Book Review

Celebrating Friendship: LT & Yumi Sakugawa’s I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You
A review of Yuri Sakugawa's beautiful graphic novel, and the friendships that have changed my life.
A Review of Viktor Pelevine’s Omon Ra
A review of Viktor Pelevine’s Omon Ra, a satire of the Soviet space program. Originally published in Russian, the 1992 short novel is often praised for its poetic prose and absurdity, which also shine through in its English translation.
Book Review: Beautiful World, Where Are You
Sally Rooney’s 2021 novel Beautiful World, Where Are You is an articulate investigation of emotion as it relates to the phenomenon of self. Drawing on personalized experiences to create literary persons, Rooney’s continuous ability to convey depth through a thought-provoking narrative is uncontested.
Radio Free Arthur
The Editors reunite once again in the studio to bring you the hard-hitting news: creative writing seminars suck and Arthur's beloved Sally Rooney is releasing a new novel.
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