The Cyber Siren’s Strident Song: Why Tapping Into “Dark Feminine Energy” is a Stale Attempt at Female Empowerment
Ingeniously masked as uplifting, motivational content all about being dominant, assertive and—most importantly—sultry. TikTok’s modernized (but by no means, progressive) take on ‘dark feminine energy’ serves as yet another instigator of insidious comparison among women, fostering an environment of fierce competition, which is hypocritically rooted in appealing to the desire of men.
How TikTok Made People Forget Concert Etiquette
Ethan Court has recently been seeing—both in person and through social media—that not a lot of people know how to act in a public setting. For that they blame…TikTok.
Why Today's Music Sucks: The Decline of Good Music
Today's music is created with the intent to sell, not influence. The songs today’s music industry classifies as latest hits are songs that lack quality, density, and abandon what it means to produce authentic and genuine music. Due to the unlimited access we now have to music as well as production through media, releasing music today requires a significantly lower degree of talent than ever before. This has a drastic effect on the music industry and what is considered popular today, and significantly influences how artists now approach releasing new music. 
Radio Free Arthur
The Editors reunite once again in the studio to bring you the hard-hitting news: creative writing seminars suck and Arthur's beloved Sally Rooney is releasing a new novel.
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