Stephen Stohn

Cinevangelism Pilot: A Hard Day’s Night
Hello, and welcome to Cinevangelism. I’m sure for some of you it’s been a while. I’ve been at this bearing down on a year now, though I don’t know if I’ve ever properly prefaced any of it. I just kind of did it.
An Interview With Chancellor Stephen Stohn
On a sunny early August afternoon, the editors of Volume 58 had the pleasure of sitting down with the inimitable Stephen Stohn, Chancellor of Trent University, Executive Producer of Degrassi and numerous other TV series, and (perhaps most famously) the very first editor of Arthur. 
Trent Opens the Jalynn Bennett Amphitheatre, But is it the Bold New Future They Anticipate?
Recounting the recent opening of the Jalynn Bennett Amphitheatre, Coordinating Editor Evan Robins juxtaposes the continued expansion of Traill's amenities with the collegiate system of years past.
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