Evan Robins

Coordinating Editor
Coordinating Editor

Evan Robins has been around the masthead a couple times. With two years of Arthur journalism under her belt, she relishes the opportunity to serve as Coordinating Editor of Volume 58. Saddled with a love of long-form, Evan writes compulsively, and is thus happy to have an outlet to do just that (and be paid for it, no less). She is passionate about intersectional and solutions-based journalism at Arthur, and writes lengthy diatribes informed by a passion for research and presented with her trademark trans-girl irreverence.

Evan’s work has been published in Maclean’s, Xtra Magazine, and the Journal of Undergraduate Studies at Trent (JUST). She has been interviewed on the Corner of Hunter and George podcast, and featured on the Trent Radio (CFFF FM 92.7) programs NOISEHOLE, Radio on the Go, TRANSmission, and AMPLIFYR. Besides her regular film column, Cinevangelism with Evangeline Robins, she has also worked as the editor for Queerlines, Arthur’s annual zine in collaboration with the Trent Queer Collective.

Outside of work she drives herself madder by reading academic theory for “fun”, as well as writing, thinking far too deeply about mass-market video games, and telling herself this is definitely the month she sits down to finish that manuscript. Assuming this whole “writer” thing doesn’t pan out, she intends to test how long it is humanly possible to stay in grad school. Whatever you do, just don't ask her about her Honours Thesis.

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The Trent Central Student Association's Board of Directors gathered for the first time this academic year to discuss committee appointments, executive reports, and the perennial issue of Peterborough Public Transit
App Integrations and Online Personality Curation
Having made her triumphant return to the dating app Tinder (don't ask), co-editor Evan Robins lists her many grievances with this terrible but monolithic dating app, and using this as a means to frame our tendency to tailor our personalities on different platforms, and how one particular streaming service seeks to reinforce exactly that.
“An Extremely Extraordinary Situation”: the Fight for a 5% Tax Rate Drags on at City Hall
What promised to be a short meeting of Peterborough City Council found itself dragged into unforeseen deliberations on Monday August 28th, as the recommended tax rate increases for the upcoming 2024 budget once again became a topic of debate.
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