All three Arthur Editors are (allegedly) back in the studio and ready to face the Ides of March. With Evan and Sebastian both recovering from an (alleged) curse, the Editors bring a portent of prophetic significance: DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!

That's right, dear listener, student union elections are upon us, and along with them one of the most significant decisions you can (allegedly) make! This is the time YOU can make YOUR voice heard in the organization that represents YOU (unless you want to elect a President because they're actually just going to arbitrarily appoint someone instead) [allegedly]!

In the words of our co-editor who has been playing too much Helldivers 2 (guess which one): "Democracy!"

Should you be at a loss for who to vote for, Arthur's got you covered. Listen on to hear our endorsement of each and every TCSA candidate, our respective tales of driving woe, and a soft-launch from our own Evan Robins about her decisions to further her emotional stunting by remaining in higher education (albeit to the tune of a fair amount of money).

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Growing Pains
After a hiatus, Growing Pains has returned to bring you two episodes all about student activism at Trent. In Part 1 & 2 we map out Trent’s radical, activist roots and take stock of the changes that have taken place over the past 20 years.
Arthur Volume 56 "All Summer Long"