‘Video Killed the Radio Star?’ More like ‘The Network Killed the Lesbian Co-Star’
Aimee Anctil argues for the importance of high quality, complex, and realistic queer representation in media pulling from shows like 'The Legend of Korra' and 'She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.' Anctil underscores the importance of representation, explaining that shows like 'The 100' and 'Riverdale' and basically everything produced by Netflix fail to give queer characters the story arcs they deserve, and oftentimes stay true to the 'bury your queers' trope that real-life people are tired of watching. The takeaway: stay vigilant and stay critical of the media in which you are portrayed.
New Year New Queer: Review of the Trent Queer Collective’s Annual General Meeting
Aras Mommertz reviews the Trent Queer Collective (TQC)'s Annual General Meeting, where the organization re-caps what they have been up to over the past year. Learn more about how the TQC are bringing the Queer community together and uplifting Queer voices, through their radio show 'Queer Talks', their QTBIPOC fund, their rebrand, and their upcoming plans for a Queer Skateboarding group come Spring!
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