Abbigale Kernya is one of two coordinating editors for Arthur Newspaper, having previously been brought on in Volume 57 as Arthur’s copy editor. Abbigale is a prolific reader and writer studying English Literature at Trent University. Having grown up in Peterborough-Nogojiwanong, Abbigale is passionate about uplifting student voices, talent, and stories to ensure our community hears the diverse perspectives of our Arthur team. 

As a storyteller to her core, Abbigale has worked with an online magazine, KBI Inspire Magazine, for three years as a Youth Editor, Contributing Writer, and co-host of Life Outside The Box podcast, where she focuses on the conversation around youth mental health and empowering young voices.

Outside of work, Abbigale can be found geeking out over Boygenius, frantically searching for motivation to finish her novel, and reminiscing about her days as a musician.

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Yes, Your "Book Boyfriend" Is A Piece Of Shit
The romanticized abuse by male characters in modern-day literature is, to say the least, icky (Colleen Hoover, I am looking directly at you). Without coming across as another pretentious English major who doesn’t know how to stop acting like they’re better than everyone else, I do wholeheartedly believe that we as a collective society need to start thinking more critically about what we consume and more importantly, how we promote it.
Volume 58 Editorial Platform
The Editorial Platform for consideration by Arthur's Staff Collective during the April 23, 2023 Spring Elections
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2023-05-06 | UP
Dramatizing in a game of charades
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May 6, 2023