Louane Morin joins the Arthur writing staff for Volume 58, bringing her passion for Digital Hardcore, obsession with Donna J. Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto, and micro-bangs (re-appropriated from TERF aesthetics) into local leftist journalism.

Morin is committed to critical journalism (a name she enjoys for the professional veneer it gives to her visceral hatred of the passive voice). She seeks to incorporate transfeminist and Marxist perspectives into a fuller coverage of life and culture at Trent, situating it within larger socio-political power structures. 

Morin’s work in the disciplines of gender studies and art criticism includes combining Freud, the Bible, and Andrea Long-Chu into an academic Megazord wherein transition is an act of transubstantiation and angry tirades about the irreparable consequences of the artistic Renaissance.

She is most known for being deemed a “mentally ill female” by thousands of second-wave feminists, and being unflatteringly photographed at local protests against sexual violence. She is currently in her first year of a Bachelor in Social Work, somehow deeming herself an example of stable mental health.

In her free time, Morin enjoys contemplating the twenty-odd unread books on her bedside, buying more books, and eating unnecessarily spicy imitation Korean food as an act of rebellion against the body that caused her years of gender dysphoria. She hopes to provide Arthur coverage in her unique style, accumulating more formal achievements in order to create an illusion of credibility for herself.

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TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Election Results Ratified Despite Poor Turnout, Next President to be Appointed Internally
On March 24th, 2024 the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) held a meeting of its Board of Directors, whereby it ratified the results of its Spring Election and put together a Presidential Committee, which shall select one of the Association’s Directors to serve as President over the summer, until the Fall 2024 By-Election.
Bowlcut: Trent IT Announces Shutdown of all Trent Email Addresses, to be Replaced by Messenger Pigeons, Smoke Signaling
Trent University announces the shutting down of all Trent email accounts, replaced by Messenger Pigeons, Smoke Signals, Yogurt Cups and Megaphones.
TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Attendance Still Plunging in Lecture Halls and TCSA Meetings
Student engagement took center stage during the March 3rd Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Board of Directors meetings, with Directors sharing their concerns of falling attendance rates, both within the student body and the Board of Directors itself.
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