and Low-carbon (Col)Laborating! https://www.annepasek.com/

Horoscopes: As always, the best poetic horoscopes on the market, brought to you by @poetastrologers on Twitter.

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