Happy Tortured Poets Department release day to all who celebrate! Having listened to all two hours of the extended "Anthology" edition of this most recent emission from the Queen of jet-setting herself the editors get down and dirty in the lyrical content of the album.

What is revealed and how deep is the poetic material at hand? Tune in to find out in this thrilling conclusion to this season of Radio Free Arthur.

If Sebastian, Abby, and Evan keep their jobs for another year (and Trent Radio allows it) they promise to be back riding the airwaves before you're able to get a response back from the CRTC.

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Severn Court (October-August)
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Growing Pains
After a hiatus, Growing Pains has returned to bring you two episodes all about student activism at Trent. In Part 1 & 2 we map out Trent’s radical, activist roots and take stock of the changes that have taken place over the past 20 years.
Arthur Volume 56 "All Summer Long"