Trent English Department Launches Chickenscratch Anthology at Traill College
The returned of a hallowed anthology of Trent student writing strikes a question into the hearts of all those whom bear it witness: "Who up scratching they chickens?"
Washboard Hank and Catfish Willie Take the Stage at Take Cover Books
On the afternoon of April 6th, Peterborough’s Washboard Hank (Hank Fisher) and Catfish Willie (Willie Lindsay) took the stage at Take Cover Books. I, along with others of all ages, was fortunate enough to attend this delightful performance. 
“Hearts and Flowers Poetry Reading” With Peterborough Poet PJ Thomas
On the evening of February 8th, 2024, Arthur's Magali Nichol attended the “Hearts and Flowers Poetry Reading” by Peterborough poet, and former Arthur editor PJ Thomas.
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