Peter Robinson College

The Dream of a Dead College Part 2: Astrology for Dummies
In the second part of an ongoing series, co-editor Evan Robins narrates the origins of Trent University's college system and its significance for the culture at the nascent university.
The Dream of a Dead College Part 1: The Haunting of Sadleir House
Co-editor Evan Robins presents the first part of The Dream of a Dead College, a project to chronicle—over the course of this volume—the history of the college system, the culture of Peter Robinson College itself, the controversy surrounding its sale and closure, the legacy it left and attempts to repatriate the college by the student body thereafter.
An Interview With Chancellor Stephen Stohn
On a sunny early August afternoon, the editors of Volume 58 had the pleasure of sitting down with the inimitable Stephen Stohn, Chancellor of Trent University, Executive Producer of Degrassi and numerous other TV series, and (perhaps most famously) the very first editor of Arthur. 
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