ReFrame Review: Threshold
In time for the 2022 ReFrame Film Festival, Evan Robins covers the Brazilian documentary 'Threshold (Limiar)', an intimate exploration of transness, feminism, and parenthood.
What's The Deal With Truth, Justice, and The American Way?
While comic book culture may be more popular than ever, this popularity stems from TV and movies, not comic books. So what's the big thing that got everyone talking about Superman comic books last month? And why are nerds so darn mad about it?
Femmephobia: Q&A with Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin
In this article, Aras Mommertz interviews Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin about her research on gender roles, hegemonic femininity, and how society values feminine-presenting people. They discuss how everyone is affected by femmephobia and how it is engrained into the dominant culture to devalue and police those who are femme.
What's the Point?
This week on What's the Point?! we switch things up and give you an episode that is nothing but FUN! Nick gets candid with the inaugural Champion of Canada's Drag Race, PRIYANKA! They talk about everything from Priyanka's origin story and the Toronto drag scene, to her best and worst moments on Drag Race and what winning meant to her.
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