TCSA Board Meetings

TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Election Results Ratified Despite Poor Turnout, Next President to be Appointed Internally
On March 24th, 2024 the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) held a meeting of its Board of Directors, whereby it ratified the results of its Spring Election and put together a Presidential Committee, which shall select one of the Association’s Directors to serve as President over the summer, until the Fall 2024 By-Election.
TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Attendance Still Plunging in Lecture Halls and TCSA Meetings
Student engagement took center stage during the March 3rd Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Board of Directors meetings, with Directors sharing their concerns of falling attendance rates, both within the student body and the Board of Directors itself.
February 11th TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Proposed By-Law Amendments Take Centre Stage
The February 11th Trent Central Student Association Board of Directors meeting saw multiple heated discussions, and the announcement of new measures, from $12,000 of funding for Sadleir House put up for referendum, to by-law amendments simplifying the TCSA’s internal impeachment processes.
Radio Free Arthur
All three of Arthur's editors are back in one room again as they discuss the Trent Central Student Association's new strategic plan, Trent's Board of Governors' response to Head of the Trent. Spoiler alert: Its sucked.
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