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B!KE@Trent: Your cycling hub

Written by
August 20, 2020
B!KE@Trent: Your cycling hub

Happy September from all of us at B!KE@Trent! Welcome to those of you who are new to Trent University, and welcome back to those who we already know.

As the new school year commences it is an exciting time for education, friends and fun.

September is also prime cycling season. Commuting to or from campus by bicycle is a cost-effective, efficient, and enjoyable (not to mention environmentally friendly) way to go.

Whether you are living in residence or downtown, cycling can bring all of Peterborough within easy reach.

Try cycle-commuting this fall! At B!KE@Trent, we can show you how.

B!KE@Trent is part of B!KE: The Peterborough Community Cycling Hub. We are registered not-for-profit organization and levy group that works to support and advocate for cycling in the Peterborough and Trent communities.

We offer a variety of programs to help people get on two wheels and go. Our Open Shop program allows members to learn to fix their own bicycles in an open and inclusive environment.

If you don’t have a bike, we can still help you out! Our B!KE Library program may be for you. Members of the B!KE Library can borrow a bike, lock, and helmet for up to a week at a time, any time.

We also sell lovingly refurbished bicycles at accessible prices.

For more information, and details on how to find us, check out our website (www.communitybikeshop.org).

B!KE is happy to partner with the Share the Road Cycling Coalition to support their UCycle campus cycling initiative. Come see us at the Central Zone or Clubs and Groups Day to get information on contests, give-aways and Bicycle-Friendly Businesses!

We will be hosting several events during September, and we hope to see you there. Here is a list of places you might see us around campus:

  • Bike Tails Tour with the TCSA: (September 2, 3-5pm) Interested in riding to or from campus, but not sure of the best way to go? Join the TCSA and B!KE@Trent for a tour of some of the cycling trails around Trent. Bikes will be available to borrow for free.

  • Free Bike Checkups at the Central Zone: (September 4, 10am-12pm)

  • Sustainable Trent’s Sustainability Tour: (September 4, 10am-12pm) Join Sustainable Trent for a tour of sustainability services on campus and receive a tour of B!KE@Trent.

  • Bike Decorating for the Great Race: (September 4, 12-2pm) B!KE@Trent will be providing bikes to each college to decorate and ride to the Great Race. First years, its time to get creative and roll out your college spirit in style!

  • Free Bike Checkups at Clubs and Groups Day with U-Cycle: (September 10, 11am-4pm)

B!KE would be nothing without the love and support of our amazing volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about bicycles, helping out at events, or are simply looking to hang out with some certifiable bike geeks, we encourage you to stop by and volunteer.

We have an established volunteer training program to help you help others. No experience necessary!

At B!KE, we believe that bicycles are an important tool of self-empowerment, and we hope that we can help make the joy of riding accessible for you.

Good luck with school, and keep the rubber side down!

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