David King is a senior journalist at the Arthur. He's also a writer, artist, and an acolyte of all things profane and heinous. Creator and proprietor of many, many horrible jokes, he's performed at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, and published one poem in a defunct Maoist literary magazine. Employing a perspective informed by experience, "theory swamp brain," and an overdose of the Internet, David is a “[…]much-needed, resounding voice in a cacophony of new queer writership; he invariably confronts the liberalized expectation, only to expunge it without mercy.”

An interloper to Peterborough, he is deeply fascinated by the weird of it all, and is ready to share this strange love through journalism that doesn't hold back. When he's not writing, he can be spotted defending Kate Bush, copiously "posting through it," or discussing why 1990s baseball players look "a little fruity."

He's also one of the nascent hosts of NOISEHOLE, a radio show currently broadcasted through Trent Radio. Started as a fart joke, it is now a full-fledged, living creature. Don't ask, just nod.

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Dear David Vol. 4: Kitty Woes and Songs to Suck & Fuck To
Dear David is back for another month of obscenity and chaos to confirm that you are, indeed, Kitty.
The Fence of Protection: Protestors Outnumbered for the Third Time by Supporters of Drag Story Time Event
Arthur holds ground and bears witness to a February 25th anti-drag protest and its resilient counter.
ONA Fights for Higher Wages, Better Workplace Conditions As Nurses Picket Across Ontario
Citing burnout, stagnating pay, and unsustainable working conditions, many members of the ONA took to the streets out front of PRHC on February 23rd. The Ontario Nurses' Association has begun organizing pickets as they head to the bargaining table with the Ontario government.
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