Ian combines a raw energy and adrift focus to join Arthur’s 58th edition. He enjoys staring at nothing, pondering, any form of simulation/strategy, fiction, history, metal, horror, reading, writing, bright colours, commas, and making long lists. In his spare time, you can find him enraptured in some little thing, making responsible fiscal decisions at book stores, and asking every question.

Once described as a 6’4 toddler, his qualifications include being forklift certified, and having zero literary acclaim, even from a secret Wattpad. Fun fact, he never achieved higher than a 72 in high school English. Anyway, he’s in his second year of the English literature program, he owns 90% of all Scooby doo media on disc, and always has at least one high-power flashlight within arm’s reach.

Outside of all of that, he has big plans. He wishes to be an author (don’t worry, his mother’s basement is well furnished), dreams of being involved in car chase but in a fun way, and is dying to ask even more people even more questions. He is also saving up to by the limited-edition Monster Fighter Lego sets, and plans on he and his friends being involved in a murder mystery in a castle (or mansion) on a mountain. That is not a threat, but a promise. He will die exclusively to complications petting a bear or being struck by lightning.

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Sex Shops and You, or Why You Should Visit One
Staff journalist Ian Vansegbrook presents an introspective look at sex shops, and their role both as facets of sexuality and identity, but also as vendors of sex toys.
An Interview with Neuro-diverse Professor Derek Newman-Stille
In this second edition of my ongoing interviews with Neurodivergent professors here at Trent, we speak with Derek Newman-Stille (They/Them), a nine-time Aurora Award winner for fantasy and science fiction writing, and Trent PhD candidate, who specializes in fat studies, disability studies, and queer studies.
Bowlcut: Women are for Women, Boys are for Whoever or, "Why Women Should Just Date Women"
It’s a tale as old as time: “Shucks, I sure do want to date men, but Andrew Tate is literally real.” What are women supposed to do?
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