2023 City Budget

Councillor Bierk Ensures Funding For Local Artists at City Council
On January 18th 2023, Peterborough City Council announced that there will be $50,000 in Individual Artists Grants given to Peterborough artists to support their work.
Councillor Alex Bierk's Motion for $200,000 for Shelter Staff Successful During Budget Talks
In line with a recommendation from a Staff Report on homelessness, Council voted to approve $200,000 for shelter staff during the 2023 budget talks.
Arthur’s Guide to the 2023 Peterborough City Budget: A Shamefully Editorialized Account of the Machinations of Municipal Politics
After a month of finance committee meetings and painstaking debates on everything from paramedics to pickleball, the City of Peterborough finally has a 2023 budget. Arthur has been on the ground covering the deliberations and drama as it unfolded: These are the highlights
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2023 City Budget