Arthur's '23 Wilderness Sabbatical

Cinevangelism Summer Blockbuster: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
After a brief hiatus ( it a hiatus if you don't tell anyone?) Cinevangelism returns with an instalment released during the month of August which miraculously avoids mentioning cicadas or Neon Genesis Evangelion! Through her trademark meandering narration Evangeline collates several summers' worth of accrued memory and reflects on fast food, friendship, and personal growth.
Fluff Found at City Hall General Committee
City Councillors returned to city hall on the evening of August 8th after a month-long summer break. On the table for discussion this evening was the recently passed Bill 23, or “More Homes Built Faster Act”.
An Editorial Update Regarding Bill C-18
Our editorial team break their ascetic woodland retreat to bring you important information about Arthur's future following Meta and other Social Media sites' response to the Online News Act.
There's nothing sorted under 'Podcast' for this serial...yet.