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TCSA Fall Elections 2021: Candidate Platforms

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October 4, 2021

Familiarize yourself with the candidates for this year's Fall TCSA Elections. Voting will be held in your inbox from Monday, October 11 to Friday October 15.

TCSA Fall Elections 2021: Candidate Platforms
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Mature & Transfer Students Commissioner

Angela Slater-Meadows (She/Her)

Candidate Endorsement

“Angela is the perfect candidate for this position. As a thriving mature student with dependents, she understands many of the unique barriers and challenges that mature students face in their pursuit of higher education. I am excited about the possibility of her holding this portfolio. She is receptive, resilient, and adaptable; I trust she will intelligently advocate for the mature and transfer students she will represent. “ - Jennifer Ego, Trent Graduate (Fall 2021) and mother of 3

 Candidate Goals

  1. Represent the best interests of Trent University Mature & Transfer Students.
  2. Expand the scope of this position and/or advocate for the creation of others to include the interests of Students with Children and Students with Invisible Disabilities.

Candidate Qualifications

As a Mature and Transfer Student herself, Angela knows first-hand the unique needs and accommodations of these overlapping student groups. Also a Mother of two and a Student with an Invisible Disability, Angela possesses a diverse experience-base in student-equity representation.

Fourth Year Sociology - Crime & Legal Studies - Psychology

Angela is currently completing her fourth year at Trent. She is majoring in Sociology with a Crime and Legal Studies Specialization and minoring in Psychology. Her post-graduate interests include social work, criminology and law.

Special Mature & Transfer Students Considerations

I. Family and Employment Commitments

Mature and Transfer Students may have family and employment commitments that create academic barriers at Trent, including illness or emergency care.

II. Social and Networking Limitations

Mature and Transfer Students may have social and networking limitations that create academic barriers at Trent, including unavailability and isolation.

III. Transfer Credit Assessment

Fair and accurate transfer credit assessment is critical to Mature and Transfer Students as it can have a significant impact on academic direction and duration.

Off-Campus Commissioner

Samantha Frost (She/Her)

My name is Samantha Frost and I am a 3rd year Archaeology major and Indigenous studies minor running to be your 2021 off-campus representative! As a student who has lived off-campus her whole university career I know the roadblocks and barriers encountered by 1st years and commuting students alike!

I want to increase Trent’s outreach to off campus individuals by raising and validating the concerns and issues faced by off-campus students to the board of directors. The quality of your university experience should not suffer for choosing to be an off-campus individual! Meaningful changes can be made to balance the scales between on and off campus students.

Through education initiatives and representation on the board of directors I plan to make meaningful changes addressing:

-   Parking availability

-   How to commute: Peterborough transit, Bike, Go transit, U-Ride, etc.

-   How to rent lockers on campus

-   Microwave locations on campus

-   Printer locations on Campus

-   Accessibility to on-campus services

-   Housing in Peterborough

-   Orientation week accessability

Racialized Students Commissioner

Aimée-Marie Anctil (She/Her)

Hi Trent,

My name is Aimée-Marie Anctil, but you can call me Aimee. I am running to be your Racialized Students Commissioner this year. I am a second year student in the Trent Swansea Law/Arts dual degree program, majoring in Political Studies. During my time at Trent, I have been involved in the Lady Eaton Cabinet as the Minister of Annex Affairs, and Arthur Newspaper as a social media manager where I also wrote some articles on representation in the media. Currently, I am involved in the Law & Arts/B.B.A. Society, and Le Club Fleur de Lys as their Communications Coordinator. I am also nominated for Trent University Political Studies group’s Communications Coordinator. I currently work two jobs within Trent Housing Services, as a Don at Traill College, and a Residence Life & Education Assistant. Outside of Trent, I volunteer with the Ontario Provincial Youth Cabinet, and formerly with political candidates such as Shailene Panylo. I believe my proficiency within the realm of advocacy, rallying, and policy writing are considerable assets to effectively serving you as your Racialized Students Commissioner.

To contextualize who I am in relation to the role I hope to be elected for; I proudly identify as a biracial Filipino French Canadian, and a lesbian. Although I have an intersectional identity, I cannot and should not speak on behalf of all students who identify as Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC). I will make a point of connecting with existing BIPOC student leadership ranging from (but not limited to) TUNA, TABS, TACSU and TISA. The stories of BIPOC students are theirs to tell, but I want to be there to advocate for, as well as communicate their concerns and needs.

My goals for this year are as follows; Empowering Diversity within Leadership - Informative Workshops and Resources for both BIPOC students and Allies

Empowerment Plan:

Advocating for diversity and inclusion of BIPOC within roles of power, where it really matters.

  1. Within Executive Cabinets;
  2. The TCSA;
  3. and Trent affiliated groups.
  • Why does it matter?: Empowering BIPOC students to pursue roles of leadership is incredibly relevant given our socio-political climate concerning BIPOC that has continued to evoke change and progress over the course of the pandemic. It is important to consider that while everyone may have a voice (in regards to advocacy), BIPOC voices are often underrepresented. This is because they are disproportionately affected by not having the privilege of time or resources to dedicate to participating in a role of leadership. No art is without its flaws and no system is infallible. We cannot lose potential BIPOC representatives due to lack of opportunity.
  • What will this look like?: My plan is to create funding for BIPOC students who are interested in pursuing leadership roles at Trent, but are experiencing financial challenges which inhibits their ability to engage. This is to increase BIPOC student’s opportunity to get involved as diverse representation provides broader perspectives and opens up dialogue to create widespread awareness and change across the university.

Resources for BIPOC and Allies:

  • Although there are already plans in motion to provide resources within the Freedom Lounge, however I have many ideas.
  • Informal Office Hours: To hold either online or in person at the TCSA, a support circle, as well as private one on one sessions, to discuss experiences of racism on campus open to both BIPOC and Allies. This differs from pre-existing group discussions as not only will we work together to find solutions as support (or just be there to listen), I will also offer ways in which we can solve issues bureaucratically to create lasting change.
  • Workshops/Resources
  1. Microaggressions in the workplace/school;
  2. Intersectionality;
  3. ‘Colour Blindness’ (Racial);
  4. How to Conduct Discussions BIPOC Rights as an Ally in an Academic Setting;
  5. Anti-Oppression Training
  • Create Funding for Racialized Immigrant (International or Generationally Immigrated) students who;

         1. Due to immigrating to Canada they have lost or are currently losing their ability to speak their first language. -> This fund would provide the opportunity to take online courses or find a tutor to aid them in learning or relearning their language.

  • Why?: The North American dream of coming here to pursue higher education in hopes to get a job has its sacrifices. One of those being potentially losing your first language. Which can lead to difficulty communicating with loved ones, and losing a part of your identity. I hope this fund can be used to reaffirm racialized immigrant’s identity and connection to their respective cultures.

         2. Lack confidence in their ability to speak English to participate effectively in a classroom environment. -> Funding for tutoring or online courses to strengthen their confidence in writing or speaking English

  • Why?: It is unfair to assume all students have the same abilities or proficiency in English. If this is assumed, then non-anglophone student’s marks will not reflect their intellectual capacities as they must engage with the extra barrier of writing and/or speaking in a different language than they may conduct thought in.

Issues with Campus Security

  • I plan to work alongside advocates part of the Association, and within College Cabinets, who already have been interested in this concern to fight for a safer environment for students who identify as minorities.
  • I have had various incidents where I have personally felt unsafe on campus and in Peterborough as a woman of colour and a member of the LGBTQ community where little action was taken by Security, or response time was inadequate. I know many of us have been deeply impacted by this, and I hope to be part of the movement in addressing this.
  • This above all else is my main concern as we the students deserve to feel safe and heard in a University that pledges to support them.

I am aiming for better, and I won’t miss the mark.

I appreciate the time and effort you took to read this platform, and I hope that you will consider me to be your next Racialized Students Commissioner.



Instagram: @aimforbetter2021

Olive branch or sword, our voices will not be ignored.

Jennifer Vervelde (She/Her)

Hi my name is Jennifer C Vervelde and I am a second-year psychology and business student running for the position of Racialized Commissioner. I am originally from Holland and Rwanda and have grown up all over the world. While it has been a luxury to live in all different kinds of countries, it has also exposed me to the sad reality that racism exists everywhere. I not only saw how racism impacted others around me, but I also experienced it, and as an international student at Trent University, I want to make a difference and that no student falls victims to racism, discrimination, or to any kind of prejudice.

If I am to be selected as Racialized Commissioner, there are two key things I would like to focus on: mental health and inclusiveness. No matter what color your skin is, mental health is an important aspect to every single human being, but the resources for people of color (POC) are limited and needs to be addressed. Therefore, I would like to push towards diversifying the counselling team and work towards implementing a POC counsellor who is available on campus and on call. In addition, I would like to advocate for more resources provided to students of color about the direct impacts that things like racism can have on our mental health. As well as, working towards creating and sharing accessible information about things like support groups, and academic research from healthcare professionals.

Secondly, it’s about time we started celebrating our diverse and beautiful cultures, from the food to the music, to all the different aspects that make us all unique. Therefore, I would like to host events that promote our different cultures so that all students of colour can feel like they have a piece of home here at Trent University, as well as can find people who understand them. In this advocation for inclusiveness I also want to include more POC associated events and talks within orientation week so that our new students can feel welcomed and know where to find resources, as well as to create a clear programme on how the university deals with racist, discriminatory and/or prejudice behaviour.

I hope you will consider me for Racialized Commissioner as I am very passionate about bringing change to this University, as well as collaborating with different cultural societies and with different people to make our university experience a great one.

Please feel free to ask me any questions, and don’t hesitate to contact me about changes you want made, suggestions or your general thoughts.

Email –

Instagram- jen_vervelde

Manar Elsayed Ayyad (She/Her)


         My name is Manar Elsayed Ayyad and I am a third-year student currently studying International Development. This year, I have decided to run for racialized student’s commissioner and be a part of the TCSA and student body. In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, racial profiling has increased significantly not just in Canada but in several institutions and educational facilities globally. Across Trent University’s environment, Trent includes many students and staff from multiple backgrounds and ethnicities. As part of the student body, we must enforce protection and education to make sure every student is heard and understood. As a woman of colour and a visible minority, I have endured barriers to racialization in schools, hospitals, and even the grocery store. Flashback to my first year of university at Trent, I have also witnessed and heard stories of professors and my colleagues being racially discriminated against on campus grounds and on the bus. As well as being a member of TASA, such as the Trent Arab Student Association, many of the members have been victims of racialization in the wake of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Across Trent University, there are several clubs and groups that advocate for many religions and ethnicities around the world. We must ensure all groups are respected and protected from racialization both on and off-campus. More importantly, the best way to combat racialization and discrimination is through education. Specifically, to make sure all Trent students and the Peterborough community are aware, we must take advanced measures to ensure everyone’s safety.  In the same way, every faculty must include a section on racialization within their fields, as we can recognize these issues across every study. For example, I hope to see Trent include completed modules on racialization through blackboard, as well as including workshops for all community members. During the school year in 2019, Trent held a conference on challenging Islamophobia that included some of our very own students and teachers. With this event, I have personally attended and benefitted from this conference, as we hope to include more events like this in the future.

Vice-President University and College Affairs

Alyssa Speed

Hello! My name is Alyssa Speed, but you can call me Ally and if you don’t already know me, you’re about to! 

I’m a fourth year Psychology student here at Trent, and in my last year I’m looking for a way to give back to the community that gave so much to me. I am running for the position of VP of University and College Affairs! I am running with an open door style vision, meaning that I am hoping to be able to be an approachable and friendly face for students to speak to! I have spent the majority of September speaking with different students to hear what they feel is important and what needs to be improved, because there is no way I alone could see what everyone else may feel is important as well. By speaking with the diverse student body, I narrowed it down to what echoed most. 

The VPUC position covers a vast area of important topics, and I have summarized what I’d like to do in the bullet points below! 

Academic Support

  • Explore options to ensure all classes have a notetaker
  •  Advertise to have more tutors to support students in all classes 
  • Advocate to have all classes recorded and posted to BB for accessibility for all students
  •  Begin a welcome back to in person initiatives to support students transition back to in person classes
  • Begin an initiative to create sessions for students to learn the most effective ways for them to manage their time with their classes, assignments, jobs, and studying
  • Encourage classes to create study groups for their class to better their grades 
  • Explore the possibility of assigning masters students to classes 
  • Offer free tutoring sessions
  • Fight for larger class sizes or more sections for courses that are only offered once a year 

College Support

  • Ensure student voices are heard by being a welcoming and friendly face to approach
  • Reach out to all first year students and ask for their opinion on how we can better support them in their transition into university
  • Be a person students can approach to be connected with support or to just talk! 
  • Have an open door policy! 
  • Creating more support for mature students
  • Supporting SAS by ensuring all students receive support and accommodations needed for them to succeed
  • Ensuring the LLC’s can and have everything they need to support their students in their community and it has a tutor 

University Related Matters

  • Ensure all students are up to date on the ever changing COVID-19 measures
  • Ensure students have support in the event of lockdowns/shut downs (information, mental health, safety) 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform!  If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to me! 

Ally Speed

Instagram: @ally_bearr_


Ashish Tharoor (He/Him)

 Hello Everyone,

My name is Ashish Tharoor, an International Student completing my final year in Political Studies at Trent University.  I am running for the Vice President University & College Affairs (VPUC) position in the TCSA for the 2021/2022 academic year.

In my professional life, I have always maintained an efficient and result-focused work environment in all my previous endeavors. I have a knack for problem-solving and work well with my colleagues. I apply proven problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills, in which I hope to leverage into the role as VPUC in the TCSA.

Over the past few years, I have served as the President of Trent International Students Association (TISA) for 2 consecutive years. In this role, I was able to gain valuable experience in advocating for students and ensuring demands were met. In addition, I most importantly learnt how to best represent the membership that has elected me. Moreover, I currently sit as a representative for international students on the Anti-Racism Task Force. Through my years of experience, I believe my work will be of high caliber as VPUC and will truly do my best to create clear action for the betterment of our student population.

If given this position I will be extremely eager to learn and utilize the skills sets I have to offer. My past experiences give me an advantage for a position that requires you to know a lot about the university and effectively communicate and manage the role given to me.

In this year, my goal is to solidify relationships on campus between the colleges, Trent administration, TCSA and most importantly the students. Key areas that I hope to work on if elected are as followed:

●  Generate necessary and regular conversations with the student body to ensure accurate representation throughout the year.

●  Increase accessibility and knowledge to necessary academic support for students.

●  Create workshops with the colleges and university administration to support students struggling with academics.

●  Improve and strengthen assistance to clubs and groups on campus, in specific, support clubs and groups impacted by the online schooling year.

●  Enhance the freedom lounge in the student center by implementing BIPOC and racialized related resources, activities, workshops to create relevant discussion in the space.

●  Develop an avenue of support from the TCSA for BIPOC and racialized students facing marginalization in the community.

●  Advocate for more opportunities for students, such as increased co-op programs in different disciplines, increased funding for student support.

●  Bridge the gaps between the Trent community by initiating more collaborations on campus between services, clubs, colleges etc.

●  Work towards ensuring more opportunities and services for international students.

It would be an honor and privilege to be elected in this role. I assure you that if elected I will create conversation and action. I will work towards the betterment of the campus community and strive to be the best representation of the student body.

I thank you for your time and consideration. Vote for me to be your Vice President of University and College affairs. Do not hesitate to contact me at:

Email -

Facebook -

Instagram - Ashishisthename

Rai Isaac Tandang

Hello everyone, my name is Rai Isaac Tandang. I am a third-year Philosophy student. I am a former Minister of Lady Eaton of Annex Affairs in my first-year, last year’s President of Trent-Swansea Law and Arts/B.B.A Society, and currently working for Careerspace as one of the Marketing and Outreach staff. I am running for this year’s TCSA Vice-President University and College Affairs. This year, I hope to bring a more transparent communication and accessible services between the university and colleges whether it relates to events, fundings, and any information that students must know and receive.

As we are currently adapting to this new “normal”, as the Vice-President of University & College Affairs, I would like to implement the following:

-   Create a plan on making accessible and safe events for every student to enjoy and destress, especially when the midterm exams and final ones are about to come.

Suggesting on doing either more online events or in-person with discretion to the set regulations by the Province and the University.

-   Actively consult with our student organizations, clubs, and community on how to better our services that are being provided to our students. I would like to make our information easy to access for anyone who might need help or is looking for resources.

-   Lead and supervise the planning of Trent Clubs, Community, and Organizations, so our students can actively get involved with not just University life, but also Trent-Life.

I know that this may not be a lot on paper, but I would rather work than talk. I am not making any promise but I will strive to have those written above fulfilled before my term ends. All I am asking is the opportunity to let me, a new person, sit on one of those chairs, who is hopeful on creating a difference.

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Trent Radio 2023/24 Online Ads
Severn Court (October-August)
Theatre Trent 2023/24
Arthur News School of Fish

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