David King

President and Chair of the Board

David King is soooooooo back for Volume 58. He is now a reluctant student and still a devoted acolyte of the profane and heinous, all while maintaining his rabid scholarship for all things Kate Bush. Outside of trying to find a job title besides “creative professional,” David’s primary focus seems to oscillate between broadcast arts, graphic design, and misusing the English language.

Employing a perspective informed by experience, “theory swamp brain,” and an overdose of the Internet, David continues to hone his satirical insight into his journalism (wherever he’s allowed!) and expand his Google Drive portfolio with unpublished screeds.

One day, he will have his Bachelor’s Degree. After a seven year battle with academia, David is currently enjoying his third year in Cultural Studies at Trent, where he gets to consider “grad school” in delusional fits of self-assured grandeur.

When he’s not hunched over his desk, David enjoys tinkering with analog media, collecting baseball cards, and talking about the Metal Gear series of video games. He is also one of the nascent hosts of NOISEHOLE, a community radio show entering its third season of broadcasting through Trent Radio.

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