Evan Robins

Student Journalist
Staff Collective Director

An enthusiast of many trades but a master of none, Evan Robins is a Senior Journalist suffering from a severe affliction of “Cultural Studies brain”. She writes compulsively and is thus happy that somebody is paying her to do just that. Evan is passionate about intersectional and solutions-based journalism. At Arthur she writes lengthy diatribes and informed by a passion for research and presented with her trademark trans-girl irreverence.

Evan’s work has been published in Maclean’s and Xtra Magazine. She has also been interviewed on the Corner of Hunter and George podcast, and featured on the Trent Radio (CFFF FM 92.7) program NOISEHOLE. Besides her regular film column, Cinevangelism with Evangeline Robins, she has also worked as the editor for Queerlines, Arthur’s annual zine in collaboration with the Trent Queer Collective.

Outside of work she drives herself madder by reading academic theory for “fun”, as well as writing, thinking far too deeply about mass-market video games, and telling herself this is definitely the month shesits down to finish that manuscript. Assuming this whole “writer” thing doesn’t pan out, she intends to test how long it is humanly possible to stay in grad school.

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Cinevangelism Vol. 4: Korean Movies About Trains
Continually the victim of her own success, Cinevangelism shoots for the moon with a double-header for the month of March. Will she keep it under word count? The answer, as you'll see, is almost definitely "No!".
A Few Notes on Netrunning
Having represented Arthur at CUP's NASH 85 Student Journalism Conference, Evan Robins leaves with more questions than answers, and ponders the nature of writing as craft in today's day and age.
You Need The Fascist Groove Thing: Traill College Hosts Hugh Hodges’ Book Launch
Trent's own Dr. Hugh Hodges The Fascist Groove Thing is a lengthy, articulate exploration of Thatcher-era Britain through an unconventional framing device, and Arthur's inimitable Evan Robins was there for the book launch! In this article she recounts Hodges' speech, talks to him about his process, and sketches a review of a thoroughly-excellent academic read.
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