TCSA Board Meetings

February 11th TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Proposed By-Law Amendments Take Centre Stage
The February 11th Trent Central Student Association Board of Directors meeting saw multiple heated discussions, and the announcement of new measures, from $12,000 of funding for Sadleir House put up for referendum, to by-law amendments simplifying the TCSA’s internal impeachment processes.
Jan 21st TCSA Board Meeting: Attendance Plummets, Student Staff Union Busts
In the TCSA's first board meeting of the second semester and the new calendar year, the Association outlined plans for the remainder of the operating year and upcoming Spring Elections. Significantly, Arthur learned that the longstanding plans for a Student Staff union have reportedly fallen through, leaving the future of students employed by Trent's housing department uncertain.
Student Politics Done Quick: TCSA November 12 BoD Meeting
On November 12th the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Board of Directors convened following the ratification of new commissioners and the fulfilment of the outstanding Vice President College and University Affairs (VPUC) position.
Radio Free Arthur
All three of Arthur's editors are back in one room again as they discuss the Trent Central Student Association's new strategic plan, Trent's Board of Governors' response to Head of the Trent. Spoiler alert: Its sucked.
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